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How to Prevent and Recognize Prostate Cancer
Find out why it's important to recognize prostate cancer in an early stage and how it can be treated.
Running time: 589 seconds
Simple Full Body Workout for Women
Personal trainer Arnel demonstrates exercises for a workout that gives more for less. You will also learn how to make an easy and healthy chicken recipe.
Running time: 917 seconds
Symptoms of Perimenopause and Menopause
Dr. Gerard Pregenzer of the Somerset Medical Center helps to clarify what happens to a woman's body during the menopause.
Running time: 715 seconds
How to Battle Migraine
Dr. Richard Wittenborn of the Somerset Medical Center explains what people can do when they are suffering from migraine.
Running time: 569 seconds
Tips on Preparing for a Good Night's Sleep
Meredith Orlow talks to Dr. Michael Nolledo of the Princeton HealthCare System about what people should do to get a good night's sleep.
Running time: 491 seconds
Myths and Facts of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Dr. John E. McWhorter of the Somerset Medical Center explains the types of arthritis. He also explains how someone suffering from arthritis to cope with it.
Running time: 565 seconds
The Difference Between Sunscreen and Sunblock
People either use the words sunscreen and sunblock interchangeably or sweat over the different. In this episode of DermTV, Dr. Schultz will not only explain the difference, but why ultimately, it doesn't really matter.
Running time: 129 seconds
Learn About Health and Dietary Supplements
Supplement expert Geoff Else explains the different types of supplements. He also talks about the difference between medications and supplements.
Running time: 763 seconds
Learn About Teeth Whitening Methods
Dr. Vaishali Singhal explains why our teeth become yellow. She discusses teeth whitening products and how they work.
Running time: 609 seconds
Disadvantages and Advantages of Teeth Whitening Methods
Dr. Vaishali Singhal talks about the advantages and disadvantages of over-the-counter products and in-office procedures.
Running time: 386 seconds
Safe and Healthy Spine Habits
Dr. Perry Wolk-Weiss of the Get Well Center explains how vital the spine is and how we can teach ourselves better habits.
Running time: 526 seconds
Proper Posture for Daily Tasks
In this video Dr. Perry Wolk-Weiss teaches host Meredith Orlow some proper postures for daily tasks.
Running time: 445 seconds
Heart Disease Awareness of Women
Dr. Rachana Kulkarni says that in the last few years the rate of heart disease is decreasing for men, but not for women.
Running time: 557 seconds
Modifiable Risk Factors of Heart Disease in Women
People with modifiable risk factors of heart disease are able to change these factors.
Running time: 506 seconds
Preventing Children from Getting the Cold and Flu
During the winter season it’s important to boost up the immune system to prevent the cold and flu, especially in children.
Running time: 789 seconds
Understanding and Preventing Sugar Cravings
Health and nutrition counselor Debbie Robel explains why we crave sugar so much and how we can deal with a sugar craving.
Running time: 556 seconds
Learn About Allergic Rhinitis
Dr. Jill Gora of the Somerset Medical Center explains what allergic rhinitis is and how you can treat it.
Running time: 701 seconds
Healthy Drinks Recipes for Kids
Find out how you can keep your kids away from the fizzy drinks, which are full of sugar and additives.
Running time: 529 seconds
Understanding Chiropractic for Children
More and more parents are turning to chiropractic care for kids to prevent and treat health issues, that may be related to back and spinal problems.
Running time: 379 seconds
Treating Asthma and Allergies with Chiropractic
Dr. Kent Ozman is a chiropractor and chemist and he explains how he uses chiropractic to treat allergies and asthma.
Running time: 406 seconds
Understanding Your Body Mass Index
With obesity being a real health threat to Americans as well as eating disorders, awareness concerning whether we have a weight problem is crucial.
Running time: 769 seconds
Effects of Music Therapy on Patients
Find out how music is used to help patients, also known as music therapy and learn more about the benefits of this special practice.
Running time: 709 seconds
Learn About Binge Eating
Maureen Kritzer-Lange, president of the Eating Disorder Association of New Jersey, shares important information on 'binge eating'.
Running time: 624 seconds
Understanding and Dealing with Depression
The topic of depression is still taboo and to clarify matters for those experiencing depression or for those with loved ones who may be depressed, Meredith Orlow talks to a psychotherapist about this subject.
Running time: 524 seconds
Different Ways to Treat Depression
Psychotherapist Francesca Richardson gives some tips on how to deal with depression. She also talks about different types of treatments.
Running time: 590 seconds


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