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Lamb Harira Recipe
Khalil shows Sophie how to make a traditional Moroccan lamb harira
Running time: 248 seconds
Camel Tagine Recipe
Sophie and Khalil visit Mr. Malali date plantation nestled underneath the Beni Jebel ridge where they use his family's kitchen to make camel tagine.
Running time: 320 seconds
Date and Orange Salad Recipe
Sophie and Khalil show you how to make a healthy date and orange salad using the local ingredients.
Running time: 333 seconds
Sellou Dessert Recipe
Sophie and Khalil go to the Riad Lamane near Zagora and show you how to make the traditional dessert of sellou which is a Moroccan almond sweet dessert.
Running time: 346 seconds
Rose Water Flavored Apple Drink Recipe
Sophie and Khalil visit a large Kasbah for lunch in El Kelaa Mgouna and then go home to show you how to make an apple drink flavored with the rose water they picked up in El Kelaa Mgouna.
Running time: 233 seconds
Cabbage, Lemon and Parsley Salad Recipe
Sophie makes her favorite salad for Khalil made from cabbage, lemon and parsley.
Running time: 436 seconds
How to Prepare Bitter Melon
Bitter melon is a good food for helping with the treatment of diabetes, here find out the best ways in which to prepare it.
Running time: 31 seconds
Red Beans and Swede in Herb Sauce Recipe
Your Food You Medicine shows you how to make red beans and swede in herb sauce which is a good recipe to help you keep a healthy digestive system.
Running time: 320 seconds
Wakame Onion Miso Soup Recipe
Your Food You Medicine shows you how to make wakame onion miso soup which is a good recipe to help you keep a healthy digestive system.
Running time: 210 seconds
How to Make a Ginger Compress
Learn how best to utilize a ginger compress on various spasms and muscle pain.
Running time: 111 seconds
Hijiki with Potato and Carrot Recipe
Your Food You Medicine shows you how to make hijiki with potato and carrot which is good recipe to help with digestive health.
Running time: 213 seconds
Healthy Jam Dot Cookies
Learn how to make guilt-free jam dot cookies with all healthy ingredients.
Running time: 560 seconds
Healthy Snack Recipes
In this video you will learn how to make a broc-guac-dip and hummus.
Running time: 665 seconds
Chai, Fried Bananas and Mandazi Recipe
Host Meredith Orlow is making a couple of international dishes that she learned from her friends. She makes Indian Chai, Brazilian fried bananas and Kenyan Mandazi.
Running time: 649 seconds
Braised Lamb Kebab with a Garlic Yogurt Sauce
Learn how to make a braised lamb kebab, served with a garlic yogurt sauce.
Running time: 721 seconds
Healthy Mediterranean Salad
Learn how to make a chewy and rich flavored Mediterranean salad in this episode of Daily Connections.
Running time: 770 seconds
Butterfly and Ice Cream Cone Cookies
Learn how to decorate cookies to make butterflies and ice cream cones.
Running time: 521 seconds
Poached Apricots Filled with Yogurt
Learn how to make one of the most traditional fruit desserts from Turkey.
Running time: 580 seconds
Omega Truffles Recipe
Learn how to make healthy candy with chef Christine.
Running time: 675 seconds
How to Mix Up a Michelada For a Super Bowl Party
Calling all Green Bay Packer and Pittsburgh Steeler fans! We've got the perfect way to step up your game this Super Bowl season: with a delicious beer cocktail, the Michelada. Katie Sweeney, editor of YumSugar, shows us how to put together this quick, easy, and spicy drink. All you’ll need is lime, salt, Worcestershire and Tabasco sauces, and the light beer of your choice. Serve it up with some guacamole and enjoy!
Running time: 104 seconds
Super Bowl Party Beer Cocktails
It’s Super Bowl season, and Katie Sweeney, editor of YumSugar, shows you how to get your hostess game on with two delicious beer cocktails. The Clara, also known as a Shandy in England, is a refreshing, sweet mix of lager and sparkling lemonade. If you prefer a full-bodied beertail, combine equal parts of Bass and Guinness for a Black and Tan. But there’s a trick to this mix, so watch our video to see how it’s done.
Running time: 78 seconds
The History of Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch
WatchMojo speaks with the Glenfiddich global brand ambassador to learn more about the history of the company, the different vintages that are available and how it is best served.
Running time: 186 seconds
How to Make Hershey's Kiss with Peanut Butter
Hershey’s Chocolate was founded on February 9, 1894 in Pennsylvania by Milton S. Hershey. In this video, WatchMojo shows you how easy it is to make Chewy Peanut Butter Blossoms, starring the Hershey's Kiss.
Running time: 160 seconds
Chicken Pilaf with Nuts and Saffron
Pilaf is rice that's being sauted in oil for a while. In this video you will learn how to make a chicken pilaf with nuts and saffron.
Running time: 608 seconds
Bulgur Pilaf Recipe
Bulgur (cracked wheat) is a great ingredient for a healthy meal. In this episode you will learn how to make a bulgur pilaf.
Running time: 521 seconds


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