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How to Make a Non Alcoholic Mojito
A baby shower is a wonderful event for family, friends and the mom-to-be. When the mimosas begin to flow it is a great idea to have a non-alcoholic alternative for those who choose to abstain but want to feel included in the fun. In this episode, Natalie mixes up the Miami Mommy Mojito, originally created in honor of Jennifer Lopez and her twins. Utilizing Fre Alcohol Removed White Zinfandel, this delicious cocktail is refreshing any time of year.
Running time: 193 seconds
How to Make a Carbonated Cocktail
Jim Romdall is a bartender and manager at Vessel in Seattle. In this episode, Jim demonstrates how to carbonate a cocktail by using the Perlini System. This unique system, designed to work like a cocktail shaker, utilizes two sealed chambers to allow carbon dioxide gas to mingle harmoniously with your cocktails, creating an entirely new drinking experience. The particular cocktail Jim mixes up is his own creation, the Captain Handsome.
Running time: 359 seconds
How to Make Homemade Liqueur
In this episode, Chef Andrew Lanier creates a simple fennel blossom liqueur. Wonderfully aromatic, homemade fennel liqueur is easy to make and a less complex substitute for absinthe. A squeeze from a fat lemon garnish adds a bit of complexity and balance to a refreshing libation.
Running time: 361 seconds
Wine Tasting with Tim Spear from Clos Mimi
Gary Vaynerchuk sits down to talk with Tim Spear, the winemaker at Clos Mimi. They talk about Tim’s experiences making wine around the world and his run in the 2010 New York Marathon for charity.
Running time: 1319 seconds
Roasted Heritage Turkey Recipe
This week it's our Hungry in Brooklyn Thanksgiving Special! We visit a Blue Moon heritage turkey farm in New Jersey to learn about these beautiful turkeys, and how they differ from their commercial counterparts. We discuss the difference in texture, taste, as well as why it's important to make these turkeys part of your Thanksgiving tradition. Then we head back to the kitchen for a complete lesson in how to prepare and roast these magnificent birds.
Running time: 485 seconds
How to Make Membrillo
It's quince season! Today on Funny Side Up, Lisa presents Quince (For Your Vegucation), in which she learns how to make membrillo - a tasty paste that pairs ridiculously well with manchego cheese. As usual, laughs ensue as Lisa attempts this seasonal delight for the first time!
Running time: 295 seconds
Chocolate Sea Salt Crostini
Learn how to make a chocolate sea salt crostini! Enjoy this great recipe! A great holiday entertaining idea!
Running time: 226 seconds
How to Make Macaroni and Cheese
Learn how to make one of the world's best comfort foods and how to pair it with wine.
Running time: 298 seconds
Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Potato Gnocchi for Thanksgiving
Are you craving a classic, traditional Thanksgiving side, or something a little more inventive this year? Try one of these recipes from Rebecca and Brendan!
Running time: 426 seconds
Techniques to Cook Turkey for Thanksgiving
If you're planning on serving a huge Thanksgiving holiday meal, there's a good chance that turkey will be on the menu.
Running time: 145 seconds
California Chardonnay and Cabernet Tasting
Gary Vaynerchuk sits down for a traditional WLTV, with 2 Chardonnays and a Cabernet from California. Also, Gary makes an announcement for this year’s Thanksgiving Secret Pack!
Running time: 848 seconds
How to Preserve Fresh Pears
Pear trees are easy to grow, and you can get tons of pears from just one tree! Watch this video for Patti's pear preserves recipe and learn more about growing your own pears.
Running time: 297 seconds
How to Make Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Learn how to make this American classic - buttermilk fried chicken!
Running time: 290 seconds
Peruvian Re-Fried Beans Recipe
Claudia shows you how to make beans from scratch! Mmm Me Gusta is a little cooking show on Hungry Nation. New episodes every Thursday. At Hungry Nation, we’re not trained chefs or professional restaurant critics, just real people with a real love for food.
Running time: 221 seconds
Wine Tasting with Maria Jose Lopez Part 1/2
Gary and Maria Jose from Lopez de Heredia finish their tasting with the 1981 Bosconia and more discussion about the wine world.
Running time: 910 seconds
Fancy Fisherman's Stew Recipe
Lisa makes Fancy Fisherman's Stew for Two, for Lady Gaga and Jaws! It's the Season 3 finale, and Lisa invites two of her best-loved dinner guests over for a blind date. Lady Gaga and Jaws make a triumphant return to enjoy this easy, fishy, delicious soup! Learn how to make the stew in this quick, funny, and maybe even a little bit romantic cooking video!
Running time: 370 seconds
Turkey Cocktail Meatballs with Orange Cranberry Glaze
Learn how to make a turkey cocktail meatballs recipe! I hope you enjoy this turkey cocktail meatballs with orange cranberry glaze!
Running time: 272 seconds
Simple Deviled Eggs Recipe
Amy makes her favorite snack of all time, deviled eggs. Here she demonstrates how to properly hard-boil an egg and attempts to imitate Tim Ferriss' nifty no-peel hard-boiled egg trick.
Running time: 244 seconds
Nina Clemente Cooking for Lauren Hutton
In this episode of Cucina di Nina, Nina cooks for her Godmother, model Lauren Hutton.
Running time: 1245 seconds
How to Make Your Own Dumplings
Philippe Chow of New York's famed Mr. Chow teaches us how to make Wai Ming Cheng's specialty dumplings.
Running time: 150 seconds
How to Make a Squab Lettuce Wrap
Philippe Chow of New York's famed Mr. Chow teaches us how to make Squab Lettuce Wraps.
Running time: 120 seconds
Beijing Chicken Recipe
Philippe Chow of New York's famed Mr. Chow teaches us how to make a fabulous Beijing Chicken.
Running time: 120 seconds
How to Pair Different Cheese with Wines
Ihsan Gurdal of Formaggio Kitchen travels the world seeking out artisan producers of the world’s finest cheeses. His passion for cheese comes through teaching others how to explore its relationship with wine.
Running time: 150 seconds
Master Cheesemonger at the Nantucket Wine Festival
Master Cheesemonger, Matthew Jennings, from Farmstead in Providence, RI talks about his cheese and wine-pairing seminar at the 13th Annual Nantucket Wine Festival. He also gives helpful tips on how to preserve your cheese.
Running time: 150 seconds
Classic Mojito and a Watermelon Basil Mojito
Miami bartenders Gabe and Elad of Bar Lab have been mixing cocktails in Miami Beach for over 10 years. In each episode of Miami Beach Cocktail Culture, they mix up a classic Miami cocktail and then put their own unique twist on it: mojito.
Running time: 120 seconds


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