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How to Make a Tex-Mex Meatloaf
In this episode of Daily Connections, you will learn how to make a Tex Mex version of meatloaf.
Running time: 655 seconds
Lamb Chop with a Peanut Mint Sauce
Chef Jamie cooks a great lamb loin chop with a peanut mint sauce.
Running time: 562 seconds
How to Make Currant Scones
A tea party is not complete without the scone. Learn how to make a classic currant scone.
Running time: 653 seconds
How to Make Tea Sandwiches
Finger food such as tea sandwiches are a must in a tea party. Learn how to make these tea sandwiches.
Running time: 627 seconds
How to Make Herb Camembert Soup
In this episode of Daily Connections, Amanda Nahas is making a camembert soup.
Running time: 651 seconds
Mediterranean Spring Rolls Recipe
Learn how to make delicious Mediterranean spring rolls, with a healthy twist using filo dough.
Running time: 635 seconds
How to Make Beurre Monté
This week we tackle the classic butter sauce known as beurre monté! Shea Hess shows you how simple it is to make this buttery emulsion using just a little water and some cold butter - and also how to make a delicious dipping sauce perfect for seafood!  Simple in Sixty - Beurre Monté, only from Hungry in Brooklyn! Each week Hungry in Brooklyn explores the world of local, sustainable and organic cooking one ingredient at a time.
Running time: 104 seconds
Torrontes Wines Tasting
Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 2 Torrontes wines, interesting value plays from Argentina.
Running time: 706 seconds
Tasting Fried Beef Brains at Cheburechnaya in Queens, New York City
Irving DeJohn tries fried beef brains at Cheburechnaya in Rego Park.
Running time: 124 seconds
Iron Horse Sparkling Wine Review
Late last month, we had a little wine tasting on the set of Beet.TV with Gary Vaynerchuk, the host of the very popular daily online video show Wine Library TV. Getting things started, Gary unwired a well-chilled bottle of Iron Horse 2001 Blanc de Blancs as we readied our cameras and turned on the television lights. The change in temperature on the set created pressure in the bottle and BAM the cork exploded, bounced off the ceiling and into a half-filled wine glass!
Running time: 351 seconds
How to Make Healthy Popcorn
Learn how to stove pop and season yourself a healthy snack just the way your grandmother used to on WatchMojo.
Running time: 317 seconds
How to Make Baja Fish Tacos - Part 2/2
(Part 2) Claudia & Erick tantalize your palate with Baja Fish Tacos! Part of a food series in partnership with The Dining Co. Mmm Me Gusta is a little cooking show on Hungry Nation. New episodes every Thursday. At Hungry Nation, we’re not trained chefs or professional restaurant critics, just real people with a real love for food.
Running time: 549 seconds
Stove-Top Sous Vide Duck Recipe
How to do Sous Vide Duck Breast at home with no special equipment! Visit Foodwishes for more info and over 500 more original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this crispy sous vide duck breast recipe.
Running time: 413 seconds
Brave New World of Wine - Part 1
Gary Vaynerchuk and author Mark Oldman speak about how he entered into the wine world and his new book, Brave New World of Wine.
Running time: 1227 seconds
John Wayne's True Grits Recipe
You ever wonder what you should make if John Wayne stopped by for dinner? In this episode of Funny Side Up, watch as Lisa makes "True Grits" for the film star of the Wild, Wild West.  Cheesy, creamy, delicious.
Running time: 251 seconds
3 Healthy and Exciting Oatmeal Recipes
Oatmeal is one way to incorporate healthy eating into your diet, but occasionally plain oatmeal can be a bit too bland. Here at the HipCooks Kitchen, Katie shows us three ways to make your meal a bit more exciting by introducing sweet, savory, and healthy ingredients. Watch our video to find out how to make an Asian-inspired oatmeal for the adventurous eater, a chocolate and dried cherry mix for those with a sweet tooth, and a heart-healthy version with blueberries and walnuts.
Running time: 86 seconds
Sherry and Madeira Tasting
Gary Vaynerchuk recently asked on the WLTV forums what wines people would like to see on the show. This Madeira and the 2 Sherry wines were suggestions by Dr. T and MagnumGourmet.
Running time: 991 seconds
Indian Street Salad
Chef Anupy Singla makes an Indian street salad.
Running time: 80 seconds
Fudgy Brownies
How to make brownies even better? Dip them in chocolate!
Running time: 225 seconds
Working With Caramel
Here's a tip on temperatures when working with caramel.
Running time: 31 seconds
Cutting Tips
Watch and get a great ip on cutting ingredients without cutting yourself.
Running time: 31 seconds
Ground Meat From a Butcher
Watch and get a handy tip on buying ground meat from a butcher.
Running time: 28 seconds
Keeping Guacamole Green
How do you keep guacamole from turning brown? Watch and find out.
Running time: 41 seconds
Greek vs. Italian Olive Oil
What's the difference between Greek and Italian olive oil? Watch and learn.
Running time: 36 seconds
Searing Meat
How can you tell if a piece of meat is done searing? Watch and find out.
Running time: 38 seconds


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