Videos on Environment And Going Green

Sealing the Building Envelope
Leaks in the home are the number one cause of energy loss. See how to fix them.
Running time: 170 seconds
Solar Water Heating
Some things you should know before installing a solar water heating system.
Running time: 222 seconds
Whole Home Air Cleaning
Options you can offer your customers to improve a home's air quality.
Running time: 215 seconds
Energy Tracking Services
These tips can help homeowners monitor and reduce energy consumption.
Running time: 199 seconds
Professional Energy Audits
Energy audits aren't mandated by law, but they can improve your business.
Running time: 208 seconds
Photovoltaics: Micro-Inverters
Here's how to take advantage of the residential photovoltaic market.
Running time: 259 seconds
Residential Wind Energy
A small wind system is one of the most cost-effective home energy sources.
Running time: 204 seconds
Engineered Countertops
Here are some things to consider when you install engineered countertops.
Running time: 183 seconds
Custom Modular Homebuilding
Modular is a viable, state-of-the-art alternative to stick-building.
Running time: 218 seconds
Eco-Friendly Cabinet Checklist
Here are tips for choosing the most eco-friendly cabinet materials.
Running time: 244 seconds
Geothermal Heating
Geothermal is smart business: it's cost effective and energy efficient.
Running time: 245 seconds
Eucalyptus Flooring
Eucalyptus is a rapidly growing, affordable alternative to hardwood floors.
Running time: 175 seconds
Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are made of wheat and rice straw.
Running time: 100 seconds
Recycled Rubber Flooring
Ceres makes commercial-grade flooring from recycled rubber tires.
Running time: 96 seconds
Energy-Saving Sheathing
This product can significantly reduce the energy needed to cool a home.
Running time: 133 seconds
LED Lights
This segment looks at new LED light bulbs that can last for 15 years.
Running time: 129 seconds
Solar Entry Lights
ODL solar entry lights install easily and provide security at a low cost.
Running time: 91 seconds
Paperstone Countertops
Paperstone is the greenest architectural surface on the market today.
Running time: 103 seconds
The Four Course Compost Recycling Program
Learn how the Boulevard restaurant in San Francisco uses the Four Course compost program, where all its food scraps are recycled into compost, which in turn helps in the growth of vegetables that are served in the restaurant.
Running time: 314 seconds
Dishwasher Dirty? Make Lemonade!
A mom shares an easy and eco-friendly tip for cleaning your dishwasher using lemonade mix.
Running time: 71 seconds
Lemon Microwave Magic
A mom shares a simple way to get the gunk off of your microwave with lemons and water.
Running time: 73 seconds
5 Ways You Can Live A Greener Life
Presented by the Be Seen Being Green College Music Tour & Dream Sharee Edu-tainment in collaboration with
Running time: 129 seconds
How To Be A Sustainable Beach Babe
How To Be A Sustainable Beach Babe -- Tips presented by Dream Sharee Edu-Tainmnt & for the Be Seen Being Green College Music Tour.
Running time: 183 seconds
How to Make Organic Surfboard Wax
While more expensive and time consuming than your average bar of wax, here's an option for all you ultra-environmentally conscious surfers out there. Made from nothing but bee's wax, coconut oil and tree resin, this wax works well in all water conditions if you play around with the ingredient ratios. Feel free to post comments if you've tried your own batch, if you've found alternate ingredients or specific ratios for different water temps.
Running time: 181 seconds
Eco-Friendly Home Moving
Vince Thompson talks to Spence Brown founder of about how his company helps you and the environment.
Running time: 331 seconds


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