Videos on Environment And Going Green

Cool Green Products
All week long Better has been bringing you green products and projects for Earth Day, and today, we have some great paints and lifestyle products that don't miss out on style, while staying green.
Running time: 253 seconds
Solar Power for your Garden
Jeanette Pavini joins us to talk about some great tricks to keeping your garden economical this year.
Running time: 70 seconds
The Best Green Cleaners
These DIY cleaning solutions are healthier than store-bought versions
Running time: 72 seconds
Recycling Electronic Devices
We take to the streets to get rid of our old electronics supplies, and we hear from Best Buy's director of environmental affairs.
Running time: 197 seconds
How to Live an Eco Friendly Life
Learn some of the most realistic ways to go green, as well as some surprising tips for the Eco-minded.
Running time: 142 seconds
Corn Ethanol Fuel Alternative
Ethanol advocates claim that the biofuel is a cheap, renewable energy source that reduces pollution and our dependence on foreign oil. It sounds too good to be true—and it is.
Running time: 448 seconds
Permadise in Hartford Conneticut
This video from the Green Girls takes you to a planting in Hartford Conneticut.
Running time: 511 seconds
Cost Comparison
Scott and Stacy compare the costs of traditional and green building.
Running time: 225 seconds
Biomass Stoves
Ed Del Grande reviews biomass stoves, which burn wood or corn pellets.
Running time: 150 seconds
Geothermal Heat
Geothermal HVAC systems can mean good benefits from the stimulus package.
Running time: 138 seconds
Metal Roofing
The government stimulus package offers benefits for certain metal roofings.
Running time: 140 seconds
Remodel Green
Tips for builders on taking advantage of the government stimulus package.
Running time: 135 seconds
Wind Power
Wind-turbine power generators mean benefits under the new stimulus package.
Running time: 150 seconds
Finding A Solar Installer
When going solar, find an installer who will maximize the rebates.
Running time: 149 seconds
The Time Is Right For Solar
Integrating solar power into new homes is becoming increasingly affordable.
Running time: 153 seconds
Solar Has Never Been Cheaper
Rebates and tax incentives put solar power within reach of many homeowners.
Running time: 139 seconds
Building in Solar
Add value by including solar or preparing homes for future integration.
Running time: 135 seconds
Pressure-Flushing Toilet
This pressure-assisted toilet saves water and outperforms standard toilets.
Running time: 119 seconds
Engineered Wood
Get a close-up look at "green" engineered wood beams from Boise-Cascade.
Running time: 110 seconds
Garment Drying System
The BreezeDry garment-drying system supplements a standard clothes dryer.
Running time: 118 seconds
BioLet Composting Toilet
This environmentally-friendly composting toilet needs no water or sewer.
Running time: 112 seconds
Snap-Fan Solar Vent Fan
Check out a new twist on attic ventilators: this one's powered by the sun!
Running time: 96 seconds
RockSolid Floor Coatings
These floor coatings protect beautifully and are easier on the environment.
Running time: 99 seconds
Weatherization Business
Many existing homes aren't energy-efficient, but this is an opportunity.
Running time: 163 seconds
Weatherization: Duct Systems
A systematic approach to weatherization almost always starts with the HVAC.
Running time: 244 seconds


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