Videos on Environment And Going Green

3 Reasons to Use Bagasse Products and Packaging
We'd like to give y'all a quick overview of bagasse and bagasse food packaging products and then give y'all 3 quick reasons why we're fans of bagasse food packaging.
Running time: 162 seconds
4 Tips to Ensure Your PLA Corn Cups Are Actually Composted
What's up everybody - We're coming at you here live from our Viv offices and today we're giving y'all 4 quick tips to make sure that your corn cups are indeed composted.
Running time: 189 seconds
4 Tips for Buying Compostable Hot Cups
What's up everybody? We're coming at your here live from our Viv offices and today we are giving y'all 4 quick tips to purchasing compostable hot cups.
Running time: 128 seconds
Biodegradable Packaging vs Compostable Packaging
What's up everybody! We're coming at you here live from the Viv offices in San Francisco and we're here to tell you one thing - that is one thing only - and that is that the word biodegradable does not mean the same thing as the word compostable. We're going to walk you through 3 things: 1) the definition of the word compostable, 2) the definition of the word biodegradable, and 3) how to make sure that when you're buying food packaging that's marked compostable.
Running time: 188 seconds
How to Compost at Home
Dana Grande reveals a few tips she's learned while developing the composting program at Jordan.
Running time: 77 seconds
Exhibiting at New England Grows
New England Grows, one of the largest and most popular green industry events in North America, features 1,400 booths jam-packed with the latest in plant material, products, equipment and services for the green industry.
Running time: 142 seconds
Using Organic Pesticides
Dave talks with Brad Roeller, an expert on organic pesticides, about the latest research on organics.
Running time: 149 seconds
Exploring New England Grows
Find out why thousands of green industry professionals attend the New England Grows trade show each year.
Running time: 112 seconds
Ed Snodgrass on Green Roofs
Dave learns from Ed Snodgrass, an expert on green roofs and a speaker at the 2009 New England Grows exhibition and educational conference, how green roofs are changing the urban and suburban landscape.
Running time: 157 seconds
Bamboo Flooring Basics
Here are the DIY Basics on bamboo flooring, the perfect option for an ecofriendly flooring.
Running time: 61 seconds
Natural Cleaners Tips
Linda Cobb shows how to use items from the pantry as natural cleaners.
Running time: 306 seconds
Powered Louver Roof System Review
This roof system has power louvers that let in a little or a lot of sun.
Running time: 119 seconds
Solar Energy Panels Review
Contractor Brad Staggs talks about new energy saving solar power panels.
Running time: 86 seconds
Photovoltaic Roofing Panels Review
Brad Staggs talks about a new photovoltaic solar powered roofing system.
Running time: 90 seconds
Solar Water Heating System Review
Brad Staggs talks about a new energy saving solar-powered water heater.
Running time: 110 seconds
How to Raise Chickens in Your Backyard
How anyone can raise chickens in their own backyard chicken , and enjoy the many benefits of indoor chicks.
Running time: 215 seconds
Green Packaging Material Options
Packing material is no friend to the environment. It takes significant energy to produce and often ends up in the landfill after a single use. BNET correspondent Sumi Das looks at some greener options.
Running time: 198 seconds
The Advantages of Plastic Composite Decking
Home improvement expert, Danny Lipford, explains the advantages of plastic composite decking over wood.
Running time: 119 seconds
How Recycled Bottles Can Be Reused
Recycled products can be repurposed and used to make a variety of products such as clothes, cell phones, rugs and furniture. Check out the products featured on the show made entirely from recycled materials!
Running time: 125 seconds
Making Your Home More Energy Efficient Using Plastic
Home improvement expert Danny Lipford demonstrates how to make your home more energy efficient using plastic materials such as caulking, foam, and vinyl.
Running time: 111 seconds
Tips On Office Supply Disposal
Mike Agerbo give us some tips on some eco-friendly ways to dispose of your office supplies with help from HP Planet Partners and Staples.
Running time: 166 seconds
Getting Started on Your Home Energy Audit
Learn how to do a Home Energy Audit. Educational Videos on a Home Energy Audit Series by Greenovation Builders.
Running time: 107 seconds
Air Filter Do's and Don'ts
Learn how to check air filters in your home. Educational Videos on a Home Energy Audit Series by Greenovation Builders.
Running time: 117 seconds
How to Test for Air Duct Leakage
Learn how to conduct an air duct leakage test. Educational Videos on a Home Energy Audit Series by Greenovation Builders.
Running time: 70 seconds
How to Test for Moisture in your Home
Learn how to do a moisture meter test on your home. Educational Videos on a Home Energy Audit Series by Greenovation Builders.
Running time: 140 seconds


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