Videos on Environment And Going Green

Killing Sunn Pest in a Natural Way
Sunn pest ruins the quality of wheat for the farmers in Turkey, where bread is an important part of the meal. The company Icada has found a natural way of killing the Sunn pest, which is safe for the environment and the human being.
Running time: 269 seconds
Learn About Biodynamic Agriculture
In Sweden there is a school for biodynamic agriculture, a sustainable way of farming. Even the animals in biodynamic farms are preferably treated with homeopathic methods.
Running time: 185 seconds
How Mauritius Creates Renewable Energy from Bagasse
In Germany also other industries are profiting from selling renewable energy back to the utilities. Also in Mauritius other industries are finding solutions for alternative energy, for example in using bagasse from sugar canes.
Running time: 318 seconds
Learning from the German Renewable Energy Act
Due to the Renewable Energy Act of the German government, people are more prone to use solar panels in their homes which generates more energy for a household. Also having a minimum price system in using renewable energy makes it affordable and attractive
Running time: 345 seconds
Learn About Eco Villages and Eco Design
The Maori community is learning to make mud bricks to build an eco village, where the environment is being respected.
Running time: 478 seconds
Eco Conscious Businesses in New Zealand
New Zealand's potential of being an eco nation brings great opportunities for organic businesses and eco conscious consumers.
Running time: 360 seconds
Potentials of Using Renewable Energy
In the UK home renewable energy incentives are not available, while in Germany people profit from renewable energy sources.
Running time: 231 seconds
Renewable Energy Act of Germany
Freiborg in Germany is also known as the 'solar capitol of Europe, due to it's leading role in the solar industry. The Renewal Energy Act of Germany has caused a stronger demand from the industry.
Running time: 379 seconds
Green Up Your Kitchen Tips
Time for a new kitchen remodel? Why not go green for a fresh change? From eco hardwood floors to energy-efficient appliances, and even green cleaning products, this Conscious Living tip will give you lots of options for updating your eating space.
Running time: 54 seconds
How to Make Hanging Flowers Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles
Reuse your plastic bottles by turning them into beautiful hanging flowers.
Running time: 185 seconds
Understanding Carbon Offset and Carbon Footprint
Watch this episode for an in-depth look at how carbon offsetting works, and why it may be the best thing you do this year for the planet.
Running time: 672 seconds
Conscious Living TV Goes Platinum in Chicago
Watch this episode to learn about Conscious Living's move to the historic Platinum LEED Green Exchange in Chicago to launch their new TV studio and 5th season!
Running time: 248 seconds
Going Green Has Never Been Easier
Still not fully committed to going green? Then now is a perfect time to reduce your footprint on the planet. On this segment, we're showing you some easy ways to reduce energy and waste, go organic with your food, and save money all year long!
Running time: 326 seconds
Green Festivals in the USA
Watch this episode to see the best of the Chicago Green Festival and a visit to the city's most eco-friendly 4-star hotel.
Running time: 478 seconds
Mindful Metropolis Magazine: The Mindful Citizen
Watch this episode of Conscious Living TV for an exclusive interview with Richard McGinnis, Publisher and Chief Inspiration Officer of Mindful Metropolis Magazine. During his interview, Richard introduces the launch of the 'Mindful Citizen'. The Mindful C
Running time: 354 seconds
Eco Friendly Transportation in Boston
Did you know that CO2 emissions from transportation are a leading cause for global warming? To minimize our ecological footprint, we opted to forego the usual gas-guzzling airport limo and got the VIP treatment - Boston style in an eco-friendly green car
Running time: 148 seconds
Purple Asparagus Annual Fundraiser
Watch this episode of Conscious Living TV, as we attend Chicago non-profit, Purple Asparagus' 5th annual fundraiser at Uncommon Ground restaurant in Edgewater. The event included an auction, a farmer's market run by kids, and lots of yummy organic food. T
Running time: 235 seconds
Fun Green Ways to Beat Gas Prices
Gas prices getting you down? Watch this episode for the latest in green transportation - from electric hybrid bikes to funky longboards - and other fun tips on getting around town without having to fill up your gas tank!
Running time: 173 seconds
Green Event Guru Shares Her Secrets
Watch this entertaining interview with Chicago's Pivotal Event's Shannon Downey as she shares her tips on throwing a green event with Conscious Living TV.
Running time: 498 seconds
Easy Tips for Going Green
There are so many ways to go green in your life and Amy demonstrates a green method of cleaning the brown spots on your pots and pans. In this video you will also learn how to do some calve stretching exercises.
Running time: 195 seconds
Green Cooking Tip
Find out how to use a green cooking oil spray and how to make a diet version of cheesecake.
Running time: 213 seconds
Great Ways for Parents to Go Green
Parents get tips on how to go green in this episode of Babyssentials.
Running time: 152 seconds
How to Motivate Corporations to Change Environmental Behavior
In Chapter 11 of 16, environmental management and green supply chain expert Andrew Hutson shares what he has learned about motivating others to change behavior. He specifically discusses how corporate sustainability fundamentally connects to both a company's fiduciary and ethical elements. First, clearly communicate there is no trade-off between ecology and economy. Second, work though ethical elements.
Running time: 171 seconds
Why Ecology and Economy Policies Are Inseparable
In Chapter 9 of 16, environmental management expert Andrew Hutson highlights common misconceptions about corporate sustainability and green business, namely that there is a trade-off between ecology and economy. Hutson refutes this claim and details how policy evolution and natural resource prowess correlation to country economy make the world more dependent on future focused environment strategy than ever before. Hutson works as a sustainability and green supply chain expert at Wal-Mart.
Running time: 260 seconds
How to Make an Urban Tote Out of Waste Fabric
This week, Tracy partners with Ethan Lipstiz of to show you how to create urban totes out of waste fabrics.  Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle!
Running time: 200 seconds


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