Videos on Environment And Going Green

How to Save Energy - Energy Mythbusters
Fine Living's Smart Tips on energy mythbusters.
Running time: 61 seconds
How to Revamp Plastic Pots
Here are Fine Living smart tips on revamping plastic pots.
Running time: 61 seconds
How to Replace an Outdated Light Fixture
Consider replacing outdated light fixtures. Here's how to do it yourself.
Running time: 60 seconds
How to Install Drip irrigation system
Patti, the Garden Girl, shows you how to install a drip irrigation system in a Square Foot urban Garden.
Running time: 551 seconds
How To Get Rid of Household Hazardous Waste
Most of us have a dirty, little secret in our home - it's household hazardous waste, including old paint, used motor oil, bug killers, cleaners, batteries and even CFLs In fact, in each American home, we average about 100 pounds of toxic stuff!
Running time: 104 seconds
How to Get Eco-Friendly Waxing
Ideal Bite’s Hanah and Toshio show you how to remove body hair with natural, better for you eco-friendly wax that is almost edible.
Running time: 158 seconds
How to Slope the Drainage Pipe
By placing your drainage pipe in front of the footing during your wet basement repair, you relieve the hydrostatic pressure beneath your basement floor, preventing leaking floor cracks. You'll also create a more efficient system by sloping the pipe "downhill" towards the sump pump liner. Sloping the pipe and sealing the wall/floor joint keeps the water moving and prevents stagnant water and that musty basement odor from occurring. Sealing the wall/floor joint will reduce radon & moisture entry
Running time: 144 seconds
A Closed Basement Drainage System
Often overlooked, the presence of an opening at wall/floor joint, whether intentional or just natural concrete shrinkage, should be sealed. One reason for this is Radon Gas. Its a fact Radon Gas enters the home through the smallest of foundation cracks. In the past it was a common practice to leave an opening at the wall/foor joint to allow a potential basement wall leak to run down the wall and enter the drainage system via this opening. It also increases humidity, musty smells and insects.
Running time: 119 seconds
How to Conserve Water
How the RainReserve eco friendly water conservation method works. The RainReserve Rain Diverter connects to your rain downspout to rain barrels. RainReserve then diverts rain water while solving major problems like algae, mosquitoes, debris, critters and rain barrel overflow. The video shows how to install the RainReserve Rain Diverter and how it works. This is a great saving water tip.
Running time: 127 seconds
Solar Powered Reading Lamp
Ikea has come out with a solar powered reading lamp that I really like. Check it out and learn about how you and Ikea can help kids read more in developing countries, watch Distributed by Tubemogul.
Running time: 112 seconds
How to Stop junk mail
Most of us still hold out hope for something good in the mail - but what we usually end up with is a whole lot of junk. In fact, a third of all mail is considered junk mail. Here's how to stop it.
Running time: 89 seconds
Green Back-To-School Supplies
Do Your Part when back to school shopping. Check out these cool, eco-friendly "must haves" for the kids in your family!
Running time: 98 seconds
Stylish and Eco Friendly Footwear For Kids
Doesn't it feel like we are always buying new shoes for our kids? They outgrow them so fast and they usually end up in the trash can! If you want to feel better about your next buy - I've got a few greener options for the family.
Running time: 113 seconds
How to Pack a Waste Free Lunch
It's something all parents tackle - packing the right school lunch that your child likes and won't throw away. At my house we have a goal of packing a 100% waste free lunch everyday - and it is a lot easier than you might think.
Running time: 113 seconds
Greening Your Kitchen Oven
Using a banana bread recipe by Elise of Simply Recipes, we show how you can green your kitchen and green your oven. Check out our viewer forum for more green cool stuff.
Running time: 102 seconds
How to practice Green Yoga
Learn how you can perform eco-friendly yoga from buying a green yoga mat to making your own energy bar.
Running time: 131 seconds
How to Plant Vegetables in your Backyard
Ideal Bite’s Heather shows you how to plant a vegetable garden in your backyard.
Running time: 199 seconds
Learn about Grey Water Re-Use system
David Lupberger talks to Mike Vail, of Water Legacy, about their Grey Water Re-Use system. Vail shows how the system works as it takes used water from sink and shower drains, sterilizes it, and sends it back to be re-used in toilets.
Running time: 241 seconds
How Your Phone is Recycled
Learn the answers to these questions: Where do old cell phones and mobile devices go when you recycle them? Why should you take those phones out of your sock drawer and take them back? What toxics are in a typical cell phone? How much gold and silver is in a cell phone? How do I recycle my cell phones and mobile devices?
Running time: 290 seconds
Learn about Natural Sunscreens
Could a common ingredient in your sunscreen be cause for concern? Yes!
Running time: 100 seconds
Natural Mosquito Repellents
Who really wants to venture outside only to be bitten alive by mosquitos? Before you spray on something filled with chemicals that can be toxic to your family or the environment you can Do Your Part to know about other ssolutions that are now available.
Running time: 113 seconds
How to Plant a Rooftop Garden
Ideal Bite’s Mike shows you how to plant a rooftop garden with the ingredients to make salsa.
Running time: 170 seconds
How to green your kitchen: More on greening the refrigerator
Want to Green your kitchen? learn about how to green your kitchen on Real World Green, this time we talk more about how to green your refrigerator. Watch and then check out our viewer forum on our site. Distributed by Tubemogul.
Running time: 77 seconds
How to Reduce Your Paper Waste
Learn about the effect of making paper on our environment and discover methods of reducing paper waste. Why should you change your paper habits? What alternate types of sources are used for paper making? What can you do to reduce your paper footprint?
Running time: 336 seconds
How to Plant an Indoor Garden
Ideal Bite’s Hanah shows you how to plant an indoor garden using a windowsill.
Running time: 117 seconds


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