Videos on Education

Polar Bears Don't Like Ice
The facts are wrong, polar bears are not fond of ice, well not these two anyway.
Running time: 44 seconds
Naughty Baby Sun Bear
This baby bear can't help but get into trouble, even getting stuck up a tree!
Running time: 38 seconds
Being a Dog
It's a hard dog's life but they always seem to be having fun!
Running time: 53 seconds
Near-Extinct Leopard Cubs
3 baby leopard cubs are the newest attraction at this Ukrainian zoo.
Running time: 47 seconds
Pets For Prisoners Program
Cute balls of fur are having outstanding effects on inmates at Strasbourg prison.
Running time: 62 seconds
Cheetah Cub Loses Balance
They may grow into one of the fastest hunters in the world, but it takes them a while to get steady on their feet!
Running time: 54 seconds
Dogs Understand Each Other
Researchers are out to prove that dogs understand the growl that means 'don't touch my bone'.
Running time: 75 seconds
Facts About Bears
Don't know the difference between the panda or polar bear? Watch and learn.
Running time: 99 seconds
Dentist Saves Cows From Slaughterhouse
A retired dentist has given older cows a new lease of life.
Running time: 50 seconds
Hedgehog Fact File
Get to know the basic facts about Hedgehogs.
Running time: 52 seconds
Mobile Pet Spa
Dog grooming can't get much better than this.
Running time: 77 seconds
Saving Baby Hedgehogs
A sanctuary in the Czech Republic is preparing undernourished baby hedgehogs for the winter.
Running time: 78 seconds
Washed Badger
A baby badger went for an economy wash when she thought a washing machine was a safe place to hide.
Running time: 56 seconds
A Beginner's Guide To: Ligers
Ligers are a cross between a lion and a tiger, but which side of the family do they take after.
Running time: 54 seconds
Animal Father's Day
A collection of devoted animal fathers, who are a little out of the ordinary.
Running time: 66 seconds
Paul the Baby Hippo
Meet the latest addition at Berlin zoo - it's Paul the baby hippo!
Running time: 65 seconds
Parrot World Cup
It's the grudge soccer match: Parrots v Guinea Pigs. Oh, and a laughing monkey too.
Running time: 58 seconds
Animal Soccer Competition
World Cup fever: Animal style... Who will be the best at soccer.
Running time: 43 seconds
Fish Playing FiSoccer
World Cup fever goes underwater and the fish start playing the game.
Running time: 50 seconds
Take Your Dog to Work Day
Working: it's a dog's life. So take your dog to work.
Running time: 57 seconds
Baby Meerkats at London Zoo
3 new baby meerkats are causing a stir at a London Zoo.
Running time: 45 seconds
Musical Animals
A walrus playing a horn. Repeat: A walrus playing a horn.
Running time: 57 seconds
Polar Bear Play time
The crowds are flocking to the zoo, to meet.. Flocke, the baby Polar bear.
Running time: 49 seconds
Meet the world's smallest monkeys
It's a tiny tiny monkey... and very very cute.,
Running time: 41 seconds
Baby Saki Monkey
A rare newborn Saki monkey is hiding it's face from the public.
Running time: 53 seconds


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