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Washington Post Has Biggest Election Day Jump in Traffic
The Washington Post, long a pioneer in the online media space, registered the biggest percentage jump on Election Day, compared to the previous Tuesday, Nielsen Online reported last night. Although far from the newly crowned traffic leader,, the Post jumped 113 percent to 2.3 million unique visitors. Surely part of the success of the Washington Post is its long multi-media approach to journalism.
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Personalized Online Video Ad Campaigns
Video search will become increasingly important as publishers and advertisers seek to draw viewers to content, says Amanda Richman, managing director of digital at MediaVest, the giant media buying company. We spoke with Amanda earlier today at the paidContent 2010 conference where Amanda was a featured speaker.
Running time: 141 seconds
WIRED's Chris Anderson on the Death of Newspapers
Chris Anderson is the Editor in Chief of WIRED magazine and author of The Long Tail and FREE: The Future of Radical Price. He explains the two problems of the paper based newspapers to survive in the free web age: the paper and the news.
Running time: 291 seconds
WIRED's Chris Anderson on the Value of YouTube
Chris Anderson, WIRED editor and author of FREE, explains how the future of TV is going to be decided collectively. Is YouTube full of crap? "The answer is yes, and that's what makes it so great," says Anderson. "But your crap is not my crap."
Running time: 277 seconds
Online Video Ad Load
Following ABC's lead, Fox and NBC are also upping the ad load in their online shows and that's because most advertisers aren't willing to pay a huge premium for online video ads.
Running time: 161 seconds
Online Dating Meets Social Networking
MIXTT, which has dubbed itself "The Social Network for you Social Life," isn't another Facebook or MySpace, according to founder and CEO Eve Peters. The site is geared toward meeting new people and offline interaction, and profiles are for groups of friends rather than individuals, she says. Instead of poking or sheep throwing, users can use the "Ask Out" feature to make plans with another group. Start-up veteran Don Dodge, who served as one of the judges, gave positive feedback.
Running time: 180 seconds
Kyte Has Full Ad Monetization for iPad
While a number of publishers and video service providers scramble to create a system to insert and manage advertising video around video for the iPad, Kyte has a system in place, according to Gannon Hall, COO. We spoke about this yesterday. He explains that it's essentially the same system as the iPhone.
Running time: 128 seconds
Guba is Monetizing Independently Produced Videos
Guba has built a successful platform to download full-length films, as noted in our first post with Bart Myers. The company enjoys the cooperation of major film studios. And, it appears to have figured out digital rights management issues. Bart also told me that the company is very far along with monetizing independently created video content. He says that the company is the "farthest along" in providing revenue to these creators.
Running time: 74 seconds
Google Finance Evolution
Google Finance, in beta for the last year, has been quickly evolving with with introduction of realtime quotes from the NYSE late last month and international launches of Google Finance in Canada the U.K. and China. The integration of Google News and portfolio management tools means that Google Finance is moving to become a bonafide consumer destination site, a sector long dominated by Yahoo! Finance. It may also compete with consumer trading sites and services.
Running time: 281 seconds
Disney Embracing Social Media
With the acquisition of Club Penquin last year, The Walt Disney Company is making a big foray into building social media environments. This morning at the open session of the McGraw Hill Media Summit, Bob Iger, CEO of Disney spoke of Penguin Club and his virtual igloo. He announced that the company would be building other social networking sites around its properties.
Running time: 415 seconds
Quincy Smith on the Monetization of Online Video
Consumers of online video are not adverse to multiple in-stream commercials -- and many will embrace a form of micropayments, according to Quincy Smith, former CEO of CBS Interactive who is now a partner with Code Advisors, a new media boutique investment banking firm. I caught up with Smith today at the paidContent 2010 media summit in Manhattan.
Running time: 242 seconds
Machinima Venture Investment for Platform Expansion
Machinima, the fast growing video site of video-game and virtual world videos, reached an audience of 27 million monthly uniques and 127 million video views in May, says Allen DeBevoise, chairman and CEO of the Los Angeles-based company.The company's primary advertising channel is YouTube, where it sells much of the advertising directly.
Running time: 148 seconds
Tingz Widgets Sync Across Platforms
There are a lot of widgets on the web, but TechCrunch50 presenter Tingz has created a solution that works across almost any platform, including iPhones, Blackberrys, Macs OS X, and Windows Media Center. The widgets look and act the same on each device and automatically sync up, according to CEO Patrick Hunt. Tingz widgets also interact with one another: The widget for sharing video recipes has a feature that lets users write down ingredients that will automatically show up in the shopping list.
Running time: 142 seconds
The Value of Online Video at
Caleb Silver, executive VP for video at explains the value of video in story telling and business news.
Running time: 234 seconds
Kyte Announces Facebook Application Framework
Kyte, a San Francisco-based online video platform company, announced today integration of its video player and tools into Facebook with a product it calls the Facebook Application Framework. Earlier this month, we spoke with Gannon Hall, COO of Kyte about the opportunities and challengers for marketers and publishers in posting and monetizing video on the big social network.
Running time: 192 seconds
Mochila's Growth in Digital News Syndication Marketplace
Mochila, an online marketplace for syndicated news and feature content, has increased distribution of its media by 35 times since late last year, according to a spokesperson for the company. Mochila currently offers rights-managed content from 360 top content brands to its 3,800 members and is adding half a million new content assets each month. The Associated Press, Reuters, Getty and hundreds of others already offer their content through the site.
Running time: 277 seconds
Clay Shirky Talks About the Social Aspect of the Internet
Author of "Here Comes Everybody", Clay Shirky gave a wonderful wide-ranging keynote at the Fall 2008 Health 2.0 Conference
Running time: 1201 seconds
Kerry Hicks Talks About the Healthgrades Website
Kerry Hicks, CEO of Healthgrades, interviewed by Michael Millenson at the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco, October 23 2008.
Running time: 755 seconds
WEGO's Jack Barrette on Advertising for Health Content
Jack Barrette, the CEO and founder of WEGO Health, talks about how advertising can work with health content without negatively impacting the user experience. Barrette also discusses how the economic downturn will impact investment in Health 2.0 companies.
Running time: 150 seconds
Janice McCallum on the Changes in Health Content
The managing director of Health Content Advisors, Janice McCallum, discusses the themes of the Health Content ’08 conference and how they differed from last year’s inaugural event.
Running time: 281 seconds
How Change Healthcare Inc Helps Patients Manage Health Costs
The CEO of Change: Healthcare, Inc, talks about how his company fits into the current health content landscape. He also discusses the challenges to analyzing and rating quality in healthcare.
Running time: 243 seconds
HealthCentral's Jeremy Shane on the Changing Methods of Content Delivery
Jeremy Shane, the President and COO of HealthCentral Network, discusses how health content and its delivery methods are changing. “So people are looking for much more specific information to their needs and I think also mobile messaging, outbound and email messaging, there’s the ability to distribute content directly to consumers when they opt-in for information as opposed to the consumers voice having to come to websites.”
Running time: 272 seconds
Dr.Rishi Sikka on Praxeon's Health Content
The Chief Medical Officer of Praxeon, Dr. Rishi Sikka, talks about how health content has evolved over the past few years and how consumers can evaluate the quality of the information they’re receiving. “You know different sites sort of take different approaches to that…our site, MyDailyApple, is one of these examples where we sort of filter out the information in advance and only bring in what we think is only the best evidence and the best levels of content.”
Running time: 174 seconds
Robert Herzog on eCaring's Home Care Solutions
The founder and CEO of eCaring, Robert Herzog, talks about how his company fits into the current health content landscape. “There are nine million Americans who receive home health care who would benefit tremendously from the ability to really use digital record-keeping to know immediately, using the web as communications, and over time what actually has transpired in the home.”
Running time: 180 seconds
Chris Conway on Healthy Humans' Health Solution
The President and founder of Healthy Humans, Chris Conway, talks about how his company fits into the health content landscape and how Healthy Humans changes the way healthcare is delivered.
Running time: 125 seconds


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