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IAB Sets Online Video Advertising Standards
In a move that has been highly anticipated by content creators, online publishers and advertising agencies, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the industry trade organization of online publishers, will announce today that the standardization of online video advertising has been finalized.Many of the standards, including specifics for companion ads and pre-roll ads have been widely accepted and implemented. But the newest form of video advertising, the overlay ads, has lacked standards.
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Microsoft's Stefan Weitz on Bing Video Search
Bing, the newly introduced search engine from Microsoft, assembles videos from sources beyond video sharing sites, an approach which we find more open and "universal." Most video search engines process information provided by sharing sites who provide a feed of videos which include the video file and related metadata. While Bing seems to do an effective job in ingesting videos from YouTube, Yahoo!, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Google Video, MySpace and others.
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Brad Inman Talks About Vook's Content Offerings
Vook, a company and product which presents books in multimedia on the iPhone and on the browser, is quickly ramping up production with 250 new titles planned for this year, according to founder and CEO Brad Inman.The company, which is collaborating with Simon & Schuster and other book publishers, announced its first project with a magazine publisher in Hachette's Woman Day for a "CookVook.' Here's a story on the new product in Mediaweek.
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WPP's Online Media Czar on Applications for Online Video
Rob Norman is the head of online advertising buying for the entire WPP network, a job of vast responsibility and influence. I interviewed him at the paidContent conference in Manhattan today where he was a panelist. Rob has a lot to say about online video advertising and the range of environments for ads and related CPM's. He is keen on video in applications, including Facebook and sees this is a big opportunity. He is enthusiastic about VideoEgg, in which WPP has an investment.
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Amplify Aids Social Media Monetization with Semantic Technology
Amplify, which provides Natural Language Processing solutions for customers who want to understand and better target advertising to online content, announced its first big U.S. partnership with social Media ad targeting firm Lotame, CEO Mark Redgrave told Andy at the AlwaysOn conference last month. "We are simply intercepting content in social media properties that are part of that network," he says.
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Fred Seibert Says Animators Lead the Online Video Revolution
Acclaimed for his work as employee #1 at MTV where he was creative director and later as president of MTV Online, president of Hanna Barbara and the force behind the revitalization of Nickelodeon, Fred Seibert has been on the forefront of several chapters in the (r)evolution of television.These days he's building a diversified network of community-generated online video programming at a company called NextNewNetworks. He holds the title of creative director.
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Turner Finds Full Online Video Ad Loads Acceptable in Europe
As publishers seek to maximize revenue around online video, many are studying consumer attitude towards the number of in-stream ads they will accept. According to early research by Turner in Europe, which distributes entertainment content online, consumer are willing to accept a full ad load as long as the ads are relevant. These are the comments by Caroline Casey, Director of Digital Development for Turner in Europe, in this interview.
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The Changing Strategy of Online Video Syndication with a Movable Player
While many video publishers seek the widest possible distribution of their videos through an embeddable player and Media RSS, some like HealthiNation and Virgin Media, are using a syndicated player which is placed on specific sites. Controlling the "off domain" strategy is important for many publishers: Some are caution about where their videos will appear, often reflecting the concern of advertisers. For other there rights issues with their content. Others, like are seeking to
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Jennifer Taylor Talks About New Developments at Adobe
Jennifer Taylor talks about new developments and partnerships at Adobe.
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Jupitermedia CEO Alan Meckler on the Value of Mediabistro
Jupitermedia CEO Alan Meckler is one of the most intriguing and successful entrepreneurs in the new media space. His firm recently acquired Mediabistro the journalism blog, networking/jobs and training site, for $23 million.I sat down with him yesterday, after his panel at the paidContent conference, to have a wider ranging chat about the conference business, the Mediabistro acquisition and some reflections on his past 15 years and current acquisition strategy.
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Brad Inman Says Vook Gets 2.5 Million in Seed Funding
Vook, the startup which has developed a multi-media platform for books that mixes video, pictures, and social media with traditional text, has raised 2.5 million in funding. Investors include Ron Conway, Kenneth Lerer, chairman of the Huffington Post, Maples Investments, Baseline Ventures, and Founder Collective. I spoke to Vook CEO and founder Brad Inman recently about Vook and the proceeds of the funding.
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Garrett Rietman Talks About Niche Online Video on Verizon FiOS
Verizon customers have been upping their consumption of shows on Verizon's cable video-on-demand service and that's one of the reasons the telco is now offering shows from the video-sharing site to its DVR customers, Verizon's Garrett Rieman told Beet.TV at a event in New York recently. The news of the expanded partnership came as part of a slew of wide-reaching deals struck with partners like NBC Local Media, Roku and YouTube. Those deals will extend the reach of bl
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Larry Kramer Says Social Media is the New Local Media
The booming participation in social media is creating both a big opportunity and potentially a giant sink hole for media companies and marketers. How this will play out is far from being known at this stage, says Larry Kramer, founder of MarketWatch whom I consider a true media visionary. I caught up with Larry today in Manhattan. He says the way for media and marketers executives to view social media is as "local." Not geographically local, of course, but community-centric.
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Keith Richman on Break Media's FileFront Buyout
Los Angeles-based Break Media has found a growing business around Web videos targeting young males. Key to its success is the matching of good content with a smart distribution strategy, says Keith Richman, CEO. Last month, the company made a big expansion in the content side of things with the acquisition of FileFront, a gaming site. Daisy caught up with Keith last month at our online video event. He says that success in digital media a bit of "art and science" and publish
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Michael Mathieu on YuMe's Custom Video Creative Yields
Online video ad network YuMe is generating engagement rates that are as much as three to four times higher or custom spots than for pre-rolls. That's what YuMe's CEO Michael Mathieu told Beet.TV during a recent interview in New York. The company served up more than three billion video ads through the third quarter of this year and custom spots are generating as high as a 5% click-through rate, or engagement rate.
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Susan Clark Talks About the Economist's Web Offerings
The Economist is on fire: Ad pages have passed Business Week in the U.S. and the business title was ranked fourth most successful by Advertising Age in the annual magazine "A List" published earlier this week. At the paidContent conference in New York earlier this week, I caught up with Susan Clark, Global Marketing Director and Publisher, Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa. We spoke after her panel. She describes the venerable title as "global mass niche" -- which I take to mean
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Discovery Readies 3D Network Launch
One of the first television networks to announce plans to launch a 3-D network, Discovery told Beet.TV the new network will likely launch later this year or early 2011. The 3D network is a joint venture between Sony and IMAX, as Discovery CEO David Zaslav explained to me when I sat down with him following his keynote at the NATPE conference on Monday morning. He said much of the decision to launch the network came down to common sense.
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Bain Capital Venture Sees Niche Markets in Online Video
Boston-based Bain Capital Venture Partners, an investor in, is bullish on onine video investment. Managing Director Jeff Glass sees other investment opportunities around "mid-tale" video content and its related ecosystem.
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Verizon FiOS Enables VOD and TV Content on Multiple Devices
Verizon FiOS allows subscribers to access a selection of television programs and download them to a variety of digital devices.
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How the Internet Enables Direct Democracy
Craig Newmark, creator of, speaks to a university audience at Georgetown.He discusses the role of technology in business. In this segment he talks about the democratic effect of the internet.
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Craig Newmark on the Humble Origins of Craigslist
Craig Newmark, creator of, speaks to a university audience at Georgetown.He discusses the role of technology in business. Newmark's lecture is followed by an open Q&A session.
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Marc Ecko Remembers the Air Force One Graffiti Hoax
Marc Ecko (Marc Ecko Enterprises) talks about his famed prank to tag the presidential plane, one of the earliest viral videos.
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Why LA Times Wikitorial Experiment Failed
One of the most prolific and thoughtful commentators on the U.S. political scene today, Kinsley turns his razor sharp intellect and dead-on commentary to our financial system.Kinsley served as editor of the New Republic, and as the liberal half of the original "Crossfire" team with Pat Buchanan, as well as John Sununu and Robert Novak.He also worked with the late William F. Buckley o
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How Boxee Works With Your TV
Boxee users can watch YouTube videos, listen to Last FM music, and sort through pictures from Picasa and Flickr all on their television sets. The process requires only a free software download to a PC or Mac, a cable, and a computer or universal remote. Boxee, which launched in private alpha testing a couple of weeks ago, isn't the first to try and bring digital content to the living room, but it's one of the first to do it using an open source platform.
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Adobe Media Player Launch Delayed Until Next Year
The introduction of the much anticipated Adobe Media Player (AMP), the desktop application that allows users to download and save Flash files, will launch in Beta this year but won't have a full introduction until next year. A spokesperson from Adobe told Beet.TV late last week:"Adobe Media Player is planned to be available as a free beta download from the Adobe Web site later in 2007 with full availability expected in early 2008.
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