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Mark Cuban Says the Future of Video is Television
We caught up with digital entrepreneur Mark Cuban at SXSW this weekend to get his take on the whole "free" movement around content. He tells us that "free everything is a fantasy." On UGC, he says it's not going to a big business and the future of video is television.
Running time: 63 seconds
Delve and Akamai Join Forces for E2E Solution
Online video platform company Delve Networks paired up with Akamai in a deal to provide joint video services to customers, the companies announced today. With a partnership now in place, the companies will work together on projects and also pitch each other's customers, Delve Networks VP of Product Management Edgardo Nazario told Beet.TV during an interview at the company's Seattle office this week.
Running time: 95 seconds
Mark Lukasiewicz on NBC's Social Media Strategy
Mark Lukasiewicz from NBC News explains the company's Facebook strategy.
Running time: 99 seconds
Ken Auletta on Google's Showdown with China
Google co-founder Sergey Brin, the son of persecuted Russian Jews, has been the driving force in the the company's showdown with China, says Ken Auletta, New Yorker media columnist and author of the best selling book "Googled: The End of the World as We Know It."I spoke with Auletts earlier today at the offices of The New Yorker. He recalls the 208 shareholder meeting where a motion was presented to demand an end of doing business in China over censorship. Brin abstained from the vote.
Running time: 197 seconds
Brad Rinklin on Akamai's Multiple HD Streams
A new era of high definition online video will begin on Monday when Akamai launches a showcase portal for videos from customers including the BBC, NBA, MTV and others. The term HD has been bantered about quite a lot in the context of Web video. But by our understanding, "true" high def means full-sized, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. As far as I know, these files have not been distributed via stream or downloads. All this is about to change.
Running time: 201 seconds
New York Magazine Has a Big Boost in Traffic
New York magazine has big traffic numbers from fashion coverage, blogs, says Michael Silberman.
Running time: 108 seconds
Digitas Says Advertisers Need Rules in Online Video
When it comes to online video, advertisers want to know what the rules of engagement are. In fact, much of the agency-advertiser conversations surrounding online video center on this all-important notion of engagement, but the term itself means different things to different people. John McCarus, VP and group director for brand content at The Third Act, the branded entertainment arm of Digitas, told Beet.TV this in an interview in New York last week at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable.
Running time: 134 seconds
The Guardian Finds Video Success with the Contextualization of Content
The Guardian newspaper has been innovating with online video since 2006, has invested heavily in video operations in its new headquarters and is finding traction with its own brand of journalistic video. These are comments by Stephen Dunn, who is head of technology strategy at the newspaper, in this interview conducted earlier this month. Dunn notes that while video reside in a video section, the paper is finding success with videos embedded across the site, in the context of news.
Running time: 193 seconds
MediaVest Targets Audience Through Online Video
The giant media agency MediaVest is a big believer in online video and is now specifically turning to the Web to precisely target audiences, said Donna Speciale, president of investment and activation and agency operations. I caught up with her at the recent 4A's conference she talked about how clients are starting to consider a wide range of video sites, including small and large and those with user-generated and professional content. Helping clients feel comfortable in ed
Running time: 291 seconds
CNET Has a New Groundbreaking Video Player
Late last month, CNET Networks quietly released a superb new Flash video player. The player is beginning to propagate CNET's news and reviews videos. It was developed in house.
Running time: 173 seconds
Bing's Stefan Weitz on Breaking the Google Habit
Stefan Weitz, Director of Bing, the new search engine from Microsoft, says that internal research has found that users develop a "habit" with their search engine of choice.In the first of a two-part interview with with Beet.TV, he does not refer to Google by name, but clearly referenced it. He said that gaining market share in search is a "long term play" and getting users to switch is not easy. Citing internal Microsoft research, he said that using a search engine becomes
Running time: 334 seconds
Ken Auletta Explains How YouTube Will Recoup Its Losses
YouTube, which was expected to lose $500 million in 2009, probably lost $200 million last year, helped by a successful advertising strategy, says Ken Auletta who reported these numbers in his best-selling book "Googled: The End of the World as We Know It."Yesterday I sat down with Auletta in his offices at The New Yorker to chat about Google,YouTube and the future of digital media.He expects that YouTube will implement a pay-per-view scheme for select premium content. He sees the inevitabl
Running time: 359 seconds
KIT Digital's Dan Rosen on Three Screen Video Strategy
KIT digital, a jack-of-all trades company that can produce videos for clients, deliver them over their own global CDN, and monetize them, will continue to strengthen its focus on mobile and TV through set-top boxes in 2009, Head of the Americas Dan Rosen told me at the Beet.TV studio. "We've moved over the past to also deliver to mobile and to TV through the set-top box, so we're very much focused in helping our clients engage across those three screens and monetizing their assets.
Running time: 278 seconds
Robert Davis Explains How Search is a Driver for Online Ads
Search has now emerged as a leading driver of visits to online video ads and branded Web entertainment, media agency executive Robert Davis of OgilvyInteractive told Beet.TV during an interview at Beet.TV online video round table in New York. "We are seeing a tremendous search value from video now. You can use video content almost as you use a banner ad or paid search -- as a drive-to mechanism to your site," said Davis, leader of the interactive video practice at OgilvyInteractive.
Running time: 213 seconds
Ron Yekutiel Talks About Kaltura's Work with Big Companies
Daisy caught up with Kaltura CEO Ron Yekutiel in Las Vegas at the NAPTE convention for an interview about the company's expansion and work with big business.
Running time: 239 seconds
CNN Pulls UGC Closer with iReport Integration
Having established iReport three years ago, CNN is the most established mainstream media organization publishing user generated content. With the launch today of the newly revamped, the role of community content has been prominently elevated. It is now a regular section of the site. Although the contributions will labeled as "contributed," it will be more part of the CNN general offering.On Thursday in New York, I interviewed Leilia King who has run iReport from Atlanta.
Running time: 140 seconds
Sita Vatan Talks About Intel Capital's Venture Investments
This difficult period for start-ups will produce many important companies, as happened in the last tech downturn, says Sita Vasan, a senior officer with Intel Capital, one of the the world's biggest corporate investor. Sita is based in New York where she evaluates investments in media, marketing and related companies.She says that Intel is looking for investments in online advertising and analytics as well as gaming. She said the introduction of Larrabee, the new chip which accelerates
Running time: 187 seconds
Steve Allison Talks About Adobe's Flash Player 1
An alliance between Adobe and Google has taken significant step with today's announcement of Flash being integrated directly into the Chrome browser. While Flash is installed on nearly all the world's computers, the integration with the Google browser will mean that the Google browser always has the most update version. For an update on Adobe, I spoke with Steve Allison, the company's technical evangelist for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Running time: 188 seconds
Wall Street Journal Sees Tech Advertising Upswing
We were encouraged to read today's Wall Street Journal report about the projected uptick in technology advertising for 2010. Journal reporters Ben Worthen and Jessica Vascellaro cite an IDC study which puts tech marketing dollars up over 3.5 percent for next year, versus the dismal 8.3percent drop this year. In the current quarter, big budgets are being spent by tech advertisers including both consumer and B2B companies Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Juniper Networks, the paper reports."
Running time: 190 seconds
How Pando Works with P2P Companies and ISPs
In the span of just six months, peer-to-peer (P2P) companies have gone from being the bane of Internet Service Providers (ISP's) to emerging as a practical solution for managing network traffic and maximizing profits for the ISP's and content creators.A great deal of collaboration is underway including the efforts of Comcast and BitTorrent. NBC is reading its video download service with a P2P component from Pando Networks. Tomorrow in Los Angeles at the P2P Media Summit.
Running time: 197 seconds's Co-Founders Explain Why You Need HQ Video
Here is my sit down with co-founders Mike Hudack and Dina Kaplan. We caught up last week, after there news event at their company's downtown Manhattan office. A couple of big takeways are the deal with YouTube. Most, most significantly is how is distribtuting very high quality, large video files to platforms including Roku, Tivo and Verizon Fios. The reality is the Web video is moving to high quality, TV-like viewing experience.
Running time: 547 seconds
Ken Auletta Talks About Threats to Google
While Google continues to show extraordinary growth and profitability, there could be a number of threats and stumbling blocks ahead, says the New Yorker's Ken Auletta, author of the best-selling book Googled: The End of the World as We Know it."
Running time: 349 seconds
How a College Blogger Became a New York Times Reporter
New York Times' new media beat reporter Brian Stelter talks about the way he turned from a college blogger to an New York Times columnist.
Running time: 234 seconds
Google Books Indexes the New York Magazine
Google Book Search completed the scanning and indexing of New York magazine says GM Michael Silberman.
Running time: 124 seconds
Rafat Ali Says that the Future of Online Business Video is in Journalism
Last night I was at the opening night reception of the paidContent one-day conference about the future of business media. The reception was at the Frank Gehry-designed IAC headquarters in the Manhattan. Rafat told me that the future of business video will involve more story telling and investigative pieces.
Running time: 177 seconds


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