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Google's Book Search Project
Google has been making progress with its Google Book Search project, having scanned and indexed 7 million volumes, but that is just the beginning, if a settlement with authors and publishers is approved by a U.S. Federal court in Manhattan. We sat down with Google spokesperson Gabriel Stricker who explained the process and what the approval will mean for users of Google and authors of "orphan" books which are out of print but still have copyright protection.
Running time: 181 seconds
HP Provides a 2GB "CloudDrive" for New Netbooks
HP announced a new line of PC's -- and netbooks, the inexpensive and powerful mini PC's which come with storage drive mapped to an external "cloud." HP provides 2 GB of capacity for free and can provide up to one terabyte on a payment basis. The drive is accessible from authorized users anywhere. The files can be shared "in the cloud" with others. It is called the CloudDrive. Venture Beat's Anthony Ha reports the drive has been created by ZumoDrive.
Running time: 148 seconds
ThePlatform Continues Large Growth
ThePlatform, the Seattle-based video distribution platform for large online video publishers, has been at it for eight years, long before most of us were talking about this business. Just last month the company announced an agreement with PBS and its member stations to power online video distribution.The company was acquired by Comcast two years ago, but operates independently we are told. In Los Angeles last week, I caught up with Ian Blaine, CEO and Founder.
Running time: 211 seconds
BitTorrent and Comcast are Working on Technology to Manage P2P Traffic
Half of Internet traffic is carried on peer-to-peer networks. For Internet Service Providers handling this traffic, new network management technologies are being explored and implemented. After highly publicized "throttling" of P2P traffic by Comcast and subsequent FCC inquiry and Congressional uproar, Comcast and BitTorrent have entered into a pack to to develop technology to properly manage P2P traffic. Comcast announced a separate initiative with P2P platform Pando.
Running time: 209 seconds
VideoEgg Unveils New Performance-Based Video Ads
In a major development in the way advertisers pay for advertising in video ads, VideoEgg has launched a new performance-based advertising system called AdFrames. One of the first advertisers to sign on is Microsoft, which is advertising new features in Office 2007. Instead of paying publishers for the number of views, Microsoft is paying VideoEgg fifty cents per views, reports Brian Morrissey in Adweek.
Running time: 194 seconds
How the NBC Olympics Live Stream is Working
The number of unique visitors to NBC Olympics video site soared to over two million on Monday as viewers tuned into the Games from the workplace, Nielsen announced today. These numbers show that the much-grumbled about time delay of the online coverage hasn't had a negative effect on online ratings. Not all of the coverage is delayed: Eric Schmidt, Director of Media and Advertising Evangalism at Microsoft, explains how live streaming for NBC Olympics coverage works.
Running time: 207 seconds
Financial Crisis Drives Global Internet Traffic
In the midst a this extraordinary financial and political news cycle, online media consumption has been breaking traffic records. As consumption is up, so is demand for bandwidth from big content delivery networks like Akamai. Akamai, which carries Internet traffic for NBC, the BBC, Reuters and others, had a spike of 7 percent in normal traffic at the close of the trading in New York today. The company registered 3.7 million requests for pages per minute.
Running time: 124 seconds
Madison Avenue Embracing YouTube Branded Channels for Direct Marketing
Rob Davis, who heads the online video practice at adverting giant Ogilvy, says that his agency working closely on branded content channels on YouTube.
Running time: 253 seconds
How Successful Video Blogging Will Take Shape
John Seely Brown, former Chief Scientist at Xerox and director of its Palo Alto PARC center, explains how successful video blogging will take shape. It won't be bloggers speaking into a camera, but will contain compelling content, vignettes and information that takes advantage of the form. Brown is currently a senior fellow at USC's Annenberg School of Communication.
Running time: 39 seconds
Microsoft is Helping Start-ups with Software and Services
Seeking to expand global innovation and the utilization of Microsoft products and services, the company has an ambitious program to support start-ups, not with capital, but with technical and consulting support. Last month in New York, I interviewed Dan'l Lewin, Corporate VP at Microsoft, who heads up the global initiative for emerging businesses. Dan'l told the company is active in 60 nations. He say that the company is supporting a number of companies and is keen to help.
Running time: 225 seconds
Cable Operators Might "Throttle" Joost
Keith Kocho is the founder of Extend Media, a company that manages online video assets for content owners. Its closest competitor is the thePlatform, now owned by Comcast. The company is powering the backend of Fanfare, the new video and music Web download platform from SanDisk -- which is producing the Sansa, a cool device that allows video files to be saved to a portable memory device.
Running time: 200 seconds
HP Rolls Out Powerful Video Collaboration Service Free
LAS VEGAS, HP, the world biggest computer maker is making its HP SkyRoom video conferencing software and service available for free on its new line of business notebooks and workstations. The announcement was made at CES.
Running time: 229 seconds
Take180's Three-Year Plan
A media company needs at least a three-year runway before it can take off for profitability, and that's the goal for the new video destination, the site's general manager Chris Williams told Beet.TV at the NATPE LA TV Fest in early July. The Disney-owned Web studio that specializes in spoofs and so-called "participatory Web series" launched in late March with three interactive series and is averaging about 1.5 million to 2 million views per month, Williams said.
Running time: 373 seconds
Battery Life Makes Livecasting Short Lived
Many pioneering videobloggers including Robert Scoble, Jeff Jarvis, Steve Garfield and Sarah Meyers are using a Nokia mobile device to stream live video to the Web. Most upload to a Web sharing platform such as QIK and Flixwagon. Some journalists are using the phones for news gathering. Camera phones are great, but live video streaming only goes about 30 minutes, Sarah Meyers told me in this interview.
Running time: 137 seconds
Online Video Advertising Must be Contextual
Online video advertising is about to explode. The next big wave will be the placing of short commercials either before as so called pre-roll or after a video clip has been seen, as post-roll. Advertising won't be appropriate for all video clips, for sure, but this looming development represents a solid business model for content developers, both big and small. Several video sites are inserting video into clips and sharing revenue with content producers.
Running time: 154 seconds
Brightcove's Mobile Video Apps
While the issues surrounding playing video on a Web browser is "solved," the technology curve around video delivery is increasing and accelerating with the introduction of several mobile platforms and connected TV's, says Bob Mason, Chief Technology Officer of Brightcove, the big online video services company.I spoke with him on Tuesday at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable in New York where he was a panelist.He spoke about the value of mobile video Apps for Brightcove customers.
Running time: 235 seconds
The New York Times Will Share Video Clips with the Public
Beet.TV has learned that The New York Times will make the embed code of its video clips available to the public by early fall. This means that many of the paper's videos will be freely used and posted to blogs and Web pages. This change will be implemented in Q3, according to Diane McNulty, a spokesperson for The New York Times. Just yesterday, The Washington Post began to offer the code of its clips. Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal opened up it's code.
Running time: 160 seconds
Learn About
The success of leading personal finance Web site since it's win at TechCrunch40 last year gives some idea of what might be in store for this year's winner, Yammer. The real prize, or course, isn't the $50,000--it's the publicity. Since it's win, raised $17 million in funding, according to a blog post by the Los Angeles Times. It was also named one of the 50 Best Web sites of 2008 by Time Magazine and one of the Top 25 Innovations of 2008 by PC World.
Running time: 213 seconds
Google's Culture of Innovation
Earlier this week at SXSW we caught up with Irene Au, who heads up Google user interface design and user research on the culture of innovation at at Google. She explains how a culture of innovation is fostered by a 'bottom up" structure where innovation comes from employees from various levels of the company. Irene also speaks about the new Google Voice.
Running time: 217 seconds
How to Utilize Your Blog
In the era of Twitter and Facebook, having an individual blog is essential as it is "yours," says Dash, the chief evangelist for SixApart, the big San Francisco-based blog software company.
Running time: 210 seconds Readies Full Integration with Facebook Connect
Today in New York, announced a number of developments around digital content including full integration with Facebook Connect, a blog network across many verticals.
Running time: 256 seconds
Microsoft to Dominate Video Downloads with XBox 360
Sure, there's been a lot said about XBox 360 as the "Trojan Horse" in the living room, providing Internet TV in the form of a spiffy game console. Peter Rojas, editor in chief of Engadget, sees this development as part of a Microsoft plan to dominate video downloads to the home to various devices, as well as new DVD standards.
Running time: 214 seconds
Interoperability for Consumer Electronics Devices is Essential
The interoperability of consumer electronic devices is essential for the entertainment industry, but it is not yet a reality, says Steve Abraham, who is co-head of IBM's global media and entertainment practice. I caught up with him last month in Los Angeles at the OnHollywood conference. He says that work is going on behind the scenes to make digital devices work together.
Running time: 190 seconds
Traffic Spikes 400% on Election Day for and CNN International had received 88 million page views by 3 p.m. this afternoon, three to four times more than on an average weekday, Executive Vice President of CNN News Services Susan Grant told Beet.TV. Live, which has four simultaneous live streams, had generated 1.6 million views domestically and internationally--seven times higher than an average full day, she says.
Running time: 88 seconds
International Media Summit to Happen in Abu Dhabi
News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, Publicist boss Maurice Levy and Google CEO Eric Schmidt are some of the luminaries who will be heading off to Abu Dhabi next month for a three-day international media summit, the first in the Persian Gulf. We caught up with Spencer Reiss, a contributing editor to Wired, who has been programming the Monaco Forum for past several years, and is putting together next's month's event.
Running time: 278 seconds


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