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Scott Kirsner to Host Conference "The Conversation"
Scott Kirsner, Editor of CinemaTech and contributor to Variety, will be one of the hosts of a conference called "The Conversation" taking place October 17-18 in Berkeley. The focus will be on the interaction of cinema, online video, and games. Andy interviewed Kirsner at the recent EmTech08 conference at MIT. Liz Gannes writes today that NewTeeVee readers can get a 10 percent discount to the conference. Unlike many digital media conferences, The Conversation will be geared more toward content.
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Ensequence to Bring Interactive TV to Cable This Year
At Beet.TV, we cover a lot of stories around online video, but a reverse phenomenon is going to reach half of the television homes in America this year, according to Dalen Harrison, CEO of interactive TV company Ensequence. Ensequence brings "the interactivity of the Internet" to the television, allowing users to interact with applications, vote on poll questions, and find more information about advertised products with their remotes.
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VMIX Powers Video on Post-Newsweek Sites, LA Times and Others
VMIX, San Diego-based video services company, is powering a number of newspaper and local television station Web sites, including the Tribune newspapers. It continues to expand with a recent win with the Post-Newsweek television stations sites. At the Streaming Media East conference last week, I caught up with VMIX CEO Mike Glickenhaus. Mike explained the utility of his company's "white label" solution.
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Bravo Lands Sponsors for Web, Bets on Brand Integration and Pre-rolls
With a pedigree in non-fiction and reality shows, Bravo is looking to mimic it's on-air advertising strategy on the Web by incorporating sponsors into shows, the network's new media chief Lisa Hsia told Beet.TV at the NATPE LA TV Fest in earlier this month. "There have always been regular commercials and brand integration [on-air]," said Hsia, senior VP of Bravo Digital Media. "Now, we are applying that to the digital world so revenues come from pre-roll and banner but also from product int
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Visible Measure Has Product to Measure Video Engagement
Here at MediaPost online video conference in Manhattan, I caught up with Matt Cutler of Visible Measures, the Boston-based company that analyzes the way the video is consumed. It has raised $19 million in venture capital. Today, the company announced a new ad effectiveness analysis product to monitor the impact of viral video campaigns, including "engagement."Visible Measure has advertising agency clients including Digitas and publishers including The New York Times Company.
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Revolutionary Social Media Marketing
The booming participation in social media is creating both a big opportunity and potentially a giant sink hole for media companies and marketers. How this will play out is far from being know at this stage, says Larry Kramer, the founder of Marketwatch and media visionary. I caught up with Larry today in Manhattan. He says the way for for media and marketers to view social media as "local." Not geographically local, of course, but community centric.
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Yahoo! Has Video Advertising Breakthrough with New Clickable Units
In November, Yahoo! quietly introduced clickable pre-roll ad units with a "call to action," meaning visitors who watch a video, see a pre-roll ad and are encouraged to click on the ad to find more information. Rebecca Paoletti, Director of Video Sales Strategy told me on Friday that some of these new units are getting clickthrough rates ten times greater than conventional ads.
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Jason Pontin Explains Online Video Search
The Beet was in Beantown and stopped in to query Jason Pontin, editor in chief of MIT's Technology Review, about searchable video in his Cambridge office. The feature, says Jason, means search has moved beyond the realm of text and into image, thanks to the use of meta tags, ala Flickr. Anyone content creator, viewer, marketer can Embed in the image and then find in a search. This feature has revolutionized video on the web.
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Next New Networks Has Grown Rapidly
Next New Networks received 300 million video views in 2008--three times more than in 2007, CEO Lance Podell told me at the AlwaysOn conference last week. We're betting Obama Girl helped boost those numbers quite a bit, but Next New Networks isn't planning on slowing down now that the election is over; as their name implies, they're already planning the next new networks for 2009. "Our plan for 2009 is to roll out a few new networks, one of which you'll hear more about in the next week, as w
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HealthiNation's Ad Revenue Growth
Health information network HealthiNation has quadrupled its ad revenue on a year-over-year basis and has seen its monthly traffic grow more than seven times in some cases, Beet.TV has learned.
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Why the Online Video Revolution is Happening
OK, we've been reading and blogging and watching this whole video revolution. Why is it happening? Is it the cheap digital devices for capturing video or the simple video sharing sites of "Web 2.0"? Sure, but that's just part of it. Here's what I think: We trust what we see in video. Most of us were raised on the tube and we absorb images on screen. It's how we check out our world. What's more, people believe what they learn online.
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TMZ Exploring Live Streaming
TMZ, the extremely successful celebrity gossip site and syndicated television show owned by Time Warner, is getting traction with online live streaming. A live streaming video of a parking lot, where Britney Spears was expected, grabbed thousands of viewers for nearly two hours. A recent courthouse appearance by Hulk Hogan's son captivated many others. With just a simple video camera, laptop and mobile phone connection.
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TubeMogul Readies Global Tracking System
Emeryville-based TubeMogul, the platform that allows video publishers to use one log-in page to upload to over 15 different video sharing sites, is expanding its analytics services. A number of content creators and shows use TubeMogul including Next New Networks, Tornante, CBS Interactive, Average Betty, Goodnight Burbank and National Lampoon. Free to video uploaders, the company charges for its analytics. These tools tells publishers and their advertisers how many videos are streamed and more
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Alloy Partners with Fox Searchlight, LG Mobile for Teen Video Portal
In an effort to expand its online reach with teens, Alloy's portal teamed up with Fox Searchlight to run a series of Webisodes to support the upcoming flick "Post Grad," Alloy's Jamie Elden told Beet.TV at the LA TV Fest in earlier this month. In the last two years, Alloy Media & Marketing has been expanding into Web production and distribution adding to its traditional media roots.
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Cost Per Impression Payment
This is not fair, nor does it make a lot of sense. Advertisers pay for ads on videos as they would banner ads, on an impression basis. If you watch a video or surf a web page with an ad banner, it's pretty much the same. Advertisers pay publishers a certain amount for a thousand views, or the term is cost per thousand, CPM. This stinks. After all, watching a video is not at all like seeing a banner ad. When you are engaged, you watch the pre-roll or the overlay or the sponsor message.
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Broadcast Ads Should Drive Consumers Online
The digital brand experience should be an advertiser's first thought, not an afterthought, according to Organic digital ad agency Creative Director Gary Nelson. An online brand experience should be viewed as a product unto itself--one that can be advertised by broadcast media. The "Now What?" campaign for State Farm is one of the few already taking this approach. The television commercials advertise the online destination and don't once mention State Farm itself.
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Adobe Aims for 100 Million Installs of Air by This Year
Adobe AIR runtime environment has been installed on 35 million PCs and hopes to reach 100 million by the end of the year, according to Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch. Andy interviewed Lynch at the EmTech conference last week. Developers can use Adobe AIR to build rich, cross-platform Internet applications that deploy to the desktop. Lynch says Adobe is working to bring a version of AIR to mobile devices that should be ready in the next year or two.
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Video Search Engine RAMP Integrates with Facebook
Tom Wilde from RAMP talks about RAMPS integration with Facebook.
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Dominick Rausch on the Need for a New Format for New Media
Dominick Rausch explains why the old long length format doesn't fit new media.
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Facial and Scene Recognition Converted to Metadata
A Research Triangle, North Carolina company called DigitalSmiths has developed a technology to recognize faces and scenes and convert that information for publishers to index content.
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Jerry Swerling on Corporate Communications
Jerry Swerling, Director of Public Relations Studies and Strategic PR Center at Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California explains how employee blogging can be an effective form of corporate communications. Swerling was interviewed on April 6 at the annual meeting of the Arthur Page Society, a professional association of corporate communications executives.
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Videos Carriers Must Open up as "Selected Clips" Are Useless
Pete Rojas, editor in chief of Engadget, one of the world's most influential blogs, ranked number one or two, by Technorati, visited the Beet.TV studios last night to talk about a wide range of topics. The gadget guru longs for extensive video on mobile devices. He says that it's eventually going to happen, but that wireless carriers are entrenched in their "walled gardens" and only provide carefully selected materials at this time.
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Metacafe Launches Movies Site
Metacafe, one of the earliest UGC video site, has expanded its operations to premium content with the launch of a movie channel.
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1Cast Expands into the Entertainment Industry
Personalized online video news service 1Cast said it's inked deals with E! and Style to bring their content to its users, marking 1Cast's expansion into the entertainment category. The company also has partnered with Web-to-TV service Boxee. 1Cast is a Web and mobile video service that lets users assemble playlists on news topics of interest and then have related videos delivered to their desktop, mobile phone and now on TVs via Boxee.
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Online Ads for Bloggers
Small blogs with an audience of 10,000 to 20,000 viewers might have a difficult time selling advertising, but advertisers should sure be listening to what they're saying, according to Jon Gibs, VP of Media Analytics at Nielsen Online. Nielsen's BuzzMetrics services methodology can help turn the collective influence of the blogosphere and other social media channels into data similar to measurements for an ad campaign.
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