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Motorola CTO Says Mobile Devices are the New Media Gateway
In Los Angeles last week, I had a chance to sit down with Padmasree Warrior, Executive VP and CTO of Motorola. She was a keynote speaker at the AlwaysOn Hollywood conference. Entertainment is moving to the "tiny screen," as Laura Holson wrote in today's New York Times and Motorola plans to play a bigger role this trend. Padmasree said that more video will be consumed on devices, both through downloads and by removable memory cards, containing entire films.
Running time: 135 seconds
Gabriel Stricker on Google Video Search
The scope of videos found by searching Google Video has expanded in recent months from just clips on Google Videos to include YouTube. Since May, when the company announced the future of universal search, clips from Metacafe and have shown up on Google Video searches. (Industry sources, outside of Google, tell Beet.TV that other major video sharing sites will be included shortly.)
Running time: 146 seconds
Mark Thompson on the Launch of the BBC iPlayer
There's been a great deal of anticipation about the launch of the BBC iPlayer, a desktop application that allows registered users in the U.K. to download and view a range of programming in high quality. Mark Thompson, director general of the BBC, hailed the player as a development as significant as the start of color television.The player launched in beta on July 31.
Running time: 120 seconds
YouTube's Offerings for Top Filmmakers
Here on Wednesday night at the Henry Fonda Theater, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley kicked off YouTube's debut of a new showcase for long and short-form films. Beet.TV was on the scene. The YouTube Screening Room has attracted several highly regarded filmmakers -- and not just for the online exposure of the mega video sharing site, but for the improved quality of the video stream. The video player deployed in the screening room has twice the quality of the standard YouTube player.
Running time: 261 seconds
Dan Rayburn on Streaming Video Commodification
Here's my post-conference interview with Dan Rayburn at Streaming Media West in San Jose last month. Dan marvels about how things have changed over the years and streaming video has become a commodity.
Running time: 54 seconds
TBWA/Chiat Day's Rob Schwartz on User Created Content
In a remarkable reflection of how the creative process of video production is changing the advertising agency world, Rob Schwartz, the top creative officer at TBWA/Chiat Day in Los Angeles, told me he is going to buy Flip cameras for everyone in the art and creative department at his agency's LA office.The office is one of the most creative and influential in the industry. Clients include Visa which will have a huge presence in the summer Olympics.We caught up with Rob at Advertising 2.0.
Running time: 175 seconds
OVGuide's Chad Cooper on the Need for an Online Video Guide
The OVGuide indexes and highlights some 1800 episodic online video programs. It is powered by a staff of editors and a video search technology. While it has operated largely under the radar, it has become quite popular. According to Chad Cooper, editorial content manager of OVGuide, the site will have 10 million uniques this month. (These are internal numbers.)In the interview we shot at the company's Beverly Hills offices earlier this month, Chad gives us a demo.
Running time: 249 seconds
Associated Content Expands Monetization for Video Producers
Associated Content, a company that has set up a network for independent content producers to submit and monetize their work, will expand the opportunities for video makers to share and monetize their work. Started in 2005 by Luke Beatty, Associated Content has been funded by some of the most highly regarded investors in the digital media space, including Softbank, which lead the first round. The Denver-based company has a board of Silicon Valley's heavy hitters, Google's Tim Armstrong, a
Running time: 119 seconds Transforms to a Business Video Site
It's been a year since launched. The company was co-founded by former Marketwatch columnists Bambi Francisco and backed by Peter (PayPal co-founder) Thiel and others prominent investors. Bambi's co-founder is Cyril Brignone.Initially a place for aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch business ideas to potential investors, it is transitioning into an online video news platform about innovation.
Running time: 473 seconds
Sony Pictures Mitch Singer on Interoperability for Online Media
The success of digital entertainment will result from true interoperability between consumer devices, says Mitch Singer, Chief Technology Officer of Sony Pictures.Earlier this month I visited him on on the Sony lot. He is among a group of entertainment executives and academics who are working to create new standards in downloadable media. He says it is essential that this content work across multiple devices, much like DVD's.
Running time: 784 seconds
Tim Chang on VC Investments in Smartphone Widgets
Rich widgets for consumer smart phones will represent a significant new platform in the digital advertising world and one worthy of VC investment, according Tim Chang, a partner with Norwest Partners, a top-tier venture capital firm in Palo Alto. He is looking to invest in this area along with analytics companies which track engagement of media consumption through hyper syndication. I caught up with Tim earlier this month in Manhattan at Advertising 2.0.
Running time: 309 seconds
Dmitry Shapiro on Video Monetization for Veoh
Veoh has some 100,000 content producers whose videos are watched by 28 million unique monthly visitors, founder Dmitry Shapiro told me in this interview I conducted in Los Angeles last week.He said that key to success of the monetization of online video is an engine that connects video content with related advertising. He says that Veoh is working on this.We caught up at the OnHollywood conference.
Running time: 245 seconds
VideoEgg's Matt Sanchez Talks About Ways of Getting Advertisers to the Web
Matt Sanchez, co-founder of VideoEgg at the Beet.TV online video roundtable talks about ways to getting advertisers to the net.
Running time: 169 seconds
Google's Vint Cerf on the Need for Broadband Internet
Vint Cerf, a computer scientist who is most often called the "father of the Internet," says that the popularity and demand for online video will mean that the distribution will eventually be done "in download mode," not streaming, which is pervasive today.Cerf is Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google. I interviewed him today at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York where he was a panelist. He envisions another solution to video distribution in the form of broadcasting.
Running time: 492 seconds
Andrew Heyward on the Revolution in Online News
Andrew Heyward, former president of CBS News, shares his view of the the essential value television news, the role of journalists and how online consumption patterns are changing the ecosystem of television news.This is an extremely insightful interview. I hope you find it valuable and share it with your colleagues.Andrew is a consultant with Marketspace LLC, an affiliate of the Monitor Group, the big Boston-based consulting firm.
Running time: 407 seconds
Claude Courbois on Air's Data Crunching Abilities
Here is Claude Courbois on a roof in San Francisco. He explains how Air provides the computing power to to the desktop to crunch enormous amounts of raw data from NASDAQ. It allow individuals to create charts and graphics of past trading activity. It's pretty cool.
Running time: 160 seconds
Robert Blatt on AOL's Use of Adobe Air
XDrive, AOL's online storage site for saving large files, is getting 2 million uploads a day, many of them videos, Robert Blatt, Vice President and General Manager of Personal Media at AOL, told me on Monday at the Adobe Engage conference in San Francisco. The fast-growing service provides consumers with 5GB of free storage space and pricing for additional storage.
Running time: 162 seconds
Robert Scoble on's Expected Launch
I caught up with Robert Scoble on Monday morning in San Francisco at the Adobe Engage conference. Robert covered live with his Nokia and streamed it via his QIK connection. I ask him about preparations for and its launch on March 3. He explained that the show will have two production tracks: a live channel created via QIK and a second, more "professionally produce" channel. The taped show will be called ScobleizerTV.
Running time: 286 seconds
Ryan Stewart on the Benefits of Adobe's Desktop Environment
There's been a good bit of anticipation about the Adobe Media Player (AMP), the application that will allow users to download videos to a desktop environment. Up until now, virtually all Flash video files are streamed.Over the news few weeks, video publishers, including Beet.TV, will launch branded "channels" using Adobe Media player. Unlike podcasts, which are downloaded and saved as files along with some metadata enclosed, the new AMP environment will appear as a sort of rich, Web-like.
Running time: 147 seconds
Aaron Task on Yahoo's Tech Ticker
While there's been some head scratching about the need for Tech Ticker, another online tech/business show, it could be very big. Its success may come as result of the sheer scale of the audience. The new show is on Yahoo! Finance which has an audience of 18 million unique monthly users, according to comScore.A spokeswoman from Yahoo! told me the size of Yahoo! Finance "means that Tech Ticker has the potential to become the most-watched content in finance media.
Running time: 105 seconds
Almar Latour on Wall Street Journal Reporting Online
Wall Street Journal Reporting Metabolism Has Gone Way Up says Almar Latour, managing editor of the Wall Street Journal Online
Running time: 127 seconds
David Wadler on Building Twistage Video P2P Website
This is astonishing: A tiny New York start-up, bootstrapped by two Brown grads who met in their dorm as freshmen, and $750K in angel money, have created a video platform that is streaming more video clips to women than many huge brands. The ranking, which was released by Nielsen Online a few minutes ago, bundles Twistage with, iVillage Networks and Fisher Price. Of course Twistage is not a brand, it's a video publishing solution as CEO David Wadler explains.
Running time: 240 seconds
Adobe's David Wadhwani Says Social Networks Will Move to Applications
Online Video consumption and participation in social networks will move increasingly to desktop applications with the release of AIR, says Adobe VP David Wadhwani. Earlier this week I was in San Francisco for the Adobe Engage,the industry introduction of AIR. This is my final segment from the conference.David explains how the utility of Flash has been transformed into the "virtual machine" of AIR. He says that the technology increases performance of applications typically by 10X.
Running time: 239 seconds
Yahoo CEO Gets High Marks from Kara Swisher
One of the most talked about sessions here was Wednesday's one-on-one on stage conversation between Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz and All Things D co-host Kara Swisher. The session was informative and very entertainment. Late Wednesday night I caught up with Kara for an interview about the conference and the Bartz session. Kara told me, "she's a character, I let her explode.....and she did a very good job."
Running time: 128 seconds
Current TV's Justin Gunn on's Functionalities
Current TV, the global television network, which is distributed on cable and satellite, is very very different online., launched in October, is starting to get traction as site built around consumer generated videos, text commentary, citizen reporting and photos. The most recent Nielsen Online numbers but monthly uniques at 412,000 for February.
Running time: 270 seconds


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