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Patrick Keane on Associated Content's Rise in Content Contributors
Associated Content has some 350,000 contributors uploading millions of articles and videos and is growing quickly, according to Patrick Keane, CEO in this interview with Beet.TV Associated Content is among the first of the so called "content farm" companies which assign, pay for original, "pro-sumer" reporting on a mass scale. Recently we reported on Demand Media, another company which is making considerable progress in this area. Also entering this space is AOL.
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Comcast's thePlatform Dominates Online Video for Cable Operators
Adding another notch to its cable customer belt, online video technology firm thePlatform inked a deal to power broadband video for Rogers Cable. The company's VP of marketing Marty Roberts told us thePlatform now delivers online video for five of the seven largest cable operators including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and Cablevision. thePlatform is owned by Comcast.
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Chase Norlin on Alphabird's Video Syndication Services
New online video syndication service Alphabird recently inked a deal with Fremantle to push out the studio's new branded entertainment series, the company's CEO Chase Norlin told me last week at ad:tech San Francisco. San Francisco-based Alphabird follows a different model than other syndication services because its focus is on syndicating via editorial placements, Norlin said. That means Alphabird reaches out to popular blogs and Web sites to earn video placements, rather than by simply pu
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Ethan Beard Says Facebook is the Ultimate Viral Video Tool
Facebook has become the "ultimate tool for achieving viral distribution," says Ethan Beard, the director of the Facebook developer network in this interview with Beet.TV. Beyond the video traffic emanating from simple viral sharing among members, media partners including TVGuide and ABC Television are adding new features to help spread video more easily across Facebook and Facebook Connect, he explained in the second of our three-part interview with him.
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Cisco Gearing up for Demand for 3D Video over IP
Cisco's Ken Morse talks about Cisco's preparation for the introduction of 3D streaming over IP,
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How Earned Media is Providing Value to Brand Marketers
Brands that are having some of the greatest success in online video are aggressively pairing their video campaigns with earned media, said Brian Shin, the CEO of online video measurement firm Visible Measures.We caught up with him at ad:tech San Francisco where he discussed how the top performing video advertisers are leveraging both paid and earned media. Visible Measures tracks the most popular brand-led video campaigns each week for Ad Age magazine. "They
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Ethan Beard on Facebook Connect Implementation
Facebook has 80,000 sites using Facebook Connect, according to Ethan Beard, who heads up the company's developer network. The most popular implementation for Facebook Connect is around gaming, citing the massive success of Farmville.
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ShareThrough Aims to be the Adwords of Web Video
ShareThrough's Dan Greenberg talks about the way that ShareThrough works to get viewer engagement.
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Social Video Startup Vpype Integrates with Facebook for Personal Videos
A year after its founding, social video startup Vpype launched one of its first applications in partnership with Facebook. Since social video is an area that's bubbling up in attention, I traveled to the company's offices in Milpitas, Calif. for an interview with the CEO Shoieb Yunus. Yunus explained how Facebook's 350 million users can quickly tap into the live broadcast video capabilities of Vpype to send personal video greetings to friends, to create live and interactive shows online.
Running time: 346 seconds
Ooyala Enhances Reporting and Analytics
Ooyala, the Mountain View, California based online video platform services company introduced a new set of reporting and analytics tools including highly localized reporting.Last month at Streaming Media East, we caught up with co-founder Bismarck Lepe for this update on developments with the iPad and HTML5.For an overview on the new analytics offering at Ooyala.
Running time: 120 seconds
Ooyala Integrates YouTube Clips into Its Publishing Platform
Ooyala, the Mountain View-based online video services company, founded by several ex-Googlers, is providing customers the ability to publish YouTube clips into the publishing system and on an Ooyala player. By using the Ooyala player, publishers can track metrics of how the clip performs on their sites.
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Jennifer Crandell on the Washington Post Video Interactivity
We are huge fans of the Washington Post's innovative use of online video. The paper has been on the forefront of the industry's use of online video. One of the most celebrated series has been OnBeing, a series of simple, three minute profiles of non-celebrities with interesting stories, simply shot. It's about building an online community of people who don't usually make the news but have fascinating stories to tell said Ju-Don Roberts,
Running time: 117 seconds
Video Ad Technology Firm FreeWheel Gets New Funding
Last week, the San Francisco-based, video ad solution provider FreeWheel, announced an additional venture round of $16.8 million from venture and institutional investors including the venture units of Time Warner and Disney.We caught up with CEO Doug Knopper last week at Will Richmond's video event for this interview.
Running time: 201 seconds
KickApps Synchs with Adobe for Open Source Flash Video Player
As the HTML 5 versus Flash debate rages on, the yeoman's Web work being done by many media companies still relies on Flash-powered video. Take for example KickApps and its new partnership. For more, here is Alex Blum from KickApps.
Running time: 265 seconds
Adobe Flash Video to Have Metadata in Workflow
In what could be a watershed event for online video, Adobe Systems, the developer of the ubiquitous Flash video ecosystem, will introduce voice-to-text functionality into the workflow of Flash video production soon. Jim Guerard, who heads all rich media at Adobe, says in this exclusive video clip, that we will see this functionality later this year. This has huge implications for the monetization of online video as advertisers can match ads with videos effectively.
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NBC and Huffington Post to Launch New York Sites
NBC's local media division plans to relaunch its local broadcast Web sites this summer. Separately, we have learned that the Huffington Post is expanding its local strategy. Having established its first local site in Chicago. The New York site will launch in June, Beet.TV has learned.NBC rolled out new sites for its 10-owned stations starting last fall and now will give all those sites an additional face lift in the coming months to add social media features.
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MDialog Video Platform Delivers Content to iPhone, Apple TV
New jack-of-all-trades video platform mDialog lets users upload, share and watch user-generated and professional content online, on Apple TV, and on their iPhones. With the number of video sites on the web, it's nearly impossible for a newcomer to stand out, but mDialog manged. It's launched a legitimate iPhone application that was available in time for the launch of the iPhone 3G, CEO Greg Philpott says. mDialog uses the same MPEG-4 H.264 video standard as Apple.
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Pando Has P2P Distribution for Major Game Publishers
Pando Networks, the New York-based peer-to-peer platform, which is working with broadcasters including NBC, is working with major game publishers to distribute big files as big as 6GB. Pando is working with Acclaim, Turbine and others to distribute a number of titles, according to Robert Levitan, CEO and founder of Pando in this video interview.We spoke with Robert earlier this week in Madison Park near our Manhattan offices. He told us the Pando P2P client has 30 million installs.
Running time: 180 seconds
Online Video Platform Twistage Gains Traction with Enterprise Customers
New York-based online video platform company Twistage has been gaining traction in addressing the needs of companies' internal "enterprise" needs for online video management.It is providing services to companies including Jive Software, BMC and several others.The company launched in 2006 and has raised $3 million, according to CEO David Wadler.I spoke with Wadler back in May at the Streaming Media East conference about developments at the company.
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Braxton Jarratt on Clearleap Cable IPTV Services
While much of the industry's attention was on yesterday's announcement of Google TV, a small Georgia based company has been making considerable progress in bringing IPTV to the living room. One year after launching its Web-to-TV technology, Clearleap is now delivering content and services to more than 10 million video subscribers via deals with half of the top ten cable and TV operators in the United States, the company's CEO Braxton Jarratt told us during an interview.
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TechCrunch's Leena Rao on Commerce on Facebook
Facebook is inevitably moving towards becoming a major e-commerce destination, says Leena Rao, a reporter with TechCrunch.While many marketers are using Facebook, Zynga and other social sites as branding platforms -- and others or dispensing virtual payments, Facebook will become a a place where goods and services are bought and sold.
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Analyst David Hallerman on the Future of Online Advertising
Earlier this month eMarketer released a report by senior analyst David Hallerman on the the future of online advertising. Last week, David sat down with Beet.TV's Kate Lyon. He explained the promise and power of video advertising. He says that while paid search will be the biggest growth sector next year, the appeal of search is limited, that it's essentially a direct marketing tool. He says that video is much more emotional - we agree.
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Break Media Study Shows that Video Advertising Works
The vast majority of online video viewers are watching pre-roll and overlay ads, a study released today by Break Media and Panache shows. Completion rates for 15-second pre-roll ads were 87 percent, and 77 percent viewed campaigns with overlay ads for at least 15 seconds. Break Media used's monthly audience of 17 million 18-34-year old men as guinea pigs for the 11-week study, and advertisers Honda, T-Mobile, and truTV ran the test campaigns. The three advertisers chosen represent
Running time: 181 seconds
New York Times Launches a New Social Platform for Readers
The New York Times has just launched the public beta of TimesPeople, a social networking platform for visitors to the site who want to share and recommend content. In addition to sharing within the Times site, the program allows users to push recommendations to Facebook, the iPhone and other platforms.To find out about TimesPeople,
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TechCrunch's MG Siegler on the Facebook Privacy Uproar
MG Siegler, a reporter for TechCrunch, who follows Facebook closely, says that sources tell him that Facebook's much anticipated location-based functionality has been put on hold for now, a result of the recent uproar over breaches of privacy protocol at the giant social media site.I caught up with MG on Sunday afternoon in Manhattan at the downtown location of the TechCrunch Disrupt conference.MG Not Ditching his iPhoneMG, aka
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