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How Cisco Eos Saves Media Companies 50% of Tech Costs
Some media companies are spending in excess of 100 percent of digital revenue on site development, management and hosting, says Cisco's Scott Brown who spoke with Beet.TV. Cisco's aims to capitalize on this inefficiency and save publishers as much as 60 percent of technology costs with a hosted solution called Eos. Launched earlier this year, the company's biggest customer is Warner Music, which launched a series of artist sites this summer.
Running time: 316 seconds
Mark Zuckerberg, Sarah Lacy interview
Caroline McCarthy, who covers social media for CNET is at SXSW, the giant Web/music/digital conference in Austin. I interviewed her yesterday from my office in New York. I asked her questions on her mobile phone and she replied via a live Mogulus connection.
Running time: 477 seconds
Translate Foreign Facebook Posts
Feel left out of the loop when your overseas friends start conversing in a foreign language? On today's Tekzilla Daily, Patrick introduces you to Facebook Translate, which lets you decipher those comments with a single click.
Running time: 81 seconds
Default YouTube to HD
Do you find yourself constantly switching to a higher resolution to view YouTube videos? AutoHD does that for you automatically, and Patrick shows you how it works on today's Tekzilla Daily.
Running time: 90 seconds
Apps and Websites to Help You Save on Travel
Mike Agerbo talks with Claire Newell about some travel tips you can use when you're away from home. Tips on how to get a cheaper flight fare, choose your seat on the plane, or even get a cab.
Running time: 280 seconds
Eric Schmidt Explains Google's Culture of Yes
Economist Club of Washington with Google CEO Eric Schmidt.Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google Inc. shares insights about "The Future of the Internet: Engine for Economic Growth" at the June meeting of the Economic Club of Washington. In this segment he talks about Google's company culture and how it motivates its personnel.
Running time: 262 seconds
Uploading and Sharing Photos on Flickr
Mike Agerbo shows us how to use Flickr to upload and share your photos. It's also a good way to back up and organize all of your photos using tagging, privacy settings, and sharing options.
Running time: 230 seconds
SundaySky Will Create 1.4 Million Video Clips in January
SundaySky, Tel Aviv/New York-based start-up with 50 employees, with no video camera or production staff, will produce 1.4 million video clips this month for a range of big retail and real estate corporate customers including and the History Channel. The company pulls customer data into a customized template which creates videos with movement, music, narration and graphics and video.
Running time: 309 seconds
Bobby Tulsiani on the Forrester Report on Online Video
Forrester senior analyst has just published a comparative study of six online video platform service providers.
Running time: 512 seconds
Microsoft's Craig Mundie on Making Computers Humanistic
Craig Mundie, Microsoft's Chief Research and Strategy Officer, says the industry is on the "cusp" of making computing more "humanistic." To demonstrate where this may be going, he shares a video of a prototype of a robotic receptionist at work at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond.Mundie showed this video during his keynote address at the Technology Review EmTech08 on the MIT campus last month. I interviewed him immediately after his presentation. We have excerpted segments of "Laura" the
Running time: 144 seconds
How a Cancer Survivor Started the Warriors Wear Pink Blog
In order to help millions of Pink Warriors, their families, and friends...we need your help! Warriors Wear Pink wants to be there before, during, and after a breast cancer diagnosis so that no Warrior has to walk down that Pink Path alone. Nobody should have to sit through a mammogram alone, hear the news "You have cancer" alone, or have your port tapped into for your first round of Chemo...alone. That will not happen with Warriors Wear Pink.
Running time: 223 seconds
Josh Tryangiel on Video Redesign relaunched its video pages today, with a larger/HD player, integration with social media and video sorting under "most popular," "this week," and other categories. To get an overview on the new video functionality, we visited managing editor Josh Tryangiel for this overview on the redesign. The site is powered by Brightcove, with much of the public interface created in-house at
Running time: 181 seconds
Early TV Everywhere Data Finds Consumers Tolerate More Ads Online
Consumers will tolerate more ads and stay tuned into online TV when networks up the ad load, according to data I came across during my reporting on Comcast's TV Everywhere.Executives at sister networks History Channel and A&E tell me that when they increased the number of ads in full-length episodes of their shows by 20% in the early TV Everywhere roll-outs, viewers still watched the episodes to completion by the same amount. That means the increased ad load isn't turning viewers off.
Running time: 138 seconds
Josh Tyrangiel on's Video Strategy has been building out its video library with a clear goal in mind: taking people to places they can't go without the video. That's what the site's managing editor Josh Tyrangiel told Beet.TV in an exclusive interview earlier this month about how he journalistically approaches online video.Journalists should keep "story diagnostics" in mind when planning a video piece and make sure the video enhances the story, such as this investigation on Mexican prison overcrowding."It's a differ
Running time: 106 seconds
Kaleil Isaza Tuzman on Kit Digital's Video Services
Kit Digital, the Prague-based video services company, has over 1100 customers around the world, has recently reported $47 million in annual revenue and is growing organically and through acquisitions including the Feedroom and last month's $14 million purchase of Multicast. Last week, we sat down with Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, chairman and CEO for an update. He calls the company "the biggest video enablement company you probably never heard of." Kit purchased Roo in 2008 and later went public.
Running time: 268 seconds
Hunter Walk on YouTube's Move to 1080p Format
The much blogged about introduction of a higher quality playback experience at YouTube, using a 1080p shoebox sized player, was done in part to accommodate the emergence of pre-roll video advertising on the giant site. In a related announcement this week, YouTube said it would start an experiment with pre-roll ads, providing users with the option to not see the ads. The quality and format of the YouTube player has been an issue for advertisers who want to present high quality.
Running time: 231 seconds
Howcast Finds Traction with Sponsored Content
Howcast, a New York-based online video content and syndication company which makes short "how to" videos, is finding traction with branded content created for sponsors. Today the company announced a campaign with 1-800 Flowers. Howcast cast is producing branded instruction video for several companies including Kodak and will soon produce a series for GE, the New York Times reported earlier this month. TechCrunch reported last month that Howcast is streaming 25 million videos per month.
Running time: 231 seconds
Charlie Tillinghast on the Benefits of's Video Transcripts
The transcription of the voice track of video has proven to be a big value to publishers by making video more searchable. Now, transcriptions are a making video editing more effective and scalable, explains Charles Tillinghast, President and Publisher of A number of technologies are being used by to automatically transcribe and organize raw video and creates associated transcripts as part of the production flow.
Running time: 327 seconds
Break Media Launches a Proprietary Ad Server
Break Media, the fast growing network of young man-oriented Web sites, today announced the launch of its proprietary online video ad server which is called Apex. Late last year, I sat down with Break's CEO Keith Richman for this chat about the company's advertising and syndication strategy.
Running time: 348 seconds
Jeremy Allaire on Brightcove's Rich Features for Mobile Applications
Brightcove, the video platform services company, which has established a reputation for providing video services for big publishers and business enterprises, is launching a slimmed down version of its solution, which is priced at $99 per month.
Running time: 589 seconds
Iain Blaine on the History of Comcast's thePlatform
Seattle's thePlatform, a high-end online video services provider to cable and broadcasters, is aiming its sites on a broader range of customers with today's announcement of a new publishing system.
Running time: 310 seconds
Comcast to Debut Online Video for Cable Subscribers
Comcast, the nation's biggest cable system, will launch an online offering of its television service to 15 million Comcast "double play" subscribers next month, Comcast's Interactive Media President Amy Banse told Beet.TV's Daisy Whitney in this video interview. While the December introduction had been widely anticipated and was announced last week, the scale of the offering has not been widely discussed. Comcast will offer subscribers of the double play service.
Running time: 177 seconds
Sean Morgan on Syndicastor's Video Publishing Offerings
Syndicastor is helping some 80 broadcast news operations create some 30,000 online clips per month. Clips are made available to the station's sites and various video sites including AOL, YouTube and Brightcove. Syndicastor's most recent client win is Univision, we have learned. Today YouTube and Univision announced the launch of a YouTube channel. The integration of syndicastor and YouTube and Brightcove was reported last April in TechCrunch.
Running time: 136 seconds
NFL Ups its Digital Game with Mobile Streaming
Though it only has two years of online video availability under its belt, the NFL is hot on the trail of new media opportunities. That's what the league's Laura Goldberg told Beet.TV at the NewTeeVee Live event in San Francisco last week. She's the general manager of and she said the league is particularly keen on mobile opportunities for its games. "We are trying to find more and more ways to offer the games online and mobile is becoming more and more important," Goldberg said. Cu
Running time: 219 seconds
Anthony Soohoo on CBS's Premium Service, the big online entertainment television portal owned by CBS, derives revenue from sponsorships and advertising sales but could implement a premium, paid model in the future, Anthony Soohoo, SVP at CBS Interactive, told me this week. Nothing is imminent on a paid offering for, but technology is making it more feasible, he says in this interview. CBS has been syndicating and promoting its video properties widely, including a popular channel on YouTube.
Running time: 111 seconds


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