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How to Make Successful Online News Sites
Chris Tolles talks about how to make your online content successful in the web world.
Running time: 73 seconds
VideoEgg Creates Ad Platform for Publishers
VideoEgg, the pioneering video sharing site which has raised $30 million including the most recent round of $15 million, has signed agreements with major publishers to power online video advertising operations and sales, Beet.TV has learned. Unlike Brightcove, Maven and ROO, which provide full video publishing solutions to big publishers, VideoEgg's new program only involves advertising management, technology and sales - not encoding, hosting, players, etc.
Running time: 213 seconds
Multiplatform Strategy is Key for Independent Content
Mike Hudack, the co-founder of Blip.TV came by the Beet.TV studio last week to talk about strategies for creating successful online video programming. He gives a good overview of the roots of video blogging as an outgrowth of audio podcasting. He says it's essential to publish content on many platforms, not just streaming Flash. Mike also gives a good pitch for Blip.TV. We think it's a very good service and we are pleased to have the Blip.TV player right here on the purple channel.
Running time: 177 seconds
Michael Talks About Monetizing Content Online
The adult entertainment, long on the leading edge of cable and Web pay-per-view, will enter the world of 3-D video soon in the home.
Running time: 208 seconds
Media Download at SXSW
Here is Daisy Whitney, reporter for TV Week interviewing Joseph Weisenthal of paidContent about the fun and frustration of covering SXSW.
Running time: 578 seconds
Delve Media Helps Ease Online Video Management
Delve Media, a new Seattle-based video management and sharing company, has just landed Pitchfork Media, a popular independent music site. I interviewed Alex Castro, founder and CEO of Delve, at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable earlier this month. Alex explains the value of Delve in a field with other big competitors.
Running time: 99 seconds
Adap.TV Lets Publishers Serve Video Ads Through Display Ad Services
Ad delivery platform Adap.TV OneSource now allows publishers to serve video ads using DoubleClick DART and Microsoft Atlas Ad Manager, the company announced today. OneSource, which allows publishers to serve ads from multiple sources, can connect any ad server to its platform and extend its capability to video, CEO Amir Ashkenazi told me in an interview after the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable last week.By using an existing display ad servers for video, publishers don't have to spend hundreds.
Running time: 152 seconds
Hollywood Blockbuster: Bebo Has One Billion Videos Views Per Month!
LOS ANGELES -- Bebo, the fast growing social network which was sold recently to AOL for $850 million, is driving an extraordinary amount of video consumption. Ziv Navoth, Vice President, told Beet.TV that Bebo is driving one billion videos views a month. Bebo doesn't require that publishers use its video player. It provides an open platform which accommodates many players. So, it doesn't host or serve these videos. The company is also distributing and producing original content. KateModer
Running time: 231 seconds
CNET's Chow Plan to Publish User- Generated Videos
Earlier this month, I caught up with CNET's Chow food editor Aida Mollenkamp in Manhattan's Union Square Park. She was in town with her boss Jane Goldman to tell us about plans to publish user-generated videos of recipes and restaurant reviews on the site in the new year. Aida shares some excellent holiday entertaining tips and recipes for beets. She said that borcht (a beet soup) is a great hangover cure.
Running time: 107 seconds
Online Advertising as Entertainment
Amazing but true, folks are watching advertising on their PC's as a form of entertainment, according to today's advertising column by Stuart Elliott. Stuart's article is about and the emerging trend of consumer opting to watch ads and branded video on the web. Viewers will watch commercials for fun and their own benefit, expects Barry Soicher of AdPerk, the new advertising network.
Running time: 158 seconds
The Advantages of Online Journalism
Online video is both hugely different from television and brings more value to TV, Anchor Poppy Harlow told Beet.TV earlier this month.One of the main anchor's for the site and a rising journalism star, Ms. Harlow helms much of the site's daily video coverage. The more flexible medium of the Web has its advantages, she told us. "We put 20 to 30 minute interviews with executive and lawmakers on the site," she said, referencing an interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt.
Running time: 120 seconds
Ooyala Readies Licensing Scheme for Web Video Syndication
Bismarack Lepe talks about Ooyala - about the meaning behind it's name and innovative technology that drives it.
Running time: 329 seconds
Microsoft Readies Online Video Smooth Streaming
Regardless of how fast your broadband connection is, Microsoft plans to deliver consistently high "smooth streaming" of the Winder Olympics with adaptive streaming technology, a system that delivers video tailored to the connection speed and CPU power of the end user. NBC Sports is using Microsoft's Silverlight to stream the Vancouver Games.
Running time: 147 seconds
Monitor Social Chatter with "Networked Insights"
Whether you liked the ending of "Lost" or not, the just-ended TV show has generated more buzz than any other show in the social media sphere. These are the trends and many others that Dan Neely's company keep track of.
Running time: 130 seconds
60 Second Video Pitch on TechCruch
Getting covered on TechCrunch, the hugely influential blog about technology, media and innovation, which is among the most desired and toughest media outlooks to crack, has just gotten much easier with its new video upload page for company pitches. OK, sure, it's not like an interview with Michael Arrington, but the the video pitches are uploaded to the site where they are indexed and maximized for search.
Running time: 182 seconds
Web Video Pioneer Zadi Diaz on New Economic Reality
Zadi Diaz is one of the innovators in creating original online video for the Web. She has recently linked up with NextNewNetworks, but is relying on consulting and other income to keep moving along.We interviewed her at SXSW.
Running time: 123 seconds
Google Now and the Future
Here is the third part of Kelsey's interview with Google VP Marissa Mayer and the state of Google.
Running time: 189 seconds
MTV Leading the Way in Consumer Generated Vlogs
MTV is breaking some important ground by empowering individuals to create personalized video blogs within the MTV Network. It's called "The Pod, Broadcast Yourself." The video upload is processed through VideoEgg and the content management system used by MTV is from iUpload, an 8-year old content management systems business in Toronto. We spoke with iUpload CEO Robin Hopper at the Beet.TV studios. We think that it is very cool that software applications can be used to grow and manage networks.
Running time: 105 seconds
Online Advertising Rates on Select Videos
Revver, the Los Angeles-based video sharing/advertising network, is charging advertisers as much as $35 per thousand views of certain videos.While some videos get just a $3 CPM, this higher number is a very positive indication of a advertisers willing to pay high rates surrounding quality, independently produced video. Revver, splits the revenue 50/50 with the content creator. I interviewed Revver's Angela Gyetvan at the NewTeeVee conference in San Francisco.
Running time: 211 seconds
The Progression of Mashable
LOS ANGELES -- It is amazing how , Pete Cashmore started Mashable from his home in Scotland at the age of 19, just three years ago, to create one of the most widely read blog about technology and social media. It is among the top 10 most influential blogs in the world. Pete recently moved to San Francisco and is hiring reporters to cover technology and other industries.Pete says Mashable has been cashflow positive since he launched and has not had the need to raise venture money.
Running time: 284 seconds
Simplicity of Posting Videos to a Blog Platform
Earlier this month, I sat down with Anil Dash, the chief evangelist for Six Apart, the world's biggest blog software company. They develop and run TypePad, Movable Type, Vox and LiveJournal. Anil is one of the top thought leaders in the field. He explains the simplicity and value of posting videos to a blog platform.
Running time: 101 seconds
Security Problems on P2P Networks
Beet.TV has learned from a high-level industry source that the deployment of Joost has been delayed in large part by issues related to firewalls that block access. The problem with firewalls is not new, it's been discussed for sometime on Joost forums, but the roadblock highlights concerns about accessing P2P networks. This includes all sorts of organizations, businesses and college networks.While Joost is surely not a "Limewire" or some unsecured P2P protocol, it seems to be facing problems.
Running time: 181 seconds
Brightcove Announces Support for Android Mobile Web Devices
CAMBRIDGE, Mass (via Skype Video) Brightcove, the big online video services company, has released a comprehensive solution for Android devices for the mobile Web and for native Apps.The introduction follows Brightcove's support for the Apple mobile devices follows its introduction of support for the Apple mobile devices. More publishers are using native Apps to deliver video including the Financial Times, a Brightcove customer, and entertainers including Taylor Swift.
Running time: 229 seconds Video Operations Are Profitable
Guided by a focus on what today's business headlines mean to jobs, savings, and homes, has been profitable with video since it began video operations more than a year ago, Chris Peacock, the site's VP and editor told Beet.TV in a recent interview. The site itself launched in 2006 with video following in early 2008. "We started video operations as a pure startup in Janaury last year and out of the gate it was profitable right away because we recognized there was an audience.
Running time: 315 seconds
How the election Was Reported Online
Tonight's election results will be the first time election results will be widely consumed on both television sets and computers, says NBC VP of Digital Media Mark Lukasiewicz, who spoke with me earlier today outside of the NBC News/MSNBC studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Mark explains the range of information on both the big screen and online. For the increasing number of consumers who consume videos only on their computers, MSNBC will be streaming its live network.
Running time: 297 seconds


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