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Chris Hughes Talks About Social Networking
The Wall Street Journal says today that Facebook is in serious negotiations to sell to Yahoo! for somewhere around $1 billion. The paper reports that the start-up has also been in talks with Microsoft and Viacom. Here Beet.TV caught up with Chris Hughs to talk about social media and the success of Facebook.
Running time: 525 seconds
Esther Dyson is Blogging for Huffington Post
Esther Dyson, one of the most insightful observers of technology, has just started to blog for the Huffington Post. More than just an observer, she has had a profound effect on the evolution of the Internet as a past chairman of ICANN, the organization that manages the world's Internet domains. She was editor of the tech insider bible Release 1.0, a paid newsletter. She was the longtime organizer of PC Forum, the super exclusive technology summit.
Running time: 166 seconds
Google Earth Satellite Launched
Here is annimation of how the GeoEye satellite which launched on September 6. You will see the launch and image gathering.
Running time: 256 seconds
Kontiki's Investment and Future Opportunities
Kontiki, one of the first peer-to-peer distribution companies, has been sold by parent VeriSign as part of a broad and anticipated corporate divestiture. Yesterday in Hollywood I caught up with Bill Wishon who heads marketing for Kontiki. He spoke about the new investor and the opportunities ahead. He says that traditional content delivery networks (CDN's) can only handle a fraction of where online video is going.
Running time: 158 seconds
Lindsay Campbell on the Pressure of Online Programming
Here is Daisy Whitney, correspondent for TV Week interviewing Lindsay Campbell of Wallstrip fame on her new CBS online show called Moblogic and the pressure entailed in making another hit show.
Running time: 522 seconds
Taboola's Cookies Increases Views for The New York Times
Taboola is not a Middle Eastern grain dish, but an Israeli start-up which provides a solution to surface recommended videos for visitors to, HowCast, 5min, Demand Media the NBA and now on The New York New York Times.The company has placed cookies on some 50 million unique users and has built profiles around individual viewing interests. With this large database, the company can provide publishers with a highly targeted list of recommended videos.
Running time: 587 seconds
The Internet is Becoming More Visual
Irving Wladawsky-Berger has just retired as IBM's chief strategist. He is now a visiting professor at MIT. I caught up with him last week at the AlwaysOn conference at Stanford were he was on a panel about virtual worlds. He is believes the virtual world is far more than a fleeting trend. He sees it as the promise of the Internet, far more visual and easy for humans to interact with. He sees video becoming more prevalent in these worlds.
Running time: 137 seconds
Changes in the Economics of Content Development
Jon Fine, the highly influential media and advertising columnist for BusinessWeek dropped by the Beet.TV studios earlier this week to share his thoughts on the vast changes in the economics of content development. Jon is a rock musician. He reflects on the change of costs for record production and promotion and relates how those economics of scale can now transform other forms of media. And he has a word of caution to mainstream media.
Running time: 200 seconds
The Future for EQUAL
The co-producers of lonelygirl15, Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried, have raised $5 million in venture funding, moved into their new offices, just got their computers this week and are hiring. The funding was announced last month. The new company is called EQAL. I caught up with Miles and Greg on Monday night at a reception for Digital Hollywood. They talked about the success of lonelygirl15 and the British spin-off KateModern.
Running time: 346 seconds
The Role of iWidgets on Social Media Sites
Video consumption is becoming less of destination scenario, many of us are watching videos on social networks, so widgets are increasingly important. At the Beet.TV Online Video Rountable I interviewed Peter Yared, CEO and founder of San Francisco-based iWidgets Peter explains the company's strategy and the work it is doing for CBS Interactive and others.
Running time: 121 seconds's Ad Revenue Growth has grown ad revenues for the fiscal year that just ended in June and is attracting advertisers in a range of categories, the site's President Charlie Tillinghast told Beet.TV in an exclusive interview earlier this month."We have grown tremendously over the last year. Advertising in the display sector is still suffering, but we are seeing a changing mix in our advertising," he explained. He added that some categories are rising, while others are falling.
Running time: 210 seconds
Daisy Whitney Interviews Lindsay Campbell
Here is Daisy interviewing Lindsay Campbell about her new show which cultivates the logic of people on the web.
Running time: 522 seconds
Harry Medved on Fandango's Movie Ticket Sales on Mobile Apps
Fandango, the Comcast unit which sells tickets online and via mobile for movie theater showings, is finding that as many as 10 percent of ticket sales are purchase via its mobile APP, says Fandango's Harry Medved in this interview with Beet.TV
Running time: 190 seconds
AOL's Truveo Launches New Video Destination Page
I was in San Francisco on Monday afternoon to meet with video search pioneer Timothy Tuttle to get a preview of a very impressive new video destination site from AOL's Truveo unit. It's based on the search and categorization platform developed Truveo a company founded by Tim in 2004 and acquired by AOL last year.The site went live late last night. Truveo has largely been a back-end search platform for AOL, Microsoft and hundreds of other companies.
Running time: 96 seconds
Online Publishers Getting Creative in the Downturn
Reports out today on the downturn in online advertising for Q1 must not come as surprise to most publishers. Seeking new a form of revenue and presenting the industry is developing new forms of display advertising. On Monday here in New York, at the ContentNext conference, I interviewed Pam Moran president of the Online Publishers Association.
Running time: 191 seconds is Implemented on Boxee has been integrated into Boxee, explains Blip's CEO Mike Hudack.
Running time: 209 seconds
Microsoft's Siliverlight Video Player
Microsoft's Silverlight rich media platform, which will power online video for NBC Sports Olympics coverage, will have a number of DVR-type functionalities and will offer bloggers and others the opportunity to grab the embed code of certain videos. NBC is not permitting the sharing of competition clips but of the "color," personality, feature video coverage of the Olympics. We spoke with Microsoft's Jason Suess about the implementation of Silverlight for the Olympics.
Running time: 216 seconds
Motionbox’s New Tagging for Video Scenes
You should check out Motionbox. It's a new site for video uploads and sharing. The clips are an interesting mix of content; some cool independent filmmakers and lots of funky videos uploaded from mobile devices. What is unique about the site is that it allows uploaded video to be cataloged by scene. For example, you can upload your hour-long beach vacation and create an index to specific scenes so your friends don't have to sit through the whole thing to find the sunset.
Running time: 250 seconds
Veotag Creates Easier Online Indexing
There is so much video out there but it's hard find which is useful. Companies from the large video sharing sites to new search start-ups are making video easier to find. It's a critical area for development for our industry. Veotag has developed a technology to index videos, meaning a tool to create distinct sections of a specific video which are then defined as "chapters" with a url. The company is providing this tool to institutions and marketers.
Running time: 180 seconds
Tweegee Debuts at TechCrunch Conference
Tweegee is one of the TechCrunch 50 companies. Kelsey interviewed CEO Shay Bloch on Monday. Here's what Josh Lowensohn of CNET wrote about the new start-up:Tweegee is a virtual world that mixes e-mail, personal organization, and Flash gaming. It centers on an anime-like avatar that users build part by part. Likewise they can use a similar building tool to make their own hosted site that comes ready-made with templates based on what the kids are interested in.
Running time: 145 seconds
Richard Edger on iPad Subscriptions to the Financial Times
The Financial Times is enjoying a big rise in digital revenue, the publisher announced on Friday. As much as 10 percent of new digital subscriptions are coming from iPad users alone, says Richard Edger, Global Head of Video for the paper, in this video interview with Beet.TV
Running time: 216 seconds
Jaman Distributes international films online
The online movie distribution company Jaman has made a niche for itself in the online film distribution market, focusing on indie and international films rather than big Hollywood hits. The site offers 3,500 films - the kind that do well at film festivals, like The World's Fastest Indian and Redacted. Films can usually be rented for $1.99 or purchased for $4.99, and some can be watched for free with ads.
Running time: 254 seconds
YouTube Expanding Partner Program for Musicians
YouTube is making a big push to pull musicians to YouTube to help them build audiences and monetize their videos. We caught up with YouTube's Sara Pollack this weekend in Austin at SXSW for this update. The program is titled "Musicians Wanted."
Running time: 105 seconds
Vpype's Integration on Facebook
With social media usage across Facebook, Twitter, and niche social sites continuing to climb, it's inevitable that a number of start-ups will emerge to piggyback on the opportunity. One such company aiming for a role in the social video world is the startup Vpype. I visited the company's offices and sat down with both the CEO, Shoeib Yunus, and the company's chief marketing officer, Arnold Waldstein. Waldstein focused on the role Vpype expects social videos to play.
Running time: 240 seconds
Adobe Plans Growth in Web Services Business
Adobe, known principally as a software company, is building an expanding Web services business according Bill Ruzitsky, who heads business alliances at Adobe. He says the services business is in its "infancy" but will grow. Among the sites are and its biggest, Scene7.
Running time: 151 seconds


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