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CNN Launches Consumer Generated News Site
Long providing an opportunity for viewers to send in videos, text messages, camera phone videos, comments and photos through an area called iReport, has launched a true consumer generated news portal. It has its own url as This is completely different from what iReport had been, which had solicited contributed content, then edited it to essentially augment main CNN coverage. The site provides members with the opportunity to upload and share.
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The Influence of Techmeme
Techmeme, the influential aggregator of technology news, has added another "human" element to its engine with Rich DeMuro, a veteran CNET editor who joined Techmeme earlier this year. Rich joins editor Megan McCarthy, the "first human editor" who started early last year. I caught up with Rich last Friday at the paidContent 2010 event in Manhattan. In this interview, he talks about the influence of Techmeme and provides insight on how stories surface on the site.
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Santiago Siri Talks on the Use for Popego
Argentinian start-up Popego brings together a user's digital life in one place, CEO Santiago Siri told me after he presented at TechCrunch50 Tuesday. The site creates interest profiles for users based on their Flickr photos, YouTube videos, blog posts, Twitters, and other digital content to help them find things and people that match their interests. Users input their social network usernames to help Popego get to know them, and can further filter the content by manually changing their interest
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Advertisers Demand Proper Placements
ScanScout, the online video ad network and technology platform, is finding that as advertisers shift more budget online, their demands are rising to assure that their ads show up in appropriate videos. At NAB in this week, Daisy caught up with ScanScout's Jason Krebs for this overview of the emerging need and how ScanScout has been at it for four years.
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Starz to Coincide Gladiator Game Launch and Spartacus Series
With the broadcast of the new Spartacus series on Starz, the Liberty Media unit is launching a big social media game around the television show, says Mark Debevoise, SVP for Digital. The new game launches next week. Debevoise tells Beet.TV that Spartacus show has one million "friends" on Facebook. Our West Coast producer Jeff Brooks spoke with him at CES. Debevoise also speaks about the value of the iPad and other tablets for consuming premium cable programming.
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USC Lab Will Speed Progress Toward Content Transportability
Consumers want access to digital content anytime, anywhere, but it's going to take a lot of brainpower to make that happen. That's why David Wertheimer at the University of Southern California's Entertainment and Technology Center helped establish the Anytime, Anywhere Content Lab to bring innovators together. The AACL will showcase the latest digital equipment to members of content, technology and products industries, highlighting how content currently moves across different platforms.
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CBS Goes Local with 15 Regional Media Portals
CBS has been rapdily expanding its online efforts in several major U.S. markets by integrated its local owned and affiliated television and radio stations into 15 regional portals, says Ezra Kucharz, President of Local Digital Media. We spoke with him at CES earlier this month. He explains how mobile devices, tablets, check-in services and other developments are creating a robust local digital market. Here is the CBS site for Los Angeles and the one for New York. Andy Plesser
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Enterprise Journalism is Not a Commodity
Here's a quick clip of ABC News president David Westin, a panelist at the McGraw Hill Media Summit. He was on a panel exploring the relevance mainstream media in the new media landscape. Yes, he agrees a certain amount of news has become a "commodity." But Westin addresses the value of enterprise reporting and said "there is under supply of original reporting that matters to people.
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New York Times Has Record Visits in October
The Nielsen numbers for online traffic at newspapers, which came out yesterday, show a significant jump in unique visitors to the for October. In reaching 17.5 million unique views, the paper had its best month ever, a Times spokeswoman told me. The numbers are up from 14.6 million in September. I interviewed Vivian Schiller, Senior VP and General Manager of the She attributes a significant part of the increase to the end of the subscription model
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Live Linear Broadcasting on the Internet is Here
Alex Blum was the top broadband strategist at AOL for eight years. He now heads JumpTV, a new company that streams live broadcasts from far flung nations to subscriber's computers. Programming is consumed by many immigrant groups. Alex says true streaming media is here -- that live linear broadcasting over the public Internet is finally viable. The next step for JumpTV is the introduction of social networking functionality.
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Zagat's Restaurant Guide Available on the iPad
Zagat, which has one of the most popular paid iPhone apps, has launched an app for the iPad. Subscribers to the popular iPhone app can use their guide on the iPad at no additional cost. The one-time bundled cost for the app both the iPhone and the iPad is $9.99. The guide is integrated with Google Maps. We were give a demo by Zagat's Ryan Charles last week.
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Abe McCallum Talks About ClikThrough
The idea of clicking on a sweater your favorite TV character is wearing has long been held out as a promised land of interactivity. Now, the two-year-old interactive video startup ClikThrough said its technology is enticing Web users to watch videos longer by giving that very option: The average user clicks at least four times in a video that has ClikThrough-enabled with hotspotting technology.
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Nir Ofrir Explains How Iamnews Works Within the Online News Platform
Conference attendees voted alternative newsroom iamnews the best of the 100-plus companies exhibiting in the TechCrunch50 demo pit, awarding the company People's Choice and the opportunity to present onstage Wednesday as the conference's 52nd start-up. Attendees received three TC50 poker chips when they checked in and could vote for one company in the Demo Pit each day of the conference. Iamnews enables small publishers with limited resources, like bloggers, to collaborate with reporters.
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Web Video Syndicator 5MIN Expands to News
5MIN, the syndicator of "how to" Web videos, is expanding to news, starting with gossip news, says CEO Ran Hanarnevo in this video interview. 5MIN syndicates content from various publishers including Scripps, to sites around the web, using a custom video player which resides on distribution sites and is dynamically updated when new content is published. 5MIN sells ads around these videos and splits revenue with the publisher and the destination site.
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Flash 10.1 is Coming to Smartphones
Brightcove, the big online video services company, will announce today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a solution to bring true Flash video to a number of smart phones. The announcement is part of the big initiative to bring Adobe's Flash 10.1 to mobile phones. The Brightcove videos will run on Google Android, Symbian S60, Palm webOS, Windows Mobile and Research in Motion BlackBerry.
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Mobile Election Video Services
CBS has live video coverage of the election available through Verizon Wireless V CAST, Ethan Dreilinger, Director of CBS Mobile News, told Andy in an interview this afternoon. "It's a much richer experience, and it's more of the experience that you are expecting," he says. "So if you're expecting a video or picture to come to you, we can do that, we can send that to you, if that's what you want. If you just want us to send you a quick snap of information, we can do that as well."
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Online Video Advertising
An online video campaign is attracting 70 percent of new army prospects, Beet.TV has learned. MRM, a digital ad agency owned by Interpublic Group, produced videos for the online Army Strong campaign that highlight and demystify the Army experience. Last week we spoke with MRM New York's Creative Director Michael Jacobs, who heads digital campaigns for the Army, Nikon, and Intel. Army Strong video categories include "What It's Like Being a Soldier," "Army Parents" and "Ways to Serve."
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Shel Israel's Talks About Naked Conversations
I was really pleased to see that "Naked Conversation" has been such a big hit this year. So cool to see that Amazon named it one of the top-ten technology books for the year. It's a really good book for anyone interested in the future of media and communications, and it's great to see all congratulatory notes pouring into the Scobleizer. I had the good fortune to meet Shel Israel at Stanford University this summer. He shared his joy and satisfaction with the book.
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Flash on the iPhone is Not Essential
Flash for the iPhone would be helpful to developers and programmers, but it's not essential in getting the rich interactivity of Flash on the iPhone, says Jeremy Allaire, one of the principal developers of Flash. Allaire, who was CTO of Macromedia, the company that developed Flash and was sold to Adobe, is the founder and CEO of video platform services company Brigthcove. Brightcove recently announced a native iPhone application.
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Zagat Online Questionnaires
Over 30 years ago, Nina and Tim Zagat, two Yale Law School-trained Wall Street lawyers, figured that while critics have a in important take on food and wine, it would be a good plan to source the the opinions of large citizen experts and organize that data into a guide. Today, some 375,000 food and wine lovers in 100 countries participate in the Zagat's Survey, submitting ratings through the Web.
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Get Better "Google Juice" Through Effective Blogging
Here's my second interview with Anil Dash, evangelist for Six Apart, the biggest blog software company. Anil explains something basic and essential: successful blogging brings high search recognition on Google, referred to by some as "Google Juice." Having content that can be found by Google is key to building an audience, influence and business. A blog platform that is dynamic with links and referrals is an effective way to be seen by Google.
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Online Video Ad Market Will Emulate TV
Video advertising in the U.S. only makes up two percent of the online advertising market but will make up 10 percent by 2013 according to eMarketer's August projections, eMarketer analyst David Hallerman told me during a video interview that traditional video advertising, such as pre-roll, will compose a large part of the video ad market over the next few years.
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Ground-Breaking Online Video Program for Authors
Publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster launched today an ambitious program to create and distribute short-form online videos of authors. The videos have been created by TurnHere, the Internet video studio/distribution company based in Emeryville, California. Clips of 40 authors have been produced and many more are planned. The videos have the breezy, informal feel that has become the TurnHere style.
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Zune is a Strategic New Direction from Microsoft
We spoke with Steven Levy today at the offices of Newsweek to get his take on Microsoft's announcement of Zune, the digital music player that goes on sale this holiday season. Far from a "me too" iPod, Steven sees profound implications in this new technology - he says Zune is a strategic new direction from Microsoft -- the development of entirely new platform for content consumption and distribution.
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Pano Athos Talks About the Premise of
Here is Kelsey's interview with Pano Athos, CEO of Boston-based Here's how the TechCrunch editors describe the company: Hangout enables 16-24 year olds to bring off-line, social hangout activities on-line by combining the casual Web with immersive 3D.
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