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Why Soft Skills Matter in Executive Law Jobs
In Chapter 11 of 12 in his 2010 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, legal career adviser James McCormick highlights the importance of soft skills - communication, relationship development, etc. - over time building a law career. Initially McCormick focuses on the importance of these skills leaving a firm culture for an in-house culture. He highlights how softer skills translate into more effective management and sound business practice.
Running time: 184 seconds
How to Assess Risk and Reward When Considering Job Change
In Chapter 10 of 12 in his 2010 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, legal career advisor James McCormick shares his approach to helping clients assess the risks and rewards inherent in making a job change. McCormick prioritizes a strong personal relationship to better understand his clients circumstances and longer term aspirations.
Running time: 174 seconds
How Company Alumni Help Alma Mater Firms Succeed
In Chapter 9 of 12 in his 2010 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, legal career advisor James McCormick shares how professional service company alumni such as those from law firms, can impact company culture after leaving the firm. The alumni fill relationship gaps - advisers, recruiters, partners, clients, customers - that complete the business ecosystem.
Running time: 175 seconds
What Separates a Good Job Candidate from a Great One
In Chapter 12 of 12 in his 2010 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, legal career adviser James McCormick details what separates a good job candidate from an outstanding one. He highlights the cultural and personal fit that complement individual goals and job responsibilities. McCormick highlights one company's outstanding candidate may be another company's less than optimal one.
Running time: 142 seconds
The Tort Reform for Healthcare Lawsuits
Tort reform is a popular call-to-action when it comes to healthcare legislation. In general tort reform in the healthcare arena refers to reducing lawsuits or damages related to medical malpractice. Several states have enacted tort reform. No one argues that frivolous lawsuits need to be eliminated; rather the debate revolves around how much attention needs to be devoted to this issue.
Running time: 170 seconds
Promote Your Business Using Online Outlets
Mike Agerbo shows Joanne how to promote her business on the web. He shows her how to use Google Places in order to list, classify and categorize her business to improve her online presence, and how to utilize Groupon to draw in more people.
Running time: 220 seconds
How Liechtenstein Achieved the Highest Per Capita GDP
Since 1989, H.S.H. Prince Hans-Adam II has reigned in Liechtenstein. Comprising 62 square miles nestled between Austria and Switzerland with a population of about 35,000, Liechtenstein is one of the world's smallest nations -- but has the highest per capita GDP in the world. The head of a family that traces its history back more than 900 years, to the beginning of the second millennium, Prince Hans-Adam is the author of a new book, The State in the Third Millennium.
Running time: 272 seconds
Comparison Shopping in Consumer Stocks
Given a divergence in valuations, stock investors should be discerning shoppers in the consumer sector.
Running time: 309 seconds
J.P. Morgan's Dividend Looks Set to Rise
Morningstar's Jaime Peters thinks the firm's solid fourth-quarter results potentially set the stage for two dividend increases in 2011.
Running time: 248 seconds
Five Firms Leaving the Past Behind
Morningstar markets editor Jeremy Glaser considers the future for AT and T, Sears, for-profit educators, ITT, and automakers.
Running time: 342 seconds
Samsung's David Steel on Consumer Demand Trends
Samsung executive vice president David Steel discusses the resilience of global demand for smartphones, tablets, and televisions.
Running time: 386 seconds
How to Use Your Investment Policy Statement
Morningstar's Christine Benz highlights how an Investment Policy Statement can keep you focused and on track to meet your goals.
Running time: 400 seconds
Understanding Equal Weighting in Standard and Poor's 500
Equal-weighting the Standard and Poor 500 is a more rational way of thinking about exposure, says Rydex's Tony Davidow, while the regular rebalancing discipline adds value over time.
Running time: 287 seconds
Why Intel's Winning Streak Should Continue
Despite Microsoft's move to make Windows work on more competitors' chips, strong corporate spending should power Intel into the future says Morningstar's Andy Ng.
Running time: 233 seconds
Hidden Risks in Your Bond Portfolio for Retirement
Morningstar's Christine Benz sheds some light on potential pitfalls in retiree's fixed-income portfolios.
Running time: 403 seconds
Tips for Buyers and Sellers in a Declining Housing Market
Chris Wragge talks to Jason Cochran, financial expert and blogger at about what sliding prices mean for buyers and sellers.
Running time: 193 seconds
Knowing What Is In Your 401k
It's great to have the help of a financial adviser when planning your portfolio, says Jill Schlesinger. Just make sure that you understand where your money is invested.
Running time: 112 seconds
Ask the Experts on Finance 101
John Rogers, who advises President Obama on improving the country's financial literacy, along with MoneyWatch blogger Dan Kadlec, join Jill Schlesinger to debate the future of financial education for both kids and adults.
Running time: 2029 seconds
Intel Reports Record Profit
More than 1 million PCs are sold everyday, but the industry as a whole is bracing for a decline as tablet computers take an increasingly bigger chunk of business. Plus: TurboTax unveils iPhone app for filing taxes.
Running time: 88 seconds
50 Cent's Questionable Stock Tips
Celebrity tweets as hot investment advice? Jill Schlesinger takes us through 50 Cent's run up on his penny stock holdings.
Running time: 166 seconds
Landmark Day for Madoff Victims
A judge will allow the court-appointed trustee to distribute $7.2 billion in seized assets to the victims. Plus: Banks repossessed more than a million homes last year.
Running time: 89 seconds
Initial Jobless Claims Rise by 35,000
Analysts say claims typically increase in January once the holiday season ends. Plus: U.S. reports $80 billion budget deficit in December - slightly smaller than expected.
Running time: 74 seconds
How to Save on Essentials in 2011
CBS News business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis offers advice on how to save money on essentials like food, gas and home heating - costs that analysts are predicting will rise in 2011.
Running time: 214 seconds
Eric Schmidt Time Travels with Google
Economist Club of Washington with Google CEO Eric Schmidt.Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google Inc. shares insights about "The Future of the Internet: Engine for Economic Growth".
Running time: 240 seconds
China's Labor Market Impact on Australia
The world economy is now characterized by intense international competition for skilled immigrants. At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 21 May, Professor Peter McDonald considered how Australia can recruit the migrants that it needs and what the potential obstacles may be.Peter McDonald is Professor of Demography and Director of the Australian Demographics.
Running time: 164 seconds


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