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A First Look at the Range Rover Evoque
Autoweek News Brake 07.02.2010: A first look at the Range Rover Evoque, wheel time with the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, BMW talks about the Electric City car and a elderly Ohio Man steals over 100 Chevy Corvettes.
Running time: 242 seconds
Renault DeZir Shows Renault New Design Language
Autoweek News Brake 07.06.2010: Renault's DeZir Concept car showcases their new design language, McLaren dealers in America named and some fishermen find 2 submerged cars.
Running time: 225 seconds
Test-Driving the Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid
Autoweek News Brake 07.21.2010: Test-driving the Porsche 911 GT3 R hybrid, the Nissan 370Z roadster, Ford 2011 Explorer online reveal and Economy Cars are less ticketed by a poll survey.
Running time: 225 seconds
2011 Infiniti M37S Car Review
Autoweek takes a closer look at the Infiniti M37S and gives its verdict.
Running time: 153 seconds
Lincoln Offers a Deal on the 2011 MKZ Hybrid
Autoweek News Brake 07.22.2010: Lincoln offers a deal on the 2011 MKZ hybrid, a photo tour of Citroen's success in the WRC, Senate gives incentives to electric cars and cars are able to tweet.
Running time: 221 seconds
Michael Schumacher Vows to Improve
Autoweek News Brake 07.23.2010: Michael Schumacher vows to improve, test-driving the 2010 Ford Flex Limited, Chrysler's 2011 Grand Cherokee surpasses expectations and Baboons get into unlocked cars in Africa.
Running time: 175 seconds
The First Look at the 2011 Ford Explorer
Autoweek News Brake 07.26.2010: The first look at the 2011 Ford Explorer, recapping the Meadow Brook concours and a bear crashes a Toyota corolla,
Running time: 193 seconds
GM Announces Volt Pricing
Autoweek News Brake 07.27.2010: Chevy Volt gets its initial pricing, Automotive X Prize is coming to a end, Audi Unveils the A7 and Seth McFarlane buys a car from back to the Future.
Running time: 180 seconds
The Porsche 918 Spyder Is a Go
Autoweek News Brake 07.28.2010: The Porsche 918 Spyder is a go, an update on Jack Roush's plane crash, BMW 5 Series Recall, BMW Fuel Tank Sensor and Car Town is a Facebook online car application.
Running time: 205 seconds
2011 Ford Explorer Engine Overview
Autoweek reviews with Ford's Jim Holland the engine of the new 2011 Ford Explorer.
Running time: 189 seconds
Nissan Z Owners Head to Nashville
Autoweek News Brake 07.29.2010: Nissan Z owners head to Nashville, the 2011 Shelby GT350 celebrates the original, Jack Roush Condition Update and Nissan Cars help prevent Skin Damage
Running time: 214 seconds
Part I--2011 Ford Explorer an AW Product Profile:

Running time: 232 seconds
We Test-Drive the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG
Autoweek News Brake 07.30.2010: It's been a year since Felipe Massa's F1 accident, We Test-Drive the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, Obama Visits the US Car Manufactures and Jay Leno gets a ticket for driving a steam engined car.
Running time: 220 seconds
Infiniti Shows Us the M35 Prototype
Autoweek News Brake 08.02.2010: Infiniti shows us the M35 prototype, Ford has big plans for its future lineup, Gili motoring from china buys Volvo and Ohio holds a raffle for a horse drawn buggy.
Running time: 265 seconds
Ford Offers You the 5.0 V8
Autoweek News Brake 08.05.2010: Ferrari Opens Up Fiorano for tourists, Ford offers you the 5.0 V8, Hyundai says fleet average fuel economy will be 50 MPG and a car hood that changes colors.
Running time: 196 seconds
PART III--2011 Ford Explorer: an AW Product Profile:

Running time: 241 seconds
Ford Upgrades its Diesel Engine
Autoweek News Brake 08.03.2010: Ford Upgrades its Diesel Engine, IndyCar penalizes Helio Castroneves, Jack Roush's condition improves and Cadillac Escalade is the most stolen car.
Running time: 216 seconds
The 2010 Concours d'Elegance of America at Meadow Brook
Autoweek reviews the 2010 Concours d'Elegance and tells of the amazing cars that were there.
Running time: 261 seconds
Scion considers rear-wheel drive: and GM wind tunnel turns 30: in News Brake for Friday: Aug. 6:
Autoweek News Brake 08.06.2010: Scion considers rear-wheel drive, GM wind tunnel turns 30, Saab Needs a new 9-5 and a cheeseburger with a pickle were found in a gas tank.
Running time: 196 seconds
A Redesigned Corvette is in Chevrolets Future
Autoweek News Brake 08.09.2010: A redesigned Corvette is in Chevrolet's future, we take a look at the M3 coupe, Some interesting wins at this weekends racing news and an interesting lie to tell police officers.
Running time: 213 seconds
The Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 gets a power boost: and Cadillac plans for new flagship: in News Brake for Tuesday: Aug. 10:

Running time: 218 seconds
Lamborghini Considers a Four-Door
Autoweek News Brake 08.11.2010: Lamborghini considers a four-door, we test-drive the 2011 Jaguar XJL Supercharged, Toyota studies show that in some unintended acceleration the brakes were not applied and a woman smears a dirty diaper at a state fair.
Running time: 198 seconds
2011 Mazda 2 Car Review
Autoweek reviews the Mazda 2 Fuel Sipper in this Autoweek review.
Running time: 124 seconds
Ford Improves F-150 Fuel Economy
Autoweek News Brake 08.12.2010: GM dispels Corvette rumors, Ford Improves F-150 Fuel Economy, Mercedes has a GT3 SLS Racer and Men are more common car thieves.
Running time: 232 seconds
Rolling history: The 2010 Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance:
Autoweek is at the Tour d'Elegance that is showcased just before the Pebble Beach show.
Running time: 155 seconds


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