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Lexus Restarts the GX 460
Autoweek News Brake 04.30.2010: GM's payment is OK and Lexus restarts the GX 460.
Running time: 251 seconds
2011 Aston Martin V12 Vantage: an AW Performance Profile:

Running time: 186 seconds
Chevrolet Expands in South Korea
Autoweek News Brake 07.12.2010: Chevrolet expands in South Korea and a test drive of the Porsche Panamera Turbo.
Running time: 220 seconds
Audi Surprisingly Wins at Le Mans
Autoweek News Brake 06.14.2010: Another look at Le Mans, test-driving the 2010 Acura ZDX and P Diddy son's gets his son a Maybach.
Running time: 232 seconds
2010 Aston Martin Rapide Car Review
Natalie Neff reviews the Aston Martin Rapide in this episode of AutoWeek Performance Profile.
Running time: 211 seconds
Racetrack Plans for the Corvette Museum
Autoweek News Brake 04.28.2010: Racetrack plans for the Corvette museum and a test drive of the 2011 Buick Regal.
Running time: 256 seconds
BMW Teases What Might Be An M3
Autoweek News Brake 06.15.2010: The 2011 Volkswagen Jetta is revealed, BMW teases what might be an M3 and a Golden Bugatti Veyron.
Running time: 235 seconds
A Peek Inside General Motors Lutz's Garage
Autoweek News Brake 04.27.2010: A peek inside Lutz's garage and plenty of interest in a green Porsche.
Running time: 352 seconds
2011 BMW X5 Car Review
AutoWeek's Greg Migliore reviews the 2011 BMW X5 in this edition of Auto Week Performance Profile.
Running time: 147 seconds
Testing the 2011 Chevrolet Volt in the Heat
Autoweek News Brake 06.16.2010: Is the V8 Dead? Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Figures, Testing the 2011 Chevrolet Volt in the heat and Dodge Patriotic Commercial.
Running time: 251 seconds
Driving the Ford Fiesta and Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon
Autoweek News Brake 04.26.2010: Driving the Ford Fiesta and Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon.
Running time: 232 seconds
The Ferrari 599XX Sets a Record at the Nurburgring
Autoweek News Brake 04.23.2010: The Ferrari 599XX sets a record at the 'Ring and Ford shows off a new police car.
Running time: 240 seconds
Ford Reveals a Three Cylinder EcoBoost
Autoweek News Brake 07.12.2010: Ford reveals a three-cylinder EcoBoost and Alfa is the key for Fiat.
Running time: 198 seconds
What's Next for Fiat and Chrysler
Autoweek News Brake 04.21.2010: A look at what's next for Fiat and Chrysler: and Alfa Romeo prepares to celebrate 100 years.
Running time: 242 seconds
Audi Focuses on Clean Power and Brand Image
AutoWeek's Dale Jewett interviews Audi of America's Johan De Nysschen to learn more about the company's hybrids and the Brand's plans.
Running time: 479 seconds
Toyota Corollas Built in Mississippi
Autoweek News Brake 06.17.2010: Chrysler's new app, Toyota Corollas Built in Mississippi, Indy Car safety flaws and a Saudi Arabian SUV.
Running time: 235 seconds
Mercedes Reveals the Shooting Break
Autoweek News Brake 04.20.2010: Mercedes reveals the 'Shooting Break' and Luca di Montezemolo is stepping down as Fiat chairman.
Running time: 249 seconds
Fiat Develops a Four Door 500
Autoweek News Brake 04.19.2010: Fiat develops a four-door 500 and Rhys Millen takes aim at Pikes Peak with a new Hyundai racer.
Running time: 210 seconds
Ford Will Coach You to Be Greener
Autoweek News Brake 04.16.2010: Ford will coach you to be greener and honors for two Indy drivers.
Running time: 260 seconds
Gordon Murray City Car Revealed
Autoweek News Brake 06.28.2010: Gordon Murray's city car revealed, the end is near for the Viper, The Range Rover Inventor dies and a funky painted Audi A1 sells for big bucks.
Running time: 218 seconds
2010 Audi S4 Quattro Review
Autoweek takes the 2010 Audi S4 Quattro Car out for a good review.
Running time: 127 seconds
Getting Wheel Time with the Honda CR-Z
Autoweek News Brake 04.15.2010: We get wheel time with the Honda CR-Z and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.
Running time: 223 seconds
Kasey Kahne is Poised to Join Hendrick Motorsports
Autoweek News Brake 04.14.2010: Kasey Kahne is poised to join Hendrick Motorsports: and Mini will bring a special model to America.
Running time: 230 seconds
A First Look at a Limited-Edition BMW M3
Autoweek News Brake 06.18.2010: A first look at a limited-edition BMW M3, Test-driving the Honda CR-Z, Ford Fiesta has High Demand,
Running time: 232 seconds
Consumer Report Magazine Nixes the Lexus GX 460
Autoweek News Brake 04.13.2010: Magazine nixes the Lexus GX 460 and Mini electrifies the Nurburgring.
Running time: 292 seconds


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