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The Most Important Accessory On Your Wedding Day Has To Be The Wedding Rings.
 by: Kalwant Rana

The most important accessories on your wedding day, apart from your partner of course, are the wedding rings that you choose, as well as the partner you pick, have to be well thought out decisions for life. You don't want to be stuck with a ring that makes your hand dive for your pocket eveytime people are around, do you?

For women's or men's wedding rings, you have a wide variety of choice. If have a big wallet, then diamond wedding rings has to be the ultimate in his and hers rings.

The rings that you choose are not only an important part of your wedding but also these rings are a lasting statement of your commitment to each other and a symbol of your unity. Therefore you should go for rings that are timeless and good quality.

The style of your ring is obviously an important factor. It is not like the wedding dress or suit which gets worn for the wedding and then put in the back of the cupboard to gather mothballs for the rest of their existence. The ring is hopefully, for the rest of your life.

Just think before the wedding, you meticulously cross examined every possible participant that came for a shot at being your life partner. You were merciless in your checking, not one nook or cranny was left unchecked, yet when it comes to the rings, you will settle for whatever you see first.

So..What's the first thing to look for in a good ring?.......Style.

Will you go for the traditional band, which has lasted this many weddings so far, and i am sure it will last many more..Or maybe that is a little to plain for you, so how about a ring with a beaded edge or even a personalized inscription? well, if that is not flashy enough for you, then why not go the whole hog and go for a ring that has channel set diamonds? the choices are almost endless.

Now you know what style of ring you want, what material is it going to be made of? Gold, silver or platinum?

A gold ring is the tried and tested choice for eons, and it works, so why to try to fix it. This metal symbolizes warmth because of its color and is aptly suited for its use. This metal comes in differing qualities and if you are a person who uses their hands allot, than you may want to consider a 14k or 18k rather than the softer 22 or 24k.

How about a white gold ring? Very new age and stylish with the added bonus of looking like platinum but not hurting your wallet like platinum. Then of course, you can have platinum rings. This is the hardest of the precious metals, making it a long lasting symbol of your devotion. But because it is not mixed with lower grade metals like gold rings are, it will more expensive than gold.

Now to add the topping on the cake. Let us put the finishing touch to your ring with a precious gem. As I mentioned earlier, if you are a person who uses their hands allot, than a hard wearing stone is the obvious choice. The Mohs scale registers the stones ability to resist abrasion. So at the top we have the diamond, followed by the ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, aquamarine, amethyst, garnet and the at the bottom is the opal.

So now that you have shorlisted the style, material and gem you want for your ring all you have to do is visit one of my links and sift through the bargains we have on offer.

About The Author

Kalwant Rana is A Freelance Writer For
You Can Find Lots Of Useful Information About All Kinds Of Diamond Jewelry,engagement rings and other popular jewelry items.

This article was posted on September 13, 2006


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