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The Fiji Islands
 by: Figi Lesole

The Fiji Islands, are one of the most desirable destinations in South Pacific area. They are known for their climate, beauty, and culture and hundreds of thousands travel there every year to sample just a few days of paradise. With thousands of miles of unspoiled white sandy beaches, coral reefs, and emerald lagoons, the Fiji Islands fulfill everyone's idea of the perfect tropical paradise. Add to that dream a few waterfalls, a rainforest, and deep, lush valleys and the Fiji islands soar are simply insurmountable as a tourism destination.

the Fiji Islands are a unique setting with some of the friendlist people in the world as its residents. You will experience the unique blend of old and new not found in other locales. Here you can relax and enjoy what you will surely call your own paradise.

Whatever your interest may be, there is something on the Fiji Islands for everybody. Many visitors take the time to experience local markets and villages while others merely like to lie on the beach and read a book. Most sporting activities are geared for daylight hours, but the larger cities have evening movies and some have independent restaurants and nightclubs. Dances and festivals may be held on weekends, holidays or other special occasions.

The Fiji Islands are unparalleled in their range of water and outdoors activities and for the water lover, the Fiji Islands are shjeer heaven. Scuba diving and snorkeling are available year round to allow people to explore the safe but exotic marine life. Wind and body surfing, sailing of all types, kayaking and water skiing are just a few of the many other activities for visitors to enjoy the warm tropical waters.

For those less inclined to have fun on the water, land lovers may prefer to explore the rainforest, caves or archeological sites. In addition, back-packing, biking, golf, tennis, horse back riding and bird watching are other activities that are readily available.

The Fiji Islands offer all of the customary lodgings, but the small intimate resorts with their unique bungalow style accommodations are an experience not to be missed. These bungalows otherwise known as bure can be simple or world class, depending on your budget. You will find them to be the perfect place for your dream wedding or honeymoon, family vacation, and even that lengthy business trip. These resorts usually offer all inclusive packages, providing rooms, meals, activities and entertainment.

About The Author

Figi Lesole is the owner of Fiji which is a premier resource for fiji information. For more information, go to

This article was posted on September 14, 2005


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