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Dude Ranches
 by: Christine Chou

Dude ranches are facilities for accepting paying guests and meet their needs according to the functionality of each ranch. The phrase dude ranch surfaced only after the formation of the Dude Ranchers' Association in the year 1920, although the service and concept dates back to the end of 1800. The purpose of people flocking to these dude ranches during the vacation timings is basically to enjoy these ranches which offer various ranching activities in a serene and untouched rural ambience.

The concept of dude ranching picked up in United States of America due to the gradual but steady romanticization of the western locations and lifestyle. The wealthy easterners of the continent started enjoying the ambience and experience of ranches located in the west and thus started flocking towards them. Tapping the opportunity, the ranches started earning revenue by charging for their stay. The concept gained momentum by time and soon the west was dotted with dude ranches. Piggybacking on the success of United States, Australia also has many dude ranches and they are famous for their indigenous style of ranching.

Dude ranches are available in numerous types and activities. For instance a working dude ranch gives a gist of the west lifestyle to the guests, not only with its romantic and simple atmosphere but also by getting in touch with the day to day works at the ranch. They even encourage them to take part in the daily activities of a ranch comprising garden maintenance and handling cattle. The stay is expected to give an idea of the whole thing called ranching to the inhabitants.

A dude ranch that concentrates on the activity of horseback riding is called a riding dude ranch. They provide expert tips and tutelage on the skill of horse riding for guests who would range from experts to amateurs. The ranches also offer them an opportunity to have a ride, along the beautiful ranch locales along with works in the ring and trail rides. Another type of dude ranches is resort ranch and as the name suggests they give an environment and experience, similar to a resort concentrating on comfort of the guests. In addition to these ranches there are also other ranches like those for hunting, which enables the guests to have their hunting skills polished at native and wild imported species also.

Dude ranches are aplenty both in number and the activities they indulge in which is why people needing some hassle free stay for the vacation should scout around for the type of dude ranching they are interested in. Resort dude ranches are for those inclined to total relaxation, while those wanting some action and energy can look for ranches that provide various work activities. The dude ranch must be chosen based on the requirements of the guests.

There are ranches that accept guests throughout the year as well as those that are seasonal. Summer is the generally accepted peak season for ranchers due to the vacation timings and the working season of the ranches. This makes it difficult to get a good bargain on the rates. However this also leads to a reduced rate during the winter. The less hectic seasons during winters also enable the occupants to have a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

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