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How Can an Elevator Speech Be Beneficial to Networking?
 by: Silas Reed

How can an Elevator Speech be beneficial to networking is good question. This is something that you need to build a good network. It is actually a speech within a time span of thirty to sixty seconds. So you need not to be very careful for this introductory speech.

It is the about making the first impact with your speech about your products and services. This is something that will help with all that is required to promote your business. For this you need to keep the speech short and simple. Again remember that you should not make it boring.

You need to keep this on your mind that you need to be very concise with your words and the introductory speech has to be very well planned. Make it interesting that you get an audience. People should be listening to your speech and it should not go waste.

For this make a sample speech and practice it in front of a mirror in the beginning. Your Elevator Speech should have the power to influence others. Everyone is not a good orator but you can gain some confidence by exercising and with all the preparation. In fact if you can rehearse all by yourself and shoot it you can understand the flaws in your speech and rectify it.

An example speech should also be a way to create that effect. You need to be very conscious about what you say as you will be making social networks. Remember when you ask questions in your video you need to sound intelligent and you need to be asking some brainstorming questions. This will create a bond in between you and your audience.

Make sure that your Elevator Speech is factual. Yes within sixty seconds or so your speech should be able to make that dent in the minds of your audience. You need to have a clear vision and your objectives should be even more clarified. It should be able to leave an impression on the mind of your viewers.

This is something that you cannot be playing with. All you need to do is get all the facts and information of your business in the right way. You need to present them in a proper and genuine way. For this you need to upload these things in the right way as well.

You need to be very careful with your introductory speech. The reason behind this is that you need to introduce yourself in the best possible way. How can an Elevator Speech be beneficial to networking is something that will no more bewilder you as it all clarified in this article.

About The Author

Silas Reed, Writer for EmploymentCrossing writes articles that inform and teach about different job profiles. Please visit for a list of some of the many jobs we offer in different profession.
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