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8 Tips to Get a Great Daily Meditation Habit Easy and Fast
 by: Camilo Buitrago

A daily meditation practice is hard to accomplish when you are a beginner, learn more about how to improve your daily meditation practice and be a great meditator.

1. Loosen up: Decide your own pace, meditate at least 10 to 15 minutes daily. Establish a meditation routine by doing it daily.

2. Try an audio entrainment track: Audio entrainment is a good aid, they will help your brain to tune for meditation.

3. Water is good for meditation: Water helps meditation, drink a small quantity before meditation.

4. A meditation retreat will improve your meditation: What you learn in a retreat can help you to be a better meditator, your daily meditation practice will benefit for sure.

5. Sleep is very important: Sleeping early can help you to wake up early and meditate easier, to support the habit of meditation is easier to connect it with your sleep pattern.

6. Abstain from heavy food at night: Healthy habits help a daily meditation practice, when you have a full stomach is harder to concentrate.

7. Try not to meditate late at night: Drowsiness can be a great enemy of daily meditation, alertness and being totally awake can help you more for your daily meditation practice.

8. Have enough time for your daily meditation practice: A meditation habit is easier to get when you give enough importance to it.

Get greater benefits from your daily meditation by following this advice, by meditating continously you get the best that meditation can offer, peace and harmony in your daily life.

About The Author

Camilo Buitrago likes to promote meditation as a way to improve your life and discover aspects of the meditation practice not well known. You can find on his webpage meditation tips, help and advice.
The author invites you to visit:


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