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Celebrate Easter with Joyness and Delight
 by: Rahul Kumar

Easter is the oldest and the most significant Christian festival, the merriment of the death and coming to life once more of Jesus Christ. For Christian civilization, the dawn of Easter Sunday with its message of new life is the elevated position of the Christian year. The easter and other related holidays do not fall on fixed dates, because they follow the Jewish Lunar calendar and not the solar Gregorian calendar. Usually, the first Sunday after the full moon that falls on or immediately after spring equinox (March 21) has fixed as Easter. Easter, thus, is also recognized as a portable feast, since it can happen on any date between March 22nd and April 25th.

Easter should be the most explicitly joyful time of festivity of the church year. It has celebrated beside the background of the shadows and darkness of lent and holy week. In addition to Easter's spiritual consequence, it also has a profitable side, as facts by the mounds of jelly beans and marshmallow chicks that appear in stores each spring. As with Christmas, over the centuries a range of folk customs and pagan traditions, including Easter eggs, bunnies, baskets and candy, have become a standard part of this holy holiday.

Easter Sunday is the time of the annual celebration of Christ's rebirth. The aim of the Easter dating method is to preserve, for each easter sunday, the same season of the year and the same relationship to the previous astronomical full moon that happened at the time of his rebirth in 30 AD. On this day, Church bells are rung and churches are ornamented with flowers such as white lilies which are connected with Easter. The colors in the church change to white or gold which are thought to be the best colors. On the Easter Sunday, Easter candles also lit in churches on the eve of the Easter Sunday. There are some believe that these can be directly linked to the pagan customs of lighting bonfires at this time of year to welcome the rebirth of the sun god.

Easter has celebrated to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ from his death three days after he was crucified and distressed on Good Friday. It is a holiday of Christian and falls in springtime, marking the end of the Lent season. The easter day is one of the most significant and holiest holidays in the Christian calendar. There are chocolate bunnies, magnificent marshmallow chicks; lilies and brilliantly colored Easter eggs closely linked with Easter. Most of the civilization and customs associated with Easter have their source in the pagan traditions.

The easter cards express your affectionate Easter greetings and touch hearts of all dear ones whether lying far or near, with the magical words, right away. These cards integrate miscellaneous representations of ingredients concerned in the festivities of Easter like colored easter egg, Easter chocolates, Easter Bunny, Easter baskets and many more. Renew mood & amusement of celebrating the favorable occasion, Easter by sending religious messages, love messages, friendly notes, and comfortable messages for family members and cheerful greetings to all and especially to whom you are missing desperately on Easter.

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