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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress
 by: Bobbie Hamilton

One of the bride’s dilemmas is choosing the right wedding dress for her. In a time like today where there are so many designers who come up with fantastic and fabulous, coming up with just one dress for the most important day of her life.

If you’re a bride-to-be, you’re probably sharing the same dilemmas as all other brides. Coming up with the perfect dress for your wedding day will be challenging. This is the reason why you must have criteria when selecting your perfect dress. Here are some suggestions:

• Designer

If you’re a bride who is conscious on who will design the gown, it’s better to look at the previous works of the designer first before visiting his shop. Take a look at the fashion spreads found in bridal magazines. This will save you time in going to the stores, fitting the gowns and still going home empty handed.

• Color

You might think that wedding gowns only come in white. Think again. Today, wedding gowns come in different colors. There are available white wedding gowns that use other colors for accents. You can have a white dress and put colorful beadwork and embroidery for a splash of color.

• Style

The style of the wedding dress is also important. Brides would want to look absolutely perfect on their big day by hiding the bulges or the unflattering fat that they don’t want others to see. The best option that you choose the style based on your body shape.

• Preference and taste

Of course, since it’s your wedding day, it is only proper that your preference and taste be taken into consideration. Aside from looking good and radiant in your dress, you’d want to feel good wearing it.

• Veil

Wedding gowns come with veils which come in various lengths. Make sure that the gown you’re about to choose looks well with the desired length of your veil.

Let the dress bring out the radiant bride in you. It is important that you feel good while wearing the gown. Don’t be too critical in choosing your wedding dress. The more critical you get in the selection, the harder it will get for you to come up with the final choice. Have fun while fitting and choosing the right dress. Ask the opinions of your close friends and family members. They can help you make a decision.

To your beautiful wedding!

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