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Keeping Dogs in a Recession
 by: Ian Nicholson

We have all done it, gone out shopping or seen something we like and we buy it disregarding the cost of keeping it and especially in a recession.

Why do we do it?

Because the urge to own what we like is greater than the urge to be sensible.

That is okay if it is an object we can stick in a shed or outhouse and forget it for a while , but if the object is a living breathing Dog then we are in trouble. That is all about commitment for the next ten to fifteen years.

“Oh no! I didn’t expect that. I’ll take it back,” you quickly retort. Your family disagrees and begs and pleads with you to keep it. eventually against your better judgement to give in.

Everyone is happy, you are happy because you made your family happy. Your family thinks you are great, but underlying this is a sneaking suspicion that you can only just afford the upkeep.

Anyway the years pass and your dog has grown into a large dog, along with a large appetite. Your family is also growing with the added expense that comes with having to buy more expensive clothes, food, equipment ect.

You have been able to just keep your head above water as far as money is concerned and everyone is happy. Then suddenly prices begin to rise and everyone including the government tells you that the country is in a recession and jobs may go. Your not unduly worried, because you know you job is relatively safe.

One morning you get a letter from your bank saying the mortgage repayments are being increased, your wife tells you she needs more money for the shopping, your dog is sick and you take him to the vet. He needs a scan costing over a thousand dollars. Your credit card is taking a bashing. How are you going to pay your debts?

You have to make a terrible decision:

Struggle on and hope things get better financially

Let your dog go and cut some of the expense in one go.

You know that the last decision is going to be unpopular and cause trouble in your family. It can even cause the break up of your marriage. Don’t make hasty decision without exploring all the possibilities.What can you do to cut the cost of keeping a dog?  Here are some suggestions:

Prepare your own food.

Ask friends and family to help look after your dog when you go on holiday.

Don’t let your dog become obese. (Health and extra food issues)

Use alternative veterinary services like the PDSA(UK)  and American Animal Hospital Association in the US.

Do an inventory of where your dogs main expenditure is like food, vets bills, kennelling, grooming, ect.

Try and find cheaper alternative sources for your dogs food without compromising on quality.

Stop buying tip bits for your dog like hide chews( they are expensive) look for alternative there are plenty about.

Stop buying expensive play toys and concentrate on cheaper alternatives.

Do not let dog food manufactures persuade you that you want their new product when your dog is doing okay on the old one.

What ever you decide if you are faced with this situation it takes great strength of character to keep your dog. The only way you can do this is to have the full backing of your family. Without their help and commitment you can have even more problems that just debt.

Remember there are organisations that can help you before making a rash decision. I hope you are never faced with this dilema because it can be heartbreaking.

About The Author

I'm Ian Nicholson, I live in the UK and I am married with three grown up children.

I've have run different businesses ranging from Farming, Freight, Agricultural Merchant, and Builder. For many of those years I was involved in Animal nutrition and veterinary medicines. The knowledge I gained from this has been a vital bonus in helping me keep my dogs healthier and with less costly veterinary bills.

And now I'm using all my years of experience and knowledge to write about dogs besides studying dog nutrition and health. Hopefully I can make a positive difference to dogs and their owners lives in the process.

I love everything about writing and especially on the subject of dogs, which I have kept, bred, and been involved with for over fifty years.

They are special and have a unique way of helping we humans when we need them.

You can find out more and meet me at Best Dog Breed
The author invites you to visit:


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