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Promoting An Offline Business Is Not Much Different Than An Online Business
 by: Jeff Schuman

I have been able to achieve really good results marketing offline businesses online. What I have found is promoting an online business and offline business still takes doing the same things.

Ultimately getting traffic to a website for an offline business still comes down to backlinks and targeting keyword phrases. The best way to do this continues to be article marketing.

If they do article marketing correctly any offline business owner can achieve fast results. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

1. Write about something interesting. Search engines will rank your articles in their results which helps your article to be found.

When you write about something interesting to the reader you can get them into the body of the article and down to your resource box. This is how you are going to get traffic to your website.

2. Keep your articles short. Keep your paragraphs short as well. Generally nothing more than two long sentences or three short sentences in any paragraph.

You can wrap up an article fairly quickly if you stay focused. Generally 400 or 500 words is plenty for any article.

3. Hyperlink a primary keyword. In the resource box you want to hyperlink your keyword phrase back to your home page.

For example if you are a plumber in Dallas, Texas you would hyperlink the words Dallas Texas Plumber. The reason you do this is you are trying to show up on page 1 of Google for that specific keyword phrase.

As you begin to rank higher for specific words you can change the keyword phrase and began to target something different. Your goal is to get on page 1 for as many keyword phrases as possible.

4. Submit your articles. You need to get your articles into as many article directories as you possibly can. Using a service such as Submit Your Article is a good way to do this.

Always keep in mind that the more articles you have working online promoting your business the more potential traffic it will bring to you. This is also the key to increasing the number of backlinks you get.

5. Think volume. The fastest way to promote an offline business online is to write more articles.

This can be a problem because many small business owners are pressed for time. For this reason consider hiring a freelance writer to write your articles for you. You may even want to outsource submitting the articles as well.

You will find that this is fairly inexpensive advertising compared to what you may have done in the past such as yellow pages. You will also find you get better long term results from Internet marketing than many offline methods you have done such as direct mail, radio, etc.

About The Author

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