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What is the Best Day for Email Marketing?
 by: Chris Swope

Every internet marketer has either heard about or tried email marketing over their career. Remember years ago when people started buying all these lists of email addresses, and there was even software designed to send, or "blast" these emails to this list in the hopes of getting your message out to your intended audience? Spam was not a problem yet, and the floodgates were open.

These days, the internet marketing world has definitely changed, people hate spam more than ever (me too!), but the fact is that email marketing is still a viable marketing strategy in 2010. What does that mean in layman's terms? People still are making profit by sending out emails to lists of email addresses.

For those of you who are new to internet marketing, the idea is simple. You obtain a targeted list of people you want to market your product, opportunity, or service to. You then write an attention grabbing subject line, your reader opens the email, reads the body, and then is compelled to take some sort of action based on some directions given in the body, typically using a link to a website.

I could probably write 10 articles all revolving around email marketing, but this one is going to strictly focus on one question - "What is the best day to send email advertisements?"

Some people will say that the best day to send is whatever works best for your schedule. Whatever fits into your Daily Method of Operation. I beg to differ. Studies have been done to show that more people make income, or sales, from emails that are sent out on Fridays. My opinion is that the reason for that is that 'most' people are paid on Friday's, and are in the 'weekend' mood and are willing to part with their cash on Fridays more than any other day of the week.

As an internet marketer, your obvious goal is to make sales. Make money. But not everyone involved in email advertising has the goal of making money directly from an email. Their goal with the email is to get someone to a website, getting them into your sales funnel, so that eventually, at the right time, you can make a sale. So the question then becomes "What is the best day to send email advertisements - IF you want to concentrate on Clicks?"

Statistically, Monday and Thursday are the best day for clicks. You get into the office Monday, and your inbox is full of emails sent since Friday and you are fresh and ready to go for your week. You're mind is concentrated on work, your job or career, and if the headline and message are right, more people will click on the link to your landing page on Mondays.

Regarding Thursdays - my theory here is that lots of people are TOO busy Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday with their job responsibilities to even look at an email from you, and Thursday is when they finally get around to it.

Bottom Line: Send out your emails on Monday's and Thursdays if you want the best statistical chance for having the link to your landing page clicked in from your email marketing efforts.

About The Author

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