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How To Make A Fortune Welding
 by: Corey Johnson

How here would like to earn more money? Sure wouldn't we all, but I just don't have the time or energy to work more hours.

That's what all welders are saying, and no doubt since you're reading this article you're probably one of them.

See the challenge is that there are only so many hours in a day, and currently you're trading your hour for dollars instead of finding a more effective way of creating more money while working less hours. And we'd all like to work less and make more wouldn't we/

So here's how you can start working less hours and making more money.

First off, you're going to look at how you can leverage time, money, and energy...the only 3 spendable resources.

A simple way is going to your boss and saying "I've got a way for you to increase profits and business" I'm sure they'll pay attention to that...who wouldn't want to increase the amount of money they're making.

And then say..."If I can bring in more business, will you give me a percent of the profits? This gives me an incentive to find more work for us."

If they say yes, you're on...if they say no, then start your own company.

And I'm sure the first thing you're going to do is run out and buy some radio advertising time or run a three color brochure or spending money in some other way to attempt to get more business.

Don't Do That!

I'm going to show you how you can do it without spending a single dime.

You're customers are happy with what you do for them right? If not you should do a better job so they are.

And when you're finished with the job you can say something like "How's that look?" they say it looks great...then you tell them the benefit of what it will do "That will keep the structure from collapsing in on itself. You really caught this in time" Then they say "Yeah I guess I sure did, thank you so much"

Then you say "I'm glad I could help you, and since I did such a good job for you, I'd like to do the same quality work for other people that you know. Who do you know that you can give me a reccomendation or referral to?"

Right there you have gotten consent to get a reccomendation from this person to other people he knows. You're getting leads for new business with no lead cost.

And you can even add incentive for referrals by knocking a few bucks off your price for each referral given.

Now some of you may have cringed at that last statement "I don't want to give away money" but the fact is that it's an investment.

Will all of the referrals turn up winners, no of course not...but some will...and the fee they pay you will cover the bucks you knocked off the last guy and net you more business without the cost of aquiring the lead.

That way, you can increase business without any money...AND you increase your profits without having to work longer.

Hope you put this referral generating system to work for you as sonn as possible.

About The Author

Corey Johnson has been welding for 11 years. He also has a site just for welders at which has articles, links and resources for welding.

This article was posted on April 21, 2005


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