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Care and Cleaning of your silk rugs or silk carpets or silk area rugs
 by: Anlly Tuya

Silk carpets are the most expensive carpets we make in India. Did you ever thought how these silk carpets are cleaned and taken care of?

Silk rugs or say silk carpets are made from silk harvested from the cocoons of silk worms. Yes, don’t get surprise and because of this please treat it properly to ensure you do not damage the soft fibers.

1. Turn the rug down from backside, so that the front portion of the rug is down. Beat slowly the back side of silk rug with the broom handle, this has impact that it loosens the dirt caught inside the silk fibers, making it easier to remove when vacuuming. Warning!!! Please do not beat the top side of the rug, as you may damage delicate silk threads.

2 Though its not necessary but you should try to vacuum a silk rug twice a week to remove dust and dirt that falls into the rug's fibers. Please ensure to use a sweeper attachment to clean the rug.

3 . When any liquid is fallen on silk carpets, Blot the rug with a white cloth or paper towel, until all liquid is removed.

4 . After all liquid is removed or say soaked, dab the club soda onto the stain, working from outside the stain toward the inside. If this is not convenient for you, you may also mix one part white vinegar and one part water and apply this to the stain, continue blotting until the stain is removed.

5. Dry the damp area with a hair dryer or leave a fan running on the rug until the area is dry, try to avoid sunlight.

6. When you do not want to use the silk rugs store a silk rug by rolling it up with the fuzzy side on the outside. Use the sheet to cover, the roll to avoid any dust.

7. Enjoy using the silk rugs, again whenever you wish so…

If you need any silk carpets(original), you may contact us, we are manufacturers and exporters of handmade silk carpets and silk area rugs, in India. This we call as “Custom silk carpets”.

DISCLAIMER : We recommend the above steps, we do not take any liability or gurantee. Its always better to consult the carpet cleaner for cleaning of silk rugs.

DIFFERENT NAMES kasmir rugs, indian silk rugs, cashmere silk rugs, cashmere rugs :

Did you ever thought why one silk carpets have different names? Some says Kashmir silk rugs, some kasmir rugs, some indian silk rugs some cashmere silk rugs, cashmere rugs. Believe us all are one and the same.

Please note that silk carpets and silk rugs all are made mainly in India, in different parts. We have manufacturing units in Kashmir(which is very rare), also, in northern India.

These Kashmir silk carpets or cashmere silk rugs are made in these area of India called KASHMIR, different people name it differently.

To make you more appropriate and wide, please note that these silk carpet in earlier times used to be in traditional designs called “traditional design silk carpets”, but as the time is changing these silk carpets are also in contemporary designs, called “contemporary silk carpets” or more popularly “modern silk carpets”.

About The Author

For more information about silk rugs browse our website
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