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A Guide to Outdoor Christmas Lights
 by: Kathryn Dawson

Any kind of fairy light or coloured light can be used at Christmas time to provide a Christmas feel. There are not really any lights, except maybe ones within a Christmas tree casing that can only be used at Christmas time. Outdoor lights can be used throughout the year to light up the outside space and create a party atmosphere. If you are having a Christmas party then a nice idea would be buying some patio heaters, using lights to create the right atmosphere and then serving mulled wine. Nothing is more festive or joyful than this at mid-winter.

There is no real need to take the lights down however. Having fairy lights dotted around your garden, lighting up features and providing a nice atmosphere is suitable for any time of the year. This can provide a lovely backdrop for a summer party even. You can have a lot of fun with the outdoor lights in your house too. There are rope lights available that can light up walkways or be wrapped around the tree trunks. Flares can be used at entrance ways too. How about using a battery operated set of fairy lights to create a starry canopy underneath a tree? This makes a lovely seating area for you and guests to enjoy a long summers evening or a chilly Christmas party!

If the lighting is for entertaining purposes then you may wish to buy some novelty lights. You can buy Christmas novelty lights or lights for many other types of fancy dress night. Chilies for a Mexican party perhaps - the options are only as limited as your imagination! For a party outside, make sure you have good lighting where the main conversation areas are. People don't like to talk to one another in the dark. Another place you will need good lighting is at a cooking area or BBQ area. Here you will need a good light or two so the chefs (whoever that might be at the party!) can whip up a storm with ease.

You should also ensure all walkways and paths to and from the house are well lit as people who are not familiar with your house may trip or stumble. When you have had a successful outdoor party, you won't want to take your lights down! The great news is you don't have to. All fairy lights and outdoor lights can add that Christmas feel and bring the spirit of Christmas into your home. Both outdoors and indoors, Christmas lights can really get you into the mood for this particular time of year. If you have children they will especially love the decoration of the home with lights. You can use lights in the trees outside or draped all over the house. Even the bedrooms can be adorned with fairy lights that twinkle all night long.

For places without plugs you don't need to worry, you can use battery operated fairy lights. In order to keep the electricity bill to a minimum too you can use LED lights which are much more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs. The advice is, put your fairy lights up around the outside of your home and enjoy them throughout the year. From summer parties to Christmas get-togethers, putting lights up outside can help create the perfect atmosphere.

Outdoor Christmas lights can be used throughout the year in your garden, and it's well worth it too. From battery lights to pink fairy lights and every novelty light in between you should shop online. Here you will find the best prices and the greatest choice available. With delivery to your door you also save yourself time and energy spent hunting for the perfect lights on your local high street.

About The Author

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for LDJ Lights, a fairy and Christmas lights supplier in the UK stocking a stunning selection of beautiful lights for every occasion imaginable. Their range extends into battery lights, outdoor Christmas lights, pink fairy lights and much more.
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