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Camera Tricks For The Trigger Happy
 by: Della Magin

How to be an expert photographer

How many times have you returned from a fantastic trip only to find the photos that you have taken don't really do justice to your memories? This was very common when everyone used old-fashioned film to take their shots, and had to wait for days for the prints to arrive - often excitement followed by disappointment.

Digital photos haven't changed much besides shortening the wait for the photos at arrive. The preview screen on the digital camera does not give the exact idea of the end product. The snaps usually are a let down as a result. But you could keep some pointers in your mind that would allow you to take great photographs.

The first thing is to look around for some good photographs of the spot you are visiting. There is a likelihood of there being a variety of picture post cards at the local shops. See which one appeals to you and why. These are normally photographs by professional photographers so you can learn from them. Try to envisage from where the photographer has taken the picture. If possible take it from the same angle. You can benefit from the experience of the professional.

Some people will say why bother copying a postcard. Well, you don't copy it - first of all the light will be different, the trees, the colors will all be unique to your shot. And you can make it personal by including travelling companions in the foreground - at least this way the background will be great! What's more, it's only a starting point... you can take it on from there to shoot whatever appeals to you.

When taking your shots, take you time. It doesn't mean you have to spend hours setting up a tripod and so on, but don't just point and press. Think about the shot - what's going to make it interesting? If it's the monument you want to photograph, will it look best in the center or slightly off to the left? If you walk twenty feet to the left will you get those trees to make a nice background rather than that car park?

The camera should be held steady while taking the snap. You may not use a tripod like the professionals. No problem. Use a railing or a wall to steady your hands. This would improve your shots.

The snaps should be taken in the morning or the evening. This is so because the light is great for taking photographs at these times.

You can make a picture interesting by paying attention to details. Sometimes a simple detail is magnified and this is more interesting than photographing the whole monument. Develop an eye for detail. Having a digital camera is a blessing. You can take as many pictures as you wish without bothering about the cost. You don't have to get all of them developed so it is a big advantage if you are trigger-happy. So, go ahead and shoot.

About The Author

Della Magin is the administrator and delegate of All About Digital Cameras, your one stop shop for your photo and camera needs. Find all of your photo needs at:>.

This article was posted on January 12, 2006


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