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Lose Weight By Getting Rid Of Your Negative Thoughts
 by: Alexander Grigor

To lose weight in today’s world is one of the toughest feats one can accomplish. With fast food restaurants on the rise and easy microwaveable dishes for quick meals, it is no wonder that so many people are overweight and are unable to lose weight. How do you plan for weight loss when chips and soft drinks for snacks and a burger on the run is how many people eat on a daily basis. However, the biggest issue to deal with when you are trying to lose weight are the negative thoughts that accompanies being overweight.

Negative thoughts tend to override the positive in many people’s lives and they come out in full force on those who are facing the task of trying to lose weight. The most important thing one can do before trying to lose weight is to begin a daily journal. By keeping a daily journal for two weeks, you will be able to understand when and why these negative thoughts come out and how they may hinder your attempt to lose weight. By focusing first on the habits you have, you will begin to understand how you can plan for weight loss before you actually begin to lose weight.

When you start your journal, you’ll want to include what you are eating, what time it is, and how you feel at that particular moment. Are you having any negative thoughts? If so, write down what they are and move on. Were you actually hungry when you ate? Write this down, as well. Don’t worry about your weight loss program, just record your entries. An entry should be made for every snack, meal, or binging session you have and any thoughts about trying to lose weight. This will help you to develop your weight loss program.

After the two weeks of entering your eating times and thoughts into your daily journal, sit down and analyze the results. How many times did you have a snack (not meals) when you were having negative thoughts? How many times did you eat when you weren’t hungry but were having negative thoughts? Most often, you’ll discover you do not follow a weight loss program because of negative thoughts. These negative thoughts are what will stop you from trying to lose weight and they must be changed to more positive thoughts if your weight loss program is to be a success.

Now that you’ve discovered how you are feeling when you eat and when negative thoughts are entering your mind, it is time to plan for weight loss. If you want to lose weight you need to get rid of the negative thoughts such as, “I’ll never lose weight” and “I’m so fat.” Instead, replace them with, “I’m getting slimmer and slimmer every day”, and “I look more and more beautiful and fit every day”. Be positive that you will lose weight and if a negative thought enters your mind, get rid of it by replacing it with a more positive statement about yourself.

By getting rid of negative thoughts, you’ll able to follow your weight loss program. This will help you to lose weight and regain a healthier lifestyle. By forming a plan to lose weight, you’ll be able to discover patterns in your behavior such as negative thoughts, that influence your eating habits. To lose weight is difficult; however, if you can begin by changing negative thoughts to more positive ones, you’ll begin to lose weight at once.

About The Author

Alexander Grigor is an author of the unique Christian-based natural weight loss system called "WOW! Program". Visit his web site at to find out how you can use a mighty power of Faith combined with healing gymnastics to get rid of excess weight and keep it off.

This article was posted on August 21, 2006


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