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NABP and VIPPS No Ethics or Morals? Just Their Spamming, Money Grubbing Racist Hands in Your Pocket?
by: Gary Feather

I began to notice some of my favorite Canadian licensed pharmacy websites getting bashed unfairly at, and on message boards all over the internet actually so I started to do some research to find out what the truth is. Much of what I found has been posted by bloggers and customers of international pharmacy websites elsewhere.

On, one of the negative reviewers goes by the screen name "pharmalert" while on two suspiciously similar characters go by the screen names "g7w" and "shazza". The typical post from "pharmalert", "g7w", "shazza" and others have them calling a non-US based pharmacy site "fake" or "illegal" with a reference to Basically, these people go around attacking international pharmacy sites on message boards everywhere and tell us we should only order from NABP approved sites based in the USA. The NABP acronym stands for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy but it is really a group of Big Pharma puppets with a vested interest in maintaining the profits of their own members which are made up of some of the most unethical and immoral pharmacy corporations who continue to benefit from the outrageous drug prices we pay in America.


"Pharmalert" has posted about one and a half million posts to date! He or she posts about a 1000 posts per day! Just go to his profile to check it out (see: Similarly, "g7w" and "shazza" collectively have posted more than 819,000 times on (See and

How can someone find the time to do this many posts and actually have done any meaningful review of the thousands of pharmacy websites they attack? Well, they don't really review the sites at all. They are message board "spammers" who are hired by big money special interest groups to deceive us into buying products or services that line the pockets of their employers. In this case, it appears that the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) or their proxies have hired these spammers who have clogged and alone with some 2.3 million garbage posts for them. I wonder if they pay them per post because that would be some big bucks! A more accurate name for NABP is National Association of Big Pharma because they represent some big American pharmacies who benefit from sky high drug prices so I guess they can afford to pay the spammers per posting.

The National Association of Big Pharma's (NABP) spammers are going all over the internet bashing legitimate international pharmacies, including licensed Canadian operations, and telling Americans that we should only buy from their approved over-priced pharmacies which bear the "VIPPS" seal of approval granted by the National Association of Big Pharma to about 20 pharmacies in the USA. While the NABP says VIPPS stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites, I believe VIPPS should stand for Very Inflated Price Pharmacy Sites. They claim that only their VIPPS pharmacies are safe and legit and that any less expensive drug purchased from outside America is illegal or unsafe or some other ridiculous nonsense. Of course, their real beef is that the drug is cheaper elsewhere and thus is not generating revenue for the pharmacies that pay fees to be a part of the VIPPS program. They want us all to buy only from their approved companies who are ultimately the ones funding the spammers who are polluting message boards on, and many other websites.

I started to wonder about the ethics of an organization that would fund spammers like this so I looked up some of the members which the National Association of Big Pharma (NABP) demands we support -- those bearing the VIPPS seal given by NABP. The filthy deeds of their members reads like a rap sheet of despicable moral, ethical and legal violations. Walgreens and CVS are just two such Very Inflated Price Pharmacy Sites (VIPPS).

Unsafe Dispensing Practices by NABP VIPPS Pharmacies, Evidence of Fraud, Racism, Expired Drugs and Even Expired Baby Formula

VIPPS members like Walgreens may not be safe to buy from because of the fact that they have negligently killed or injured so many Americans with their careless and unsafe dispensing practices. Walgreens was recently forced to pay one of their victims' family tens of millions of dollars in just such a case: But the National Association of Big Pharma (NABP) maintains Walgreens' approval in the VIPPS program regardless. I guess it is because they paid their annual VIPPS fees which is probably all the NABP care about.

That Walgreens was also forced to pay millions more for defrauding us taxpayers also does not appear to have affected their status as a member of the NABP approved Very Inflated Price Pharmacy Sites club:

One can understand why the National Association of Big Pharma would give its seal of approval to pharmacies who seem to be as greedy as they also seem to be but what I find even more troubling is that they would give their stamp of approval to what many would consider a racist company. Did you know that Walgreens decided to settle with and paid millions to about ten thousand black workers for allegations of widespread racial bias? Read about it here:

Is it possible that this is just one bad apple amongst the Very Inflated Priced Pharmacy Sites who are certified by the National Association of Big Pharma? Nope, there is more. I'll just tell you about one for now because I found just too much dirt to post here.

Take CVS as another example. New York State investigators say they found that some 60 percent of CVS retail stores were selling expired products. Even though CVS agreed to stop doing this, the Attorney General of New York had to sue CVS for breaching the agreement and continuing to sell expired stuff. According to, not only did the Attorney General say they were they selling expired food, they were found by investigators to be SELLING EXPIRED MEDICINES and even EXPIRED BABY FORMULA! Yes, National Association of Big Pharma (NABP) gives its Very Inflated Price Pharmacy Sites (VIPPS) seal of approval to a company that State investigators say was SELLING UNSUSPECTING MOTHERS EXPIRED BABY FORMULA!!!!!!!!!!!! CVS ended up paying nearly a million bucks to the State of New York. Read about it here:

Wait, it wasn't just New York babies that might have been gobbling up NABP VIPPS approved CVS pharmacy expired baby formula. The State of Connecticut also had to sue them for the same thing! The AG there says, "CVS peddled potentially tainted food and ineffective medicine. Whether CVS was careless or heedless or overzealous for revenue, it betrayed its trust to consumers." Read about it here:

What if there was a problem with the medication you purchased from a Very Inflated Price Pharmacy Site (VIPPS) and you had to return it for some reason? Like if it was expired when they sold it to you. Most, if not all States' laws require it to be discarded. This makes sense because surely you wouldn't want the pharmacy taking someone else's returned and potentially tampered with drugs and then re-packaging or re-labeling them and selling them back to you without your knowledge. But that is exactly what a whistleblower lawsuit says NABP VIPPS approved pharmacy CVS has been doing -- re-packaging returned drugs from customers in one State and then re-selling them to the unwitting citizens in another State and even collecting public funds to pay for the recycled drugs! The State of Illinois says they've been bilked out of millions of dollars in the process. Read about it here:

What if the people of New York and Connecticut returned to CVS expired meds -- some of the very expired meds that the NY Attorney and CT Attorneys General say CVS sold in their State? And what if CVS then re-labeled and re-sold those very same expired meds to their unsuspecting patients in Illinois and the State of Illinois footed the bill for it?! Darn it, that would be clever. That type of skullduggery by itself would be deserving of a gold version of the Very Inflated Price Pharmacy Sites (VIPPS) certification from the National Association of Big Pharma (NABP)! Oh but get this, here is why NABP should upgrade them to platinum VIPPS status. It's because despite all this, CVS is still asking the Illinoisans to give it a contract to provide prescription drug benefits for workers employed by the City of Chicago. Wow, talk about no shame! You gotta read the article cited above.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out why VIPPS members keep paying out massive settlements to the taxpayers they are said to have defrauded. Here is another nearly $38 million that the taxpayers got back from CVS:

"Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Another NABP VIPPS pharmacy did?" C'mon everyone, sing-a-long with me! "Who stole the cookie and millions more taxpayer's dollars from the cookie jar? The attorney generals say NABP VIPPS approved pharmacies did!" Turn up the bass 'cause I like that tune.

Well I do feel bad for the shareholders of CVS though. Apparently, some of them were so frustrated that they sued the very company they hold shares in over alleged violations of Federal Securities laws. Read about it here: :

Environmental Protection Agency says NABP Vet VIPPS Member Sold Foreign Drugs to U.S. Consumers

Okay, here is just one more example of why should not be considered a reliable source for information. The parent company of paid a big settlement because the Environmental Protection Agency said they were selling pet meds to U.S. customers that they procured overseas. (See:!OpenDocument)

I don't see anything wrong with this but the NABP's spammers go around telling everyone that pharmacies that sell foreign drugs are "fake" and "illegal". So you'd think their spammers would be out besmirching 1800petmeds, right? Wrong!

Instead, now bears the NABP Vet-VIPPS seal of approval!!!

NABP Accepts $1 Million from Convicted Criminals

Why just highlight the greed of NABP VIPPS members when the NABP itself has accepted $1 million from criminally convicted drug pushers that illegally promoted the highly addictive narcotic, Oxycontin? Read how the NABP was lambasted by the media for this at and

NABP VIPPS Mouthpiece John Horton of Legitscript is Not So Legit?

One lobby group for Big Pharma that pretends to be a group concerned citizens calls itself Legitscript. If you look around on message boards, they too are posting negative reviews about Canadian pharmacies which sell more affordable drugs to Americans. And surprise, surprise, who does John Horton, the founder and president of Legitscript, John Horton, promote as the greatest thing since sliced bread all over the internet? You guessed it . . . NABP VIPPS!

While it is sleazy enough that Mr. Horton Horton tries to dupe the public into believing that his lobby firm is just a group of concerned Americans, what is even more shameful is evidence which suggest he abused his position for his own personal gain when he worked for the U.S. government. Evidence suggests he may have started his lobby firm, Legitscript and promoted it to what are no doubt his National Association of Big Pharma (NABP) clients while he was a Bush Administration big wig in the office of the "Drug Czar".

Did taxpayers actually fund John Horton's Legitscript efforts to shaft them out of safe and affordable medications from legitimate Canadian pharmacy companies? It seems that a Congressional Committee has been called upon to investigate these allegations of despicable, unethical and illegal conduct. (See

It is an affront to our intelligence that the National Association of Big Pharma (NABP) could conceivably even fathom that their unfair spam attacks on legitimate and lower priced Canadian pharmacies could have even a shred of credibility or that their hired goons of dubious moral character can be persuasive. Nobody is going to believe the kind of people that hire spammers to pollute the internet and notorious White House influence peddlers to deceive the public. Nobody is going to believe that their ultra-super-giga-mega-bloated priced pharmacies are safer or better when there is so much out there to suggest that their malpractice has harmed us physically, their racism has stung us emotionally and their fraud has pilfered us financially.

Maybe the spammers and John Horton should be forced to eat some of that NABP VIPPS approved pharmacy's expired baby formula? Until then, I think they should get a clue, because we know they are just trying to trick us into paying them more for the same drugs that the citizens of every nearly other country in the world get at a fraction of the cost. Please join me in my boycott of NABP VIPPS pharmacies.

Also, feel free to post a link to this article everywhere you find their spammers unfairly attacking legitimate international pharmacies that are helping us afford the meds we cannot afford at home and also post it wherever there are reviews of NABP VIPPS members.

P.S. I found more great information at

About The Author

I am sick of corporate special interests and their undue influence.
The author invites you to visit:


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