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Escape Debt - Consider Who Your Friends Are
 by: Stuart Laing

Certain people are bad for your debts. Have you ever noticed how certain people encourage you to spend more heavily than others? You know, those who are always urging you to ‘stick it on your card, because you deserve a treat’. But what about the ‘treat’ when the statement arrives?

When people go shopping together they tend to egg each other on to spend money that they don’t have. You see something that you vaguely like the look of. It’s nice, but you’re undecided. Chances are that if you were on your own, you’d just put it back and move on.

But of course you aren’t alone.

Your friend turns round and says ‘oh, that’s nice’, and instantly you’ve been given all the encouragement that you need to buy it. After all, your best friend has just said that it looks ‘good on you’. And they wouldn’t lie to you, would they?

If you find that your spending is influenced according to the person who you go shopping with, the answer is simple. If you want to become debt free, just avoid shopping trips with the people who bring out the reckless spender in you!

Steer clear of these people. Especially those who engage in emotional spending to cheer themselves up! ‘Oh, I’ve lost my job, I think I’ll go and spend money to make me feel happier’. If you find this a problem, then get a punchbag and focus on destroying that instead of your financial position!

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Stuart Laing

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This article was posted on February 20, 2006


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