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Finding Classic Auto Parts
 by: Jenna Simpson

If you finally got the classic car of your dream, finding the car parts for it is will be a hard task. Classic car parts are hard to come by because they are no longer in production, they donít make the parts for them anymore. But that doesnít mean they canít be found.

One place to start looking would be online auction sites. For example, Ebay might be the easiest place to start. Ebay motors have a wide range of classic car parts, so itís possible you might find what you are looking for.

You might also want to check out local swap meets, they are a good way to find classic car parts youíre looking. You can locate older model accessories and other outdated items.

As a last resort you can always check out car part dealer magazines. The problem with that would be the fact that you probably have to pay more money, but if you do indeed find the part youíre looking for it might be worth it.

But if it you wish to look further you can always check out clubs and organizations. More then likely many clubs and organizations are geared toward cars, or classic cars.

You could check out the internet. It seems today that theirs nothing you canít find on the internet. You can search and find clubs you can join; itís a good idea to search on yahoo.

If you are really desperate you can also go to the junkyard. Though it will be like looking for a needle in a hay stack, but itís worth a shot. You can either visit or phone to see if they have the part.

But the more you take care of your car the less youíll need to go running around looking for parts, and the more you actually enjoy your car.

About The Author

Jenna Simpson is a successful freelance author that writes regularly for Her articles have also been featured on related sites such as and

This article was posted on April 19, 2006


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